Austrian curtains in the interior (21 photos): beautiful examples

The classic window decoration called Austrian curtains has its own history. For two centuries, they have decorated the windows of not only the expensive mansions of the court nobles of Austria, but also the habitation of ordinary people. Also, these classic curtains can be found in offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes, that is, where an elegant classic style is appreciated.

Austrian curtains in the interior of the children's room

Austrian curtains in the interior of the children's room

What is the difference between Austrian curtains?

Vienna or Austrian curtains can be in the form of a flat cloth, lightly trimmed below, or a magnificent drapery decorated with frills and flounces. Outwardly they look like French because of the splendor of the folds and the Roman ones because of the presence of the mechanism for horizontal lifting. When lifting up on the curtains, lush waves are formed, called festons or buffers.

White-green Austrian curtains in the interior

Under the Austrian curtains you need a special cornice with a built-in lifting mechanism, which ensures the appearance of festoon folds. Cords, attached from the inside of the hinges or rings, ensure their uniformity. Sometimes for greater splendor on the top edge of tulle or other fabric add braid. For the Austrian curtains are selected material soft, easily draped. It can be:

  1. Batiste.
  2. Organza.
  3. Chiffon.
  4. Silk.
  5. Tulle.
  6. Atlas.
  7. Brocade.
  8. Chintz.
  9. Satin.
  10. Teak.
  11. Taffeta.
Beige Austrian curtains in the interior

Beautiful Austrian curtains with a pattern
Beige-red Austrian curtains in the interior of the dining room
Cream Austrian curtains in the bathroom

Austrian curtains in the design of children's

When decorating a nursery, you need to remember that in this room the child will live, so the room should be as comfortable and light as possible. Plastic blinds or heavy curtains for the window that illuminates the private space of the baby are categorically not suitable. Austrian curtains will rejuvenate the source of natural childrens lighting best. In addition, the lifting mechanism allows you to adjust the length of the curtains to the window sill or a little higher, which is very convenient when the child is small. Curtains are less dirty and collect dust, and the karapuz can not reach them and cut them off.

Green Austrian curtains in the design of the nursery

Window decor in the Viennese style is suitable for babies and teenagers. The main thing - to choose the right fabric. On a light translucent tulle or bright cheerful prints, you can stop your choice when designing a nursery for preschoolers or toddlers. For schoolboys it is possible to make a division on a floor: to girls to pick up fabrics with a flower drawing, with frills and a fringe, and boys simply to shade a window curtains of more sated shades.

Pink green Austrian curtains in the design of the nursery

Austrian curtains in the interior of the room for children should:

  • create a light twilight, sufficient for a quiet and comfortable sleep;
  • do not interfere with the penetration of natural light into the nursery;
  • to have a light, non-irritating eye, a shade and a cheerful but not screaming figure;
  • to decorate the window, and not be a bright fashionable spot that does not fit into the design of the room;
  • be made of natural, eco-friendly, wear-resistant fabrics;
  • be sufficiently well fixed on the cornice and not burdened with unnecessary details.
Purple Austrian curtains in the nursery
Lilac Austrian curtains in the room of a girl

Vienna style to whet the appetite

Each hostess wants to cook in a cozy and beautiful room. To ennoble and decorate the kitchen, you can just pick up the winning decor for the window. The leaders in the kitchen window decoration are the Austrian curtains. Their popularity in the design of kitchens is understandable, because the Viennese curtains:

  • due to the lifting and adjustable mechanism, they are easily fixed at the correct height;
  • occupy very little space, which makes it possible to use additional window space;
  • give the room a smart look.
Beige Austrian curtains with a picture

When decorating a kitchen window, you can stay on the traditional classical style and pick curtains from a lightweight monophonic tulle, chintz or satin. With elements of the provence or country in the interior, drawings from strips or cages or light floral motifs are acceptable.

Checkered Austrian curtains in the kitchen
Black and white Austrian curtains in the kitchen
Checkered Austrian curtains in the dining room
Austrian curtains with a flower pattern in the kitchen
Austrian curtains in a cage in the dining room
Brown-blue Austrian curtains in the kitchen

Austrian curtains for a romantic bedroom

The decor for the bedroom windows should maximize the shading of the room to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep. Soft creases of Austrian curtains can provide the necessary twilight during daytime rest and prevent the penetration of moonlight and street lights at night. In the role of the main curtain translucent tulle does not fit, you need natural dense tissue. Or, on the windows, install blinds or additionally hang tight curtains.

Austrian curtains in the interior of the bedroom

The view that the Austrian curtains are suitable for a nursery or a girl's room, is mistaken. The men's bedroom is perfectly complemented by Viennese curtains, made of fabric with a dense texture. The color scheme for coffee with milk or khaki and sculptural festoons will emphasize the brutality of the interior.

Austrian curtains in the bedroom

For a family bedroom suitable soft pastel colors in tone to the rest of the decor and furniture. In the relaxation room, you should not allow color contrast between the curtains and the rest of the details. Fans of bright colors can add a couple of "screaming" elements: on a light translucent tulle red cords or saturated green brushes, or on soft blue fests of fringe of a saturated blue color.

Beige Austrian curtains in the living room

Window decoration in interior design is considered to be an important detail, as it is the only element that is available to the general public. Therefore, the selection of curtains should be given special attention and a simple silk curtain to curtain the window gleam is not worth it. Often expensive and elegant design spoils poor-quality fabric on curtains or ineptly selected style of window decor.

Red and white Austrian curtains in the bedroom

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