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The house is the most important place for us. Here we can hide from the problems of the outside world and strangers. Here our loved ones live and what makes a family a family is everyday - spiritual and physical intimacy, caring for each other. Here, for the first time, our children begin to learn the world and life. The house and what is in it are the most valuable tangible property for the majority of the population. Proceeding from these aspects, it is necessary to consider amulets for the house and their significance, ways of their manufacture and placement.

Ward for the house
Ward for the house

Wardcraft for the house of beads

Wooden house charm

Ward for the house eco

Plywood home protection

Places for amulets in the house: benefit and action

A place for an amulet in the house is desirable to choose, depending on what should be sent to its defensive forces. Let's consider some of the most popular categories:

  • A common family and home guard from all troubles and misfortunes. The best placement - a common room in the house or at least the room where the family is most often going to. It can be even a kitchen, if there are going for a joint meal, or a couple's bedroom. It is appropriate to protect from all the negative that can disturb the well-being of the family, as well as talismans for harmony, health and well-being.
  • Wards from separation (for mutual love). The most relevant for married women or living in a permanent partnership. It is located most often in the common room of a couple - a bedroom - in the immediate vicinity of a bed. Due to its specificity, it is rarely very noticeable or disguised as decoration (for example, a panel or decorative composition), for household utensils.
  • A guard for the child (children) living in the house (sometimes just from the evil eye, but for the children). It is placed in the room where the child sleeps, plays, does. Pay attention: the best, the strongest are children talismans, executed or modified by the mother or other close relative, strongly attached to the child. Care for the child has its own energy, which is aimed at his well-being: do not be afraid that the creation of such an amulet will take energy from the mother. The matter is that the mother-child has a powerful energy potential, which is easy to reveal, and it will be used by the amulet for the child. Such things are best done while the child is small - about 7 years.
  • A charm to material well-being. Located in any of the living quarters of the house, you can in the pantry. Very undesirable - in the hallway, the passage, etc.
  • Wards from bad people - intruders and envious people, from spoiling and evil eye. Here is the wardrobe of envy and evil eye it is necessary to hang in the hallway, in a conspicuous place, ideally in front of the entrance, but it is possible in the room where most strangers are - in the hall, living room. For such products are characterized by brightness, prominence, shiny details of glass, metal.
  • From a fire. Yes, since this trouble has always been considered one of the most dangerous, it's no wonder the desire to protect the house from her in all ways. It can be placed in any room, preferably in the largest or central room. You can hang outside, but then there is a risk that the amulet will be lost or stolen.
Ward for the house
Ward for the house

Warehouse for home made of felt

Amber for the house Indian

Ward for the house with a stone

Ward for the house painting


Ward for the house ceramic

In addition, there are many different types of amulets for housing: from nightmares, illnesses, to attract money to the house (not to be confused with well-being, these are really different, though intersecting directions), for begining the brownie, for luck, etc.

Ward for the house

Ward for the house key

Ward for the doll house

Ward for the home catcher dreams

A home guard for macrame

Ward for the house metal

Ward for the house wall

Where to get, buy or make?

Taking advantage of the reviving interest in folk traditions and customs, some entrepreneurs have established the production and sale of several types of the most popular things used as amulets.
The easiest way to find and buy amulets

  • in the form of a house-guardian statue of the house;
  • decorated bag, symbolizing prosperity in the house;
  • in the form of a horseshoe - for the invocation of luck and happiness in the house;
  • s
    hiny amulets with a stylized image of the eye - respectively from the evil eye;
  • decorated brooms - they are called to bring a harmony and abundance into the house or drive away / sweep away the negative of any kind (they are used as protectors against spoilage);
  • bast shoes - from curious, ill-wishers, evil spirits.
Ward for the house

Ward for the house of thread

Ward for the house with feathers

Warehouse for home wicker

Ward for the house carved

Is it possible to buy amulets, does it make sense? Yes, the purchased amulet has a certain value, provided that the one who bought it and hung it in the house understands what it does and what it would like to achieve by it. First and foremost, it is important to know what the value of the amulet is (sell, as a rule, products with an easily perceptible focus) and, based on this, to choose the right place for him.

Ward for the house

Wardcraft for home drawing

Ward for the house silver

Ward for the house with elephants

Ward for the house glass

Charm for home candle

Ward for the house made of cloth

Where and how can you hang the amulet?

A figurine is always placed inside the living quarters. However, in the kitchen, where they cook and eat, as well as in the pantry, this is also permissible. Hanging it in the nursery, make sure that the child does not frighten the amulet and does not try to play with it, spoil it, throw it away. Perhaps it is better to pick up something different in the nursery.

Ward for the house

Ward for the house wreath

A home guard for the east

Ward for the house on the wall

Ward for the house knitted

Ward for the house with embroidery

Ward for home mirror

A bag is better to hang in the kitchen or other room except the bedroom. Sufficiency is good everywhere, but in the bedroom a place for rest and conjugal love, rather than household troubles. If the room is one - place the amulet not next to the bed.

Ward for the house

The horseshoe is good in a prominent place. It can be hung even in the hallway, and the owners of their own house - even outside on the wall or above the entrance. According to popular belief, the horseshoe attracts luck, symbolizes iron, which is not loved by evil spirit, and horses, who also do not make friends with evil spirits and help the person from time immemorial. The horseshoe guard is a kind of appeal of happiness to oneself, family, home and at the same time wish good luck to others, protection from someone else's envy.

It is more reasonable to place amulets from the evil eye wherever they are likely to be seen by outsiders or where protection is particularly important, for example, in the children's room. By the way, this amulet is also appropriate for the protection of non-residential premises where you have to spend a lot of time and constantly there are strangers, for example, in a store, hairdresser, etc.

Ward for the house

Ward for the house with grains

Ward for the house of the star

Brooms can be hung in almost all rooms, but necessarily - up the handle, when they "sweep" the welfare in the house or "sweep away" the negative. Outside they are hung only to protect themselves from the bad, and then the handle must be lowered down. Pay attention, the hanging inside the broom can be supplemented with a decor in the form of a sheaf of spikelets, beans (for prosperity), garlic heads (from bad forces), pods of bitter pepper (for man's health), ribbons, beads, coins and other things. Venichke outside the house is not decorated, except that garlic.

Ward for the house

Lapot or a pair of bast shoes (a couple is especially relevant for spouses) can be decorated or even be part of the decor of the panel-amulet. But such a charm does not work well, and without other details - just two tapes loosely tied by a ribbon. Suitable for any room where people often are: in the bedroom, kitchen, even in the hallway. Together with the amulets from the evil eye and the horseshoe can be used not only at home, but also at
the place of work, where there are always strangers.

Ward for the house

What can I do by myself?

Since the well-being and the consent in the house always depended on its inhabitants, traditionally they made amulets for the house with their own hands. Wards for children and for the family - more often by women, housewives and mothers. For prosperity and security - sometimes men, defenders and getters. However, even a young girl, still far from adult responsibility, can also make a talisman that protects herself and her loved ones from evil or evil. It is important to have a desire and a concept of how to make a home guard and what is important for this.

Ward for the house
Ward for the house

One of the simple options - to buy a charm or something suitable for its manufacture, and then refine, putting their feelings, energy, desire and a little knowledge about creating amulets.

But the strongest are usually amulets, completely created by own hands. It can be not only listed above and well-known objects. A simple pin or a needle can be a charm, over which the appropriate inscription has been read (unlike the spells of spoilage, the slander spells are safe for the one who commits them).

Ward for the house

With your own hands, you can make a dream catcher, driving away bad and terrible dreams, embroidery with certain symbols and images, even the object of household utensils - a cutting board, a vase, a tack, a pillow. But, of course, such things should be kept, if possible, and not too actively used in everyday life. Exceptions are only amulets for children. If a child loves this toy, takes to bed, often plays with her, then it is enough for her mother to bring such an amulet from time to time - to wash, repair, maybe slander again.

Ward for the house

Should I use amulets in the house?

Of course, no talismans and amulets will help where people do not try to preserve their own happiness and well-being. To be prosperous, thrift and diligence are needed, so that consent and patience and love are in the family. To maintain health, too, you must make physical and mental efforts.

Ward for the house
Ward for the house

However, with a soul made or chosen amulet will greatly improve your possibilities, embracing an immaterial, but very important sphere of life. And remember, in a large measure, the guardian is a vehicle between your inner potential and the material world. Therefore, invest in it the kind, bold and beautiful that is in you, and the result will be appropriate.

Ward for the house
Ward for the house

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