Panoramic paintings in the interior of the room: the effect of full immersion (22 photos)

In recent years, the use of panoramic pictures composed of individual segments (modules) for internal decoration of a house, apartment or office is increasingly used. The demand for modular panoramic paintings is constantly growing. This is due to the fact that their use makes it possible to better use the unoccupied part of the walls, and rather large sizes of such pictures produce an unexpected effect of immersing the viewer in the atmosphere of the depicted space. They are increasingly becoming such a complement to the room, from which it's sometimes difficult to take your eyes off.

Abstract panoramic picture in the interior
Panoramic picture in the interior of a private house
Panoramic picture on bathroom wall

At the same time, any designer has great opportunities for decorating rooms using panoramic paintings. For example, you can create a feeling for the viewer that he is in a cool pine forest or on a hot beach washed by surf waves. Or put it among poppies in a meadow. Or, on the contrary, let him become an observer of some grandiose historical events or spectacular phenomena of nature.

Panoramic picture with flowers
Panoramic picture with a tree

Panoramic paintings can be performed not only with oil paints on canvas. The substrate for them can be glass, plastic, metal. They can also be embroidered using threads, beads, beads and ribbons (view, for example, on a terrain opening from a rock or cliff or from a tall building).

Panoramic picture in Art Nouveau style
Modular picture
Panoramic wallpapers

In most cases, panoramic pictures consist of segmented images. Interestingly, the modules included in one set can be located on the wall in a variety of ways, for example:

  • vertically above each other;
  • horizontally, following one another;
  • forming a square or a ladder;
  • forming a large mosaic and otherwise.
Panoramic picture with a landscape
Panoramic picture with a rose

The components are not always the same size. This is just the charm and zest of such works of art as panoramic paintings for the interior.

Panoramic picture in the interior of the house
Black and white photos in the interior of the bedroom

Types of segmented images

The first sign, according to which the modular panoramic pictures are usually classified, is the number of canvases included in their composition. The result is:

  • diptychs (paintings consisting of 2 parts);
  • triptychs (three-element compositions, considered a classic variant of panoramic images);
  • quadraptics and pentaptichi (having, respectively, four and five images united by one object / theme);
  • polyptychs (sometimes called "multipane" and consisting of more than five parts).
Panoramic picture with mountains
Panoramic picture in the living room

Select an image

To effectively decorate the room, it is not necessary to purchase expensive original paintings of famous masters. Thanks to modern technology, you can use for the interior design and much cheaper, but also very beautiful copies. At the same time, the selection of the plot and the gamut of colors should be carefully considered, because the panoramic picture should be well combined with the rest of the room.

Picture in the interior of the living room
Panoramic picture above the bed in the bedroom
Panoramic picture in the bedroom

Panoramic picture, as a rule, becomes an attractive center of the interior. For each room, only its specific wall decoration will be suitable. For example, in the
living room or hall you can hang on the wall a wide variety of scenic paintings or panoramic pictures of natural landscapes. The bedroom will look good landscapes or compositions of flowers in calm tones.

Round picture in the interior
Panoramic picture depicting horses in the interior
Panoramic oil painting

Tips for choosing and positioning a panorama canvas:

  • The dimensions of the composite picture should be in accordance with the size of the room in which it is located.
  • The volume of the room also influences the choice of the image. After all, if it is small, large flowers, a powerful figure of a lion, a high-rise building will conceal an already small space, making the room even smaller than it is. In large rooms, the landscapes organically look like, bringing the freshness of nature in them.
  • The color scheme of the image should not be in contradiction with the color solutions chosen for the interior, wallpaper, textiles.
  • Additional refinement to the classic interior will give the views of ancient castles, while abstraction is best suited for hi-tech style.
  • A good decoration for the living room in the style of Provence will be embroidered segment paintings with images of flowers (roses, orchids, violets, etc.).
  • In large halls the most suitable are landscapes, for example, in the form of groves of birches, rocky snow-capped mountains, overthrown waterfalls, stormy rivers, frozen lakes, seashore, etc.
  • Urban motifs in panoramic paintings are also very popular nowadays: the types of streets and buildings, the historical sites of Paris, London, Venice, Rome, New York, Moscow, etc.
  • On the walls in the children's room you can put images of fairy-tale heroes or scenes from cartoons, pictures of exotic places of our planet or photos of birds, insects, animals.

Buy a panoramic picture today online, without leaving your apartment, through an online store. It can be the best gift for birthday, a housewarming party and the New Year. This work of art, of course, will decorate both the bedroom and the kitchen, refreshing the interior of the house, making it even more comfortable living in it.

Panoramic picture in Japanese style
Panoramic paintings in the interior of a country house

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