Beech furniture in the interior (50 photos): beautiful options and combinations

Wood is the most popular material for making furniture. And so it was in ancient times, so it is now and, most likely, even with the most rapid development of artificial technologies and the invention of the highest quality plastic materials, natural wood will still go ahead with a large margin. After all, nothing compares to the natural material in the interior: the tree is practical, reliable, safe and absolutely clean from an ecological point of view. Wooden furniture has a presentable and solid appearance, fills the home with comfort, light and warmth.

Furniture in the bedroom of beech

There are a lot of variants of different types of wood - there are plenty to choose from for a fan of practical furniture made of natural material, and a connoisseur of antiques in the interior. In the article we will consider more details of beech furniture - features of this material, its texture, colors, with what styles it is combined, and in which rooms of the house soft and case beech furniture will look most appropriate.

Walls for living room from beech
Coffee table in beech in the living room

Bed and other furniture in beech in the bedroom
Black cabinet and bathroom cabinet

Something about beech

In nature, beech is a powerful tree, tall and strong, it perfectly resists external influences, like an oak tree. Beech symbolizes power, longevity, well-being and a happy life. All these qualities he conveys in full the furniture that is made of it. According to many ancient beliefs it is believed that if you plant a beech at the doorstep, it will protect the dwelling from ruin, fires and misfortunes.

Furniture in the bathroom of beech

Beech wood has a light color and does not "notice" any mechanical damage. It is necessary to try very hard to make a dent or chip on the beech massif.

Beech grows mainly in the northern hemisphere of the globe, including in our country. Of the three most common beech species, we have the so-called "European" type. This tree can reach a height of 40 meters, differs smooth straight trunk, an ovoid lush crown that frames the trunk with a characteristic "cap".

Dining table and beech chairs
Furniture in the bedroom of beech

Beech chair with white seat
Dining table and stools from beech
Wall and shelf in the living room of beech
Beech dining room
Crib, chest of drawers and wardrobe of beech in the nursery


What are the advantages of beech furniture?

  • Furniture made of natural beech - both soft and hull - is popular, first of all, due to its longevity. Beech is solid and hard wood. In addition, light beech and dark color of the walls create an excellent combination in any interior.
  • Beech is a valuable tree species. According to its operational and aesthetic characteristics, furniture made from solid beech is no worse than oak, but at the same time it is cheaper.
  • From beech are obtained excellent durable and strong frames, on the basis of which soft furniture is made. Processed by steam, beech strips are able to take any shape, bending in different directions. This circumstance allows you to bend the frame in any desired way. Also from beech are made and beautiful armrests for upholstered furniture, which can be of any shape, including very pretentious. They can be subsequently painted in a dark or light color or treated with stain. Thus, the treated tree is suitable for the bathroom.
  • Walls and beautiful elegant furniture for the living room, hall or bedroom are also made of beech. In this case, beech furniture is often complemented by glass colored and transparent inserts, metal plates and beautiful carvings. All this makes furniture from a natural beech quite a status and respectable, it can be picked up under the color of the walls, under the wallpaper.
  • The coloring of furniture in the interior can vary from natural light to dark colors, the shades of which are given with the help of stain, toning and other techniques. For a bathroom, beech wood is treated with a water-repellent impregnation.
  • Bukovy massif has a characteristic pattern in the form of stem rings with an interesting heart shape. This is a distinctive feature of beech wood, which makes it easy to "calculate" from what material this furniture is made. Such an interesting texture and different colors make the piece of furniture unique, since the drawing and the shade of color can not be repeated with precision.
  • Beech wood has excellent energy. Beech is a donor tree that gives energy. Therefore, it produces very good quality beds for the bedroom, on which sleep will be healthy and full, insomnia will disappear.
  • Beech furniture contrib
    utes to the creation of a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the house, helps to the accession of comfort and comfort, great for the bathroom, bedroom and living room.
  • Beech furniture in the interior is not something avant-garde and extravagant. It creates a soft, calm atmosphere in a traditional style, which will perfectly help to relax after a busy day, restore strength.
  • Furniture made of beech is suitable for most interior styles, including modern styles: minimalism, Scandinavian style. Variants of coloring in light and dark colors give a lot of room for choice.
  • Beech furniture is universal, suitable for any room in the house, including for the bathroom, and for the bedroom.
  • Beech kitchen furniture is remarkably resistant to various influences. She is not afraid of mechanical damage, humidity, soot and soot from the plate, other negative effects. Therefore, you can easily buy a light beech set in the kitchen.
  • Beech can have different colors, extreme options - light sand and dark brown. This gives the furniture an individuality, allows it to be used both in the interior of the bedroom and the bathroom.
  • Beech furniture, due to its ecological compatibility, energy and excellent appearance - is an ideal choice for a bedroom and a nursery. The children's room made of beech will make the child cheerful, healthy and cheerful, and the sleep of adults on a beech bed will become a full, long and restoring force.
  • Beech wood for all its density and durability, easy enough. Such an ideal combination is its advantage over oak furniture. The children's room, equipped with a beech suite, will be mobile and comfortable, can "grow" with the child.
  • If the furniture from natural beech will stand for long in the sun, then it can change its basic light color to a reddish hue. Consider this fact when you arrange furniture indoors. For a bathroom or a bedroom, this advice is irrelevant, but here in the living room or on the veranda there may well be such an incident.
  • Beech wood is good and fairly easy to process. It is easy to saw, sand and glue. Also, the beech perfectly lends itself to coloring in different colors, which makes it possible to choose furniture for the color of the walls, for different wallpapers.
Beech wall in burgundy colors in the living room
Bed and bedside table from beech
Furniture in the bathroom of beech
Beech cabinet in the bathroom
Cupboard and beech bed in the bedroom
Cot from beech
A curbstone under the sink of painted beech
Elegant beech chair with wicker seat
Classic white bed and other beech furniture

Beech furniture in the home

Consider in what areas the beech furniture will look the most harmoniously and appropriately.

  • Beech furniture is suitable even for bathroom furnishings. Modern technologies of water repellent processing make it possible to make furniture from natural wood that is not subject to rotting and deterioration from dampness, which is the main danger of exploitation of wooden furniture in the bathroom.
  • If you want to find beech furniture for a dacha or a country house, then there is a very large selection. Such furniture - soft and hull - will perfectly fit into the picturesque interior of a country house, it will perfectly match the surrounding natural landscapes and under the light color of the walls, will allow you to relax and recover your strength.
  • Furniture made of beech looks great in the interior of the children's room. After all, it is completely safe, does not exude harmful toxic fumes, it is well dyed in delicate, light colors, so beloved by children. In addition, the furniture can be selected for wallpaper, which was used to decorate the walls.
  • Choosing a set in the kitchen of natural beech, you also do not go wrong. This wood is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, high humidity. In addition, dense wood is not afraid of grime soot and soot. Kitchen beech furniture can have both light and dark colors.
Beech furniture in the living room
Brown beech furniture
Furniture in the hall of beech
White beige furniture from beech in the hallway
Wardrobes wardrobe in beech
Table top in the bathroom of beech
White cabinet made of beech for bathroom
Brown beech kitchen set
White beech hallway


What colors and shades are inherent in beech furniture:

  • The main tone of beech wood is light sand. If you choose unpainted wood for a bedroom or a living room, then stop on this shade. It guarantees that the wood has not been treated with chemicals. The children's room must also be furnished with natural furniture items.
  • Less often there is a yellowish shade of natural beech, creamy, pinkish and even their combination. These colors are very interesting in the interior, especially if you choose them under the color of the walls or under the wallpaper.
  • Beech wood is characterized by dark, rare blotches on a light background. Matched in the tone of the wallpaper perfectly underscore the unusual atmosphere.
  • It is often possible to see how a natural beech is covered with silver or gold, in the hope of giving models an "expensive" look. Under some interiors, this option, of course, will be welcome, but in most cases, buyers prefer a natural sand and light beige color, which are universal and well suited for the bedroom, bathroom and living room.
  • The natural color of the tree represents an excellent combination with delicate and pastel interior colors. So, the beech perfectly fits into the salad scale, and will approach the brown shades. Children's room can be decorated in more cheerful and bright colors - there can be both interesting wallpaper and soft furniture with bright upholstery.
Beige furniture in beech in the bedroom
Brown beech wall in the living room
Beige bench from beech in the interior
Beech bed design
Set of bedroom furniture from beech
Large curbstone in the bathroom of beech
Large bunk cabinet for living room
Classic dining table and beech chairs
Brown cabinet and cabinet from beech to the bathroom

Interior decoration

Let's consider, what furnish of premises, a decor and wall-paper best will shade beauty of the beech interior:

  • Professional designers recommend combining with beech accessories, decor and decoration of walls of natural or pastel shades. So, it will be perfect to harmonize with the beech the milk coloring of the walls. In this case, you can use as bright spots, juicy and rich details in the interior: colorful paintings, panels, bright cushions on the sofas, interesting curtains. Such contrasting colors will create a stylish and modern atmosphere in any room - at least in the bathroom, even in the living room.
  • If you use dark wall coverings and at the same same dark floor, then this frame will also be a good contrast for light natural beech. Particularly well this combination will look in the living room, as it gives the atmosphere a solemnity and a smart, "expensive", respectable look.
  • In the children's room it is necessary that the situation harmoniously fit the basic colors of walls, floors and ceilings. Therefore, perfectly match the wallpaper in tender pink, light green, light beige. Bright cheerful accessories will dilute a monophonic interior, with which a child is framed, and cute wallpaper for the walls will cheer the child.
  • With regard to curtains and other textiles in the interior, with a natural beech furnishings, the rich color of textile materials perfectly harmonizes: blue, burgundy and green shades are best suited. An excellent solution is to choose textiles and curtains for the color of the wall cover. It is not necessary that the colors and drawing are repeated one to one. It is enough, for example, to have a pink strip of the same exact shade on the curtains as the wallpaper, etc. - it will be an excellent combination.
Gray beige furniture in beech in the bedroom
Classic beech furniture in the office
Wall and coffee table made of beech
Dining table and chairs from beech and glass
Beautiful furniture for the dining room of beech
Bed and beech wall in the bedroom
Beautiful beech parquet in the living room with fireplace
White carved beech bed
White classic beech furniture for cabinet
Wardrobe from beech

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