Photos in the interior (57 photos): beautiful use and placement of frames on the wall

Since the time when photographs first appeared, people began to strive to capture the brightest moments of their life. After all, this is a real miracle - paper cards with pictures of familiar picture-memories! Native faces, favorite places, important family events - all this, with the help of a photosensitive matrix, retain photos.

Black and white photos in the interior

Photos in the white frame in the interior

Photos in the interior of the Bohin

Great photo in the interior

Photo in a black frame in the interior

The process of photographing at first was complex and quite expensive. Photographs were considered a great value. They were collected in albums, framed, used in interior design at home.

Later, with the development of printing technologies, photos in the interior became even more popular, competing with painting. And with the advent of modern styles (avant-garde, high-tech, eclecticism), and did occupy a leading place.

Correctly selected photos can decorate any interior - whether it is the interior of a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Using photographs allows you to bring individuality and charm to the overall appearance of the apartment, and sometimes even affect the perception of space.

An example of a beautiful arrangement of photos on the wall

Black and white photos in the interior

Color photos in the interior


Decor photos of the interior

Photos in a wooden frame in the interior

Decoration of interior photos

There are many ways to decorate the interior of the apartment with photographs. Hanging out individual photos and creating photo galleries on the wall are the most popular ideas, but not the only ones. Frames with photos, for example, can be hung on the ceiling on decorative tapes, or attached to a stretched cord with clothespins. However, in this case, the photo is better to be inserted not in the frame, but in the passepartout. It looks rather unusual and the photo can be periodically changed, refreshing the interior design.

The successful arrangement of images on the wall

Photos in the interior of the house

Photos in the interior of the living room

Very unusual looking frames, not hung on the wall, and placed on special shelves and on the floor under them. An interesting solution is the combination of such frames into a single composition. Bedrooms and living rooms are the best places to apply this idea.

Placing a photo (or group of photos) on the wall of the room requires one important rule: an imaginary line crossing the middle of the central photograph should pass approximately at the level of the eyes - about 1.5 meters from the floor.

Photos on the shelves in the interior

Photos in the interior

Photos on the fireplace in the interior

Photos above the cabinet in the interior

Photos above the stairs in the interior

In order to decorate the apartment, you can use black and white photos in bottles, vases, glasses. Another option - photo printing on dishes, watches, metal objects, wallpaper, ceramic tiles and even suspended ceilings. Such ideas are suitable for interior design, for example, bedrooms.

Clock or mirror on the wall can also be beaten with photos. And, framing the clock, it's best to take frames of different sizes and use them in a certain way. Large frames should be placed in front of the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12. And next to all other figures, you need to hang a smaller frame.

Photos on tapes in the interior

Photos in the interior of the loft

Photos in the attic in the interior

Photos in the interior of Art Nouveau

Photos in the monochrome interior

When choosing the right idea for the design of an apartment with photos, you must definitely consider some points:

  • what is the use of the decorated room, its functionality;
  • style and colors of the interior of the apartment;
  • future location of photos;
  • specificity of the photo (family, poster or decorative), its plot.
Photos of relatives and pets on tapes in the interior
Photos in black thin frames on the wall in the living room

Photos with inscriptions in the interior

Photo frames

It is very important, using photographs in the interior, to choose the right frame - the frame for the photo.

The color and material of the frames are better defined by drawing on the color scheme and the style of the interior of the room.

Photos in the passepartout on the rope


  • Modern styles allow the use of color, black and white colors, plastic and metal;
  • Rustic style prefers shades of wood;
  • yellow frame on the background of the interior in blue shades - a real decoration of the apartment;
  • white frames look organically on a background of black and red colors.
Black and white frames in the interior

Photos on the floor in the interior

Photos in the same frame in the interior

Photos on the panel in the interior

Backlit pictures in the interior

It is best to combine large frames with small ones. Such combinations look stylish and very interesting. It is possible, for example, in the composition to simultaneously use one large baguette frame and several small frames and a passepartout.

Worthy and unusual look handmade frames. For their creation, it is enough to buy in the store blanks and add to them shells, buttons, or some other decoration, which the designer will tell his artistic fantasy. And be sure to add a little bit of your heart.

Photographs in the vessels in the interior

Suspended pictures in the interior

Photos on the shelf in the interior

Photos in the interior of the hallway

Photos in the interior of Provence

You can also make an unusual frame, attached to the corner of the room. To do this, you have to cut off two frames on one side, and then join the remaining halves in the protruding, or drowning corner of the room. This self-made frame is able to decorate the interior of any apartment.

Large frames can be used to enclose several photos of one event in them. For example, weddings, birth of a child, travel. This frame will look great when decorating a bedroom.

Black-and-white photos in a bright framework in the interior

Pictures in the frame above the sofa in the interior

Design of photo galleries

When creating a home gallery, it's best to paint all the frames in one color. In this case, the size, thickness, shape and texture may vary.

In the design of bright room it is better to use frames thin and light. In this case, you can emphasize the photo without overloading it with color. The photo itself, in the majority, should be black and white.

Black frame with photos in the living room

In a room of light neutral shades, on the contrary, it is better to use frames of bright expressive color. A universal option - wide frames of black, black-gray, or black-brown color.

There are several options for layouts of frames with photos in the gallery.

Layout of photos in the dining room

Different photos in the interior

Photos in the interior retro

Photos on the wall in the interior

Photos above the table in the interior


  • frames arranged in random order. There is an opportunity to add photos in the future. If desired, chaotically located photographs can fill the entire wall of the apartment;
  • made up of photographs, various figures. For example, the heart is good for bedroom design;
  • one of the options in the design of the bedroom - an image on the wall of the family tree and on each of its branches - family photos of relatives;
  • placed on the wall of a photo in the form of a rectangle. In this case, the size and thickness of the frames, as well as the photos in them, should be the same in size.

To create photo galleries, you can use not only frames with photos, but also other details - drawings, watches, mirrors, lovely trinkets. All these things will give the uniqueness and uniqueness of the finished composition. Such a collage can decorate any interior.

Layout of photos in the dining room
Diagram of placing photos in the form of a heart in the bedroom
Family photos in the bedroom above the headboard

Photos in a dark frame in the interior

Photos in the corner in the interior

Vintage photos in the interior

Wall clamps for photos in the interior

Photos in the golden frame in the interior

The plot of the photo

The plot of photos can be very different. Everything depends on the room being decorated.


  • family photos, landscapes, genre pictures - perfect for living room and bedroom;
  • portraits, black and white retro photos, mountain landscapes - are appropriate in the office;
  • still lifes and flower compositions - harmoniously fit in the interior of the kitchen;
  • In the children's room the panel in the form of a ladder is perfectly looked, where each step is the year of the baby's life;
  • Delicate lyrical motifs are a wonderful story for the bedroom decor.
  • The wall of stairways, a corridor or an entrance hall is an ideal place for placing photo galleries on different topics. Any artistic composition will become relevant here.
Family pictures on the wall and table
Option for placing photos on the wall
The option of decorating the wall with photos and images
Photos on the wall and on the table in the living room

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