Acrylic wallpaper: tips for application, varieties (22 photos)

Acrylic wallpaper is a novelty in the field of finishing works, which has a large number of undeniable advantages. This is an analogue of vinyl wallpaper foamed species. Acrylic is characterized by high performance properties. It is resistant to abrasion and will serve its owner for a long period of time. Acrylic wallpaper is affordable, and their design capabilities are amazing.

Acrylic wallpaper with an abstract pattern
Acrylic wallpaper with an animalistic print

Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly polymer material. It allows the walls to breathe and does not emit toxic substances into the environment. In this regard, it can be safely used for a bedroom or a children's room. The material will not cause any trouble in the care. He is not afraid of mechanical damage and is ideal for houses where there are animals or small children.

Acrylic wallpaper with butterflies
Acrylic wallpaper in classic style

Acrylic is resistant to moisture. However, it is not recommended to use it for a bathroom or a bathroom. It is recommended to avoid direct contact with water if acrylic wallpaper was installed in these rooms. Acrylic is a universal material, it can be easily adapted to any interior. The room with such decoration is filled with luxury, elegance.

Acrylic wallpaper with birds
Acrylic wallpaper with sakura

Today, wallpaper with acrylic spraying is popular. They are characterized by high aesthetic appeal. On the surface of such wallpaper there are various relief elements. Typically, the drawing is similar to any spectacular points or brush strokes of the artist. Many designers prefer to choose original wallpaper with acrylic spraying. They look unusual and fill the room with a special charm.

Acrylic wallpaper with floral pattern
Acrylic wallpaper in the interior of the house

Varieties of acrylic wallpaper

Acrylic wallpaper in the consumer market appeared recently. In connection with this variety is not so much. However, the variety of colors and textures is enormous. There are two main types of acrylic wallpaper:

  • Acrylic wallpaper applied on a paper base. This type of wallpaper is considered the most environmentally friendly. He, as a rule, is chosen for a children's room or a bedroom. The main thing when applying this type of wallpaper is to apply glue in the required quantity. If there is a lot of glue, then the wallpaper can be torn in the process. Stick on the wall is recommended fresh glue-streaked strip quickly and neatly. The stripes are spread with glue in turn. Paper acrylic wallpaper is inexpensive.
  • Acrylic wallpaper with a non-woven base. In this case, the non-woven base can perform a reinforcing function. Such non-woven wallpaper will not break even if there is an uncapped crack on the wall. These wallpapers are easy to apply, as they do not need to be coated with glue. They just need to take and paste.
Acrylic wallpaper in the style of eco
Acrylic wallpaper in French style

Features of applying wallpaper to the wall

If you do not know how to glue acrylic wallpaper, then having read the instructions on this issue, you can independently apply the material on the wall. Every owner dreams of inexpensive and good-quality decoration of the walls. The process of gluing depends on what type of wallpaper was chosen by you. The most important thing to consider when applying acrylic wallpaper:

  • Correct selection of adhesive composition. It is not recommended to use a universal adhesive. It is more expedient to take one that is specially designed for acrylic wallpaper.
  • Correct application. Glazed wallpaper for walls should be applied to the surface by means of proper smoothing. Do not use a plastic spatula for this purpose. It is better to perform the smoothing process using a roller.
Acrylic wallpaper with a geometric pattern
Acrylic wallpaper in the living room

If the acrylic wallpaper is on the wall correctly, then they will for a long time please you with their unrivaled appearance. In general, the gluing of acrylic wallpaper is similar to the technique of applying other materials. But nevertheless, there are certain nuances that are important to observe. Let's consider the main stages of gluing acrylic wallpaper on the wall:

  1. Preparing the surface of the wall under the wallpaper. For this, it is necessary to clean the walls qualitatively from the old material. In order for the old material to come off faster, it is required to apply a soap solution on the material. The wallpaper, which is soaked, can be easily removed with a spatula. Water-based paint from the walls can be removed using a metal spatula. The wall, cleared of the wallpaper, will need to be checked for air layers. The surface of the wall must be primed. This will prevent the formation of mold and undesirable peeling off of the material.
  2. The choice of the best suitable wallpaper glue. It is better to choose the glue of the manufacturer. Consider the basis of the wallp
    aper (paper, non-woven).
  3. Marking the wall. This is necessary to make sure that the wallpaper has been applied smoothly and correctly.
  4. Open the roll and apply glue. In the process of cutting, you need to adopt the features of the pattern or pattern, as well as when working with paper wallpaper. The wallpaper is impregnated with a glue composition in a small and neat layer. It is necessary to exclude the soaking. If wallpaper on a non-woven base, then the application of glue may not be required.
  5. Glue the fabric to the wall surface. In the room during this process, all windows and doors must be closed. The cloth is applied to the wall. The edge of the canvas must coincide with the marking. New strips must be joined to the glued elements. Wallpaper smooth with a roller. All allowances are cut with a stationery knife.
  6. Aging and drying. These are the final stages of the work. The room with wallpaper should be kept closed for 1-2 days.
Acrylic wallpaper in the interior of the living room
Acrylic wallpaper in the kitchen
Acrylic wallpaper in the interior of the apartment

How to care for wallpaper from acrylic?

If you purchased a wallpaper from acrylic, then you also need to get acquainted with the information on how to properly take care of this material. You need to learn how to clean the wallpaper from acrylic. This process is not difficult and will not take you much time. Do not use in the process of cleaning the surface of abrasive compounds, as they are able to harm the wallpaper, spoiling their appearance.

Acrylic wallpaper in Art Nouveau style
Acrylic Marble Wallpaper

The process of cleaning the surface from dirt and dust is recommended using a soft cloth and detergent. Detergents should also be gentle. If you do not have information about whether your detergent is suitable for acrylic, then it is better to abandon it. Most of the dirt is easily removed from the acrylic wall with clean water.

Sticky acrylic wallpaper
Acrylic wallpaper in the style of Provence

Acrylic wallpaper will fill your home with coziness and comfort. This material is durable and with proper use will last for a long period of time. Acrylic wallpaper - this is a winning option for the decoration of walls and ceiling. They are glued easily, conveniently and quickly.

Acrylic wallpaper with a hexagonal pattern
Acrylic wallpaper in Scandinavian style
Acrylic wallpaper in the bedroom

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