Black curtains in the interior: reliable protection against light and stylish decor (23 photos)

Do not use black curtains in the interior of each. Many are afraid to make black shades too eerie room, but the main thing is to choose the right colors of the interior so that a beautiful and stylish room will turn out. Suppose you do not have to take dark furniture to make it all too black. Black color in moderate amounts adds aesthetics and elegance.

Using black curtains in the interior

Black curtains are better to hang in rooms with a large area. This will absorb less light. In addition, it visually reduces the room.

Black velvet curtains

Black Blackout Curtains

When using black curtains in a small room, you should choose those that are smaller, cover only a part of the windows. Black color should not be more than 10% indoors from other colors.

Black curtains in the zoning room

Black curtains in the living room

The living room will not look dense black curtains and blackout curtains, since there will be very few lights, roller blinds will not look the same as Roman blinds, due to the fact that they are very simple and small in appearance.

In the living room will suit for example curtains on the eyelets. For the living room, you can choose options with a pattern or colors, the main thing is that it fits the situation. Patterns with gold will give the room a "royal look". Golden shades just fine will be combined with furniture of warm tones.

Black curtains blackout in the bedroom

Black and white curtains


Curtains in the hall

The design of curtains here will be similar to the design of curtains in the living room. Black curtains are allowed in the hall, if the color scheme of this room looks like a rainbow. No more blackout. As stated, blackout drapes absorb light, and the hall should in fact be a bright place.

Roller curtains will be out of place, as they look like in a tedious office. Gray curtains here also do not fit, even if they are decorated with a black print.

Black curtains in the interior of the bedroom

Black curtains with gold pattern

You can use transparent curtains. The curtains with lambrequin will look good. In simple conditions, thread curtains can approach. The black color of these curtains will look very interesting.

Black curtains on arched windows

Black curtains in the bedroom

Here the blackout curtains are already suitable, since in the bedroom light is not necessary, and for some it is completely unpleasant. Roman shade can already come to the bedroom with simple furnishings as well as roller blinds. If you choose with patterns, then not with bright, so do not cut your eyes.

Transparent and threaded curtains are not suitable for some. They let in the light, and the second ones do not look the same.

Black curtains in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it would not be recommended to hang curtains with a black tint. It's nice though, but the kitchen is a place for reinforcement, and the black color does not increase appetite. However, if you really want, then you can use the combination with red.

The kitchen is best suited roll and Roman curtains. Transparent curtains would also look good.

Black Curtains"день-ночь"

Black curtains in polka dots

Black color in the office

Here, roller blinds will definitely suit, as they are simple in their design. Categorically not recommended blackout curtains, because when you need light.

Dark curtains in other rooms:

  • Hotels. There, curtains are used for elegance and beautiful decoration, but, unfortunately, most of these hotels are expensive.
  • A private house. Usually in a private house there are extensive rooms and many windows, which allows using black curtains in different rooms.
  • Office buildings. Roller blinds of black color look good in workrooms, do not distract.

Black curtains in the living room

Black curtains made of cotton

Black curtains in styles

Usually they are used for decorating rooms in such styles as:

  • Gothic;
  • Scandinavian style.

In the Scandinavian style, black curtains are combined with achromatic colors. Here, any density is suitable: those that are transparent, even the blackout curtains.

Black curtains on French windows

Black roller blinds

Roller blinds are also possible here due to their simplicity.

In Gothic, of course, everything is gloomy. Here, mostly curtains with lambrequin are used, as they are very elegant.

Black curtains in the interior of the apartment

Black curtains in Art Nouveau style

What colors blend black curtains?

The ability to choose the right colors will make the situation very beautiful, so black curtains are combined with colors such as:

  • White. This wil
    l be the most classic and achromatic color combination. It is almost impossible to make a mistake when decorating an interior.
  • Red. This is also quite acceptable combination, differs from white in that it is more difficult to find the right colors here.
  • Golden. This combination will look "royally".
  • Beige. Will shade dark colors.
  • Silver. This combination will look luxurious and elegant.

Black thread curtains

Black curtains made of organza

Black striped blinds


All things have their drawbacks, so do black curtains:

  • absorption of light;
  • unpopularity;
  • complex compatibility.

But even these shortcomings can be corrected if a person really wants to.

Black drapes

Black transparent curtains


But these are the advantages of black curtains:

  • elegance;
  • non-standard;
  • multifunctionality.

With the latter of course you can argue, but still, if you think about it, they are really very functional.

Black straight curtains

Black Roman Blinds

And finally, never be afraid to experiment with anything, if you liked the idea of ​​black curtains, then do not be afraid, try to hang them in the room, but first you need to make sure that they come to the room.


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