Fan on the wall: feng shui ornament (21 photos)

One of the most famous subjects in the philosophy of Feng Shui is the fan. It is considered not only a popular decoration in China, but also a means of protection from negative energy. Today it is often used for decorating and decorating the walls in many houses of our country. Therefore, it is not superfluous to learn how to hang a fan on the wall, and what the specific location of this accessory says.

White wall fan
Paper wall fan

The Importance of the Fan in Chinese Teaching

Initially, the fan appeared in China, and they were fooled by men. Then the accessory gained popularity in Japan. He still has a special meaning in the teaching of feng shui.

The fan is the talisman of eternal life and an erotic symbol. Often it draws hieroglyphics, depicts animals and plants. Some are devoted to love, others attract success and luck. By Feng Shui, this tool is able to protect the house from negative energy, human envy.

Black wall fan

Today, many experience the miraculous properties of the fan. If you fool them for a while, you can feel the surge of energy. It is believed that along with air flows, it carries positive energy. Its properties are activated when properly selected and used.

Decorative fan

Which fan to choose?

The color and pattern of the fan is of no small importance. So, blooming cherry blossom brings love and tenderness to the house, peacock - success, butterfly - fun, and lotus - luck. Although in any case, everything depends on the taste of the person. The main thing is that the chosen talisman brings an aesthetic pleasure, and if desired, you can put on your own on the canvas any drawing you like.

Wooden fan on the wall
Drawing a fan with a dragon on the wall

When choosing a fan for a wall, one should take into account some recommendations:

  • If the room is quite spacious, you can hang a big fan on the wall. A small-sized snake will not work properly in such a room.
  • For a small room you need to purchase a fan of the appropriate size.
  • The fan should be suitable for the color scheme of the interior. It is better to avoid too bright acid colors. Good look pastel colors.
  • It is worth paying attention to the material from which the attribute is made. It should be fairly dense and pleasant to the touch. Traces of paint should not remain on the skin after touching the fan. In the canvas there should be no gaps.

There are also two-way fans. They will also have magical powers if used for their intended purpose.

In shops, Japanese fans are sold less often. However, they are quite popular and come in two forms: sensu and uti. Sense can be folded and unfolded, it consists of plates, and the utva is made of wire and fabric, it can not fold.

Fan on the wall in the living room
Ceramic wall fan

The wall fan can be easily made by hand. To do this, you need two skewers made of wood, glue, a needle with a thread, paper or cloth, a material for decoration. The manufacturing process involves the following steps:

  1. After defining the dimensions and shapes, cut out the workpiece from the paper.
  2. The workpiece must be folded with an accordion so that the folds remain clear and noticeable. Then fix its edges on the wooden skewers, and sew the ends together.
  3. Using ribbons, rhinestones and paints, give the fan the desired look. Fix these elements with glue.

If the fan is made of fabric, the folds should be thoroughly ironed.

Chinese fan on the wall in the interior
Red wall fan

Slightly fantasizing and spending a minimum of effort, you can create a real work of art with your own hands. So you can come up with the whole composition, using several paper fans and experimenting with their arrangement.

Fan on the kitchen wall
Wall fans

Where better to hang a fan?

With the help of a fan, you can remove bad energy from any room. Usually it is arranged so that he protects the dwelling from malevolent people (in the south of the house). It does not matter if it's a kitchen or a living room.

Fan with peacock on the bedroom wall
Wall fan in the interior of the hallway

Depending on the goal, you can arrange a specific fan on a specific wall:

  • If the task is to get the working energy, then the fan hangs behind the back in the office or the room, where the labor activity is usually performed. It should hang at an angle of 45 degrees and be turned up.
  • The red fan opposite the front door will draw luck in the dwelling. The fan should be small in size.
  • It was decided to hang with a picture of cedar in the east of the dwelling. This will help preserve the health of all family members.
  • In the b
    edroom it is better to hang a golden fan with the image of pair figures. This will strengthen relations in the family. You can not hang it directly over your head.
  • For those who are looking for a soul mate or suffer from unhappy love, it is better to put this piece of furniture in the south-west of the room.
  • In the east, you can arrange a fan with the fish depicted on it. Such an attribute in the house will help to attract financial well-being.
  • It is better to hang a talisman in a room where energy is stagnant. You need to direct the fan to the part of the room that needs recharging. It should be hung only vertically, with the handle down.

If you can not hang a fan in the specified place, you can choose any wall.

Drawing a fan on the wall
Wall pink fan in the interior of the bedroom

The main thing is to send it right. To avoid mistakes and correctly locate the attribute of Chinese teaching, it is advised to learn more about the geomagnetics of the Celestial Empire.

Fan on the bedroom wall
Fan on the pedestal

How to attach a fan to the wall?

Before you place the fan in the right place, you should sweep the room several times. You can attach the fan to the wall using the simplest tools and in completely different ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • For this method you will need a line and nails. In the wall we will make a few nails and hook the fan for them with the help of loops made from a fishing line. All measurements should be carried out in advance.
  • To hang a big fan, attach it with a screw. You need to drill a hole in the wall, insert the dowel, and the damper itself needs to be fastened to the screw, after making a hole in the canvas.
  • Those who already have an attribute of feng shui in the apartment, used a variety of methods of attachment, using pins, clerical buttons. Some glue the fan to the wall with adhesive tape or glue.

Sometimes fans are already sold with a finished suspension, they are very easy to attach. It is important to fix it well on the wall so that it does not fall and does not injure anyone.

Japanese fan on the wall in the interior of the living room
Mirror fan on the wall

The Chinese fan is a beautiful decorative element. Correct use of it will make this attribute a real amulet for a house or apartment. To create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere with the help of a beautiful fan, it is not necessary to believe in ancient teachings.

Golden fan on the wall

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