Roses in the interior (29 photos): a variety of forms for decoration

To make the design of the room unusual is possible with the help of floral motifs. In this case, it is not necessary to force the room with fresh flowers, to select dry artificial compositions of flowers. Buds and beautiful bouquets can be easily chosen for walls, and for this purpose bright and unusual wallpaper or ordinary wallpaper is suitable. Of course, roses are a special nobility among all flowers. Even just looking at the roses already it seems that the room is filled with fresh fragrance and a barely perceptible smell of these chic colors.

Wall-papers with roses in a bedroom
Roses in the bathroom

Decorating Everything

Since roses have many shades, the color range can be easily selected for the living room, bedroom and even kitchen. It is already important to determine the main shades and to combine them harmoniously. Wall-papers and roll-up wallpapers are more suitable for a drawing room and a bedroom, but for a kitchen it is better to use a tile or an apron, where whole bouquets with roses and simply flying petals are depicted.

Live roses in the interior

Depending on the chosen color scheme and the size of the decor with roses, the room can be decorated in a variety of styles. Large photo wallpapers are more suitable for rooms in classical style, modern, hi-tech or minimalism, and wallpaper with medium-sized roses are ideal in the interior with vintage stylistics.

Wallpapers with lilac roses
Photo wallpapers with red roses in the interior
Unusual wallpaper with roses in the bedroom

How can you change the space of roses?

Based on how you need to change the mood of the apartment or adjust the size of the space of a separate room, you can pick up different images in your wallpaper.

  • Light soft colors, used in the decoration of walls, significantly expand the space, and the room will be made larger.
  • To make the room visually higher, roll wallpaper and wallpaper, where roses on a long stem are depicted.
  • Pay attention to the color palette of furniture. Drawings on the wall should harmoniously correspond with the color of furniture. It is desirable to put light furniture, as it is easier to combine with floral motifs.
  • Achieve the expansion of space can be wallpapers with 3D drawings of roses. They are incredibly realistic and give the impression that the petals are about to fly around the rooms of the apartment. To make a room deeper is possible with the addition of a light haze and fog on the main dark background.
  • For the bedroom it is desirable to use either passionate red flowers, or gentle and soft. It depends on the desire to create the necessary atmosphere in the recreation room.
  • In the living room, it is recommended to choose neutral colors, so that all visitors are comfortable staying in the room. Too bright and rich decor will "crush" some people.
Wallpapers with small roses in the bedroom
Live roses in the interior of the bedroom

Photo wallpapers with white roses in the dining room
Pink pillow with rose in the living room
Wall-papers with a rose in a bedroom

Various forms and compositions with roses

Decoration of the entire interior or individual walls, implies all sorts of combinations of rosebuds, bouquets with them and whole compositions. Therefore, you can choose the right drawing for any requirements and wishes. If you did not manage to find a ready-made version, you can always make an individual order and the wallpaper will be unique.

Roses in the decor and textiles of the living room

Most often in the interior there are such kinds of roses and compositions:

  • Design, where the wallpaper depicts all the details of a fully blossoming single rose flower and detailed drawings of all the petals and drops of dew.
  • One half-closed or fully closed rosebud, photographed in macro mode.
  • Wallpaper or wallpaper, which depicts several buds of roses of similar size and uniform color, filling the entire canvas of this decor element.
  • On a calm neutral background, several roses are depicted on a long leg.
  • Combinations of buds of different sizes. The stem is not shown.
  • Photo wall-papers depicting a gazebo or an arch, braided with rose bushes, separately depicted garlands of wild or shrub roses.
  • Flower bed with roses of one or different shades.
  • Vase with cut roses or a beautifully decorated bouquet.
  • Wall-papers, where roses are depicted, in combination with precious or semi-precious ornaments. Let's say a scattering of stones, pearls or pendants, brooches and beads.
  • Connecting roses with musical instruments. Most often a piano, where scattered flowers are scattered, stringed instruments.
  • Still lifes, where the main position is occupied by roses.
  • Landscapes, where these flowers stand out. It can be pictures of nature, where a rose was accidentally dropped, a water surface on which float petals or a romantic park, where a bouquet was left.

When using photo wallpapers as the main
element of the decor of the room, all other furniture and accessories should not be bright and defiant. Furniture should not be with a complicated finish, it is better to choose something monophonic.

Olive-red wallpaper with roses in the bedroom
Roses in a pot in the interior
Live roses and other flowers in the interior of the room
White statuette with roses in the interior

Room coloring

Each shade of the flower, as when composing bouquets, and decorating the house with images of flowers, means certain feelings, emotions.

  • Pale creamy - elegance, restraint, elegance
  • White - a white rose - a flower of goddesses, as it is a symbol of virtue, crystal thoughts, integrity
  • Yellow color - a symbol of prosperity and respectability, it pleases the eye, creates warmth
  • Coral color - the color of the lips, therefore symbolizes desire and passion
  • Red colors are a fiery passion
  • Scarlet color - the color of Venus, the deity of love

From history: in Rome there was a tradition - a rose was hung over the entrance to the house, which meant that everything said today in this house must be kept secret. It was the expression "said under the rose," which meant that the fact must remain secret and not intended for extraneous ears. Therefore, the rose, as an element of the decor of the kitchen, can be "served under this sauce," because it is the kitchen is often a place for discussion of important issues and emotional conversations with friends.

Wallpapers with roses in the classic interior

To decorate the interior with roses is easiest with the help of photo wallpapers, which are presented in all versions and color compositions. It will not be difficult to find a range of wallpaper that harmoniously matches your interior design.

Red color overflows allow you to bring aggression and mystery. It is better not to fill them with the space of the whole room, but make it in the form of separate accents. Large images of roses on the whole wall are more appropriate in the living room or in the bedroom. For the kitchen environment, you should choose the plot images, where there are many elements, such as a house with wooden shutters, embroidered with roses.

For the cabinet it is better to dwell on paintings of more minimalistic. For example, a single rose, lying on a monophonic surface. But if you have a musical instrument at home. For example, pianoforte or cello, on which you sometimes play guests, it is better to do on the background of roses of purple. This color stimulates artistic perception and creative talent.

Flower wallpaper and rose in the interior

For the children's room, roses are suitable only for pastel tones, especially stylized images, perhaps in the style of animation. Cream shade is the most pastel color, in which is read tenderness, romanticism, freshness, comfort and ease.

Cream roses blend easily with white. With the predominance of white roses, you can create a bedroom in the style of a Scandinavian chalet to complement the elements of the decor of natural wood and fur. And if on a background of white-cream bouquets of roses on the walls, the textiles are made beige, then the room will be filled with warmth and softness of the atmosphere.

Especially gorgeous will look roses in the bathroom. Very thematically look roses in drops of dew. It is not enough to choose a place, still it is necessary to think carefully the plot line of images of roses.

Bouquet of roses and other flowers in the interior
Artificial roses in the interior
Gray-brown wallpaper with roses in the living room
Large bouquet of living roses in the interior

Roll wallpaper with roses

If you do not want to make wallpapers as the main element of the decor in the room, do not choose a bright picture, but add a few more elements to the room with a floral motif. Especially relevant is a solution for a vintage interior or rooms with elements of a shebbie-chic, but then it's wiser to cover the walls with roll wallpaper. In this case, lovely cymbals with floral ornaments, vases, souvenirs and designer handmade candles are perfect. For a wider filling of space, you can use romantic blankets in a small flower, soft bedding, carpets with a vegetable pattern, curtains and even upholstery of furniture with a floral motif. This style is more suitable for the bedroom and in some cases for the living room. For the kitchen, this option is too marquee.

Beige-red wallpaper with roses in the interior

Choosing a roller wallpaper for decorating the walls, carefully consider the selection of the background. Give preference to pastel tones, and even better something neutral, say, beige, soft pink, very light and unobtrusive green. Dark and bright backgrounds will make the room tense or even gloomy.

Wallpapers can have different drawings of roses. It can be scattered individual buds, whole small bouquets with stems and leaves. Very gently look the wallpaper, which depicts flying petals. Flowers are also found in different sizes. Large ones will attract more attention, while small ones require the addition of additional decor elements.

Roses in vases in the interior
Live roses and textiles with them in the interior of the living room
Cream roses in the living room
Wall Mural with a red rose in the bedroom
Variants of interior decoration with flowers
Kitchen apron with roses

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