Snowman from paper: how to make a simple Christmas decoration (39 photos)

One of the ways to create a New Year's atmosphere in the house can be the process of making a snowman from paper with his own hands, in which even the smallest members of the family can take part. This does not require a large amount of consumables. All that is needed to ensure that during the holiday in the house these positive articles made of paper settle - this is a great desire, a great mood, the most elementary experience with scissors, glue and plain or corrugated white paper.

Snowman made of paper with sparkles

Large snowman made of paper

Snowman from paper cylinders

A big snowman made of paper A big snowman made of paper

Snowman made of paper on the door

Variety of forms of paper snowmen

Decorating the house for the New Year holiday, you can make snowmen from the usual white paper or corrugation, which will differ in size, ways of decoration, technique and form:

  • Flat figures that are cut out of paper are decorated with sequins, tinsel, beads, beads or painted with luminescent paints. Most often they are used as appliqués and ornaments of doors, walls, windows and mirrors in the house;
  • Volumetric snowmen, to make volume use different fillers (cotton wool or sintepon) or strips of corrugated paper;
  • Snowmen made in the technique of origami, by folding a white paper sheet or gluing several paper fragments in a special way that allows you to get interesting voluminous, air-filled figures;
  • Openwork snow-cut snowman, in the process of manufacturing of which the snowmen are cut out of paper according to a special scheme, will become an elegant ornament of a New Year tree, a festive table, a children's room or a mantelpiece.

Snowman made of paper on the Christmas tree

Figurine of a snowman made of paper

Paper garland of snowmen


Paper garland in the form of snowmen

Snowman made of cardboard

The variety of decorative details that make each paper snowman unique, is limited only by the imagination of those who make it. As decorative materials for decoration you can use:

  • multicolored beads, beads, sequins, buttons;
  • glossy or fluorescent paper;
  • watercolors, gouache, markers;
  • various in structure and color materials, fabrics, pieces of artificial fur;
  • braid, satin or nylon ribbons, fluffy yarn, fir-tree tinsel and rain.

A large number of master classes, step-by-step instructions with photos, which can be found on the vastness of the World Wide Web, will prompt you how to make a snowman with your own hands and get an exclusive Christmas decoration for your home.

Snowman from corrugated paper

Snowman made of cardboard

Snowman made of red paper

Snowmen made of paper and candies

Snowman quilling

How do you make a snowman from paper with your own hands?

Even a person who does not have much experience in needlework and making crafts can easily create a paper snowman, which will be a unique New Year's element in the design of a house or apartment. A good find for the holiday will be recommendations on how to make a three-dimensional snowman from corrugated paper, inside of which is hidden a sweet present. For work you will need:

  • corrugated paper of golden and white color;
  • round chocolate candy and candy "chupa-chups";
  • colored ribbon and red satin ribbon;
  • three golden beads and two blue;
  • piece of wire.

Snowman from paper circles

Snowman made of paper in quilling technique

Snowman papier-mache

Snowman made of paper and tinsel

Volumetric snowman made of paper

The process of making a voluminous and simultaneously tasty snowman is simple and does not take much time:

  1. a strip of white corrugated paper measuring 15 by 17 centimeters is made;
  2. stretching the corrugation, "chupa-chups" is wrapped in one of the edges (in two turns) so that the round bottom part of the snowman's figure turns out;
  3. long sides of the paper strip are glued together;
  4. in the other end of the resulting paper cylinder, a round chocolate candy is melted, which becomes the "head" of the snowman, and the edges of the paper remaining on the top are carefully glued together;
  5. the lower edge of the figure is cut off, glued in a circle of corrugated white paper;
  6. the wire turns into white corrugation;
  7. Of the golden c
    olor of paper, mittens and a cone for the future snowman's cap are cut;
  8. The gloves are attached to the wire, and the wire wraps around the "neck" of the craft and is decorated with a scarf made of red tape;
  9. The torso of a snowball can be decorated with buttons of golden beads;
  10. on the head put on a golden cap, the eyes are blue beads, the cardboard blank of the nose is covered with a ribbon of red color, the laughing mouth is also cut from the red tape, and all the elements are attached with the help of a glue of the pva.

Paper wrap in the form of a snowman

Snowman made of paper in origami technique

Paper card with a snowman

Snowman from wallpaper

Snowman of their paper on the window

Another positive New Year's decoration can be a flat snowman from children's hands. To do this you need:

  1. on a sheet of white paper in A4 format, circle and then cut along the contour of the image of children's palms (the number of paper palms depends on the size of the snowman that is planned to be made);
  2. prepare three circles of cardboard, of various diameters and glue so that the outline of the snowman turns out;
  3. stick the palms on the cardboard blank, keeping the direction from the center to the edges of the circle;
  4. headdress and scarf can be made of colored fabric or velvet paper;
  5. the buttons of the New Year's character can be colored snowflakes from shiny paper or fluffy cotton balls that can be glued with glue or a special gun;
  6. Roll the nose out of red or orange paper, glue the pvac with glue.

Panel with a snowman made of paper

Wicker snowman made of paper

Snowman from paper for gifts

Snowman in origami technique

Snowman made of paper on postcard

What can snow paper snowmen decorate?

Performed in different techniques, paper snowmen will bring the magic atmosphere of the New Year holiday to any home. Such made with love children's crafts will be a unique touch in the festive decoration of the house:

  • flat paper snowmen will be able to decorate the doors, windows, walls of the children's room and will create a New Year's mood in the children's room throughout all festive days;
  • slotted snowmen of different sizes, can be used to create a New Year's composition on the kitchen sill or mantelpiece;
  • a big snowman made of corrugated paper will make a worthy company a smart New Year tree in the living room, will charge with its optimism all members of the family and guests of the house;
  • It will cause a storm of enthusiasm among the youngest members of the family and their friends;
  • snowmen from corrugated paper with a surprise inside, fixed on a string or ribbon in the form of a garland, which can be hung on a Christmas tree or over the door to the children's room, this decoration will cause a storm of enthusiasm among the youngest members of the family and their friends;
  • small voluminous fishnet snowmen cut from paper can decorate the festive New Year's table and create a festive atmosphere during the feast;
  • applications from cut paper snowmen on windows and mirrors will be a charming New Year's touch in any room of the house;
  • a garland of voluminous or slotted snowmen of small size suspended on threads can become an effective ornament of a chandelier in the living room or become a festive curtain for the kitchen window.

Snowman from a paper on a table

Snowman from paper plates

Snowman made of paper with a pattern

Snowman papier-mache

Snowman made of paper and plasticine

Snowman from paper plates

The greatest number of positive emotions and unique impressions are obtained from such joint creativity by the smallest representatives of the family. Preparation for the new year, when the whole family participates in the process of decorating the house, makes this holiday even more magical, filled with love and joy. Made with their hands of paper snowmen - it's a convenient, creative and inexpensive way to decorate the house for the New Year, without much material costs and special efforts.

Snowman from paper for a garden

Snowman made of paper with a hat

Snowman made of blue paper


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