Decorative panel of wood – elegance of forms (55 photos)

The tradition of decorating the walls of the rooms with decorative panels from wood has come in modern interior design from the depths of centuries. Presumably, first on the wall of housing it was decided to hang images-amulet or talismans, bringing prosperity to the house and luck in business.

Wooden panel
Wooden panel

White decorative panel of wood

Black decorative panel from wood

Decorative panel of wood with flowers

Decorative panel of wood

Decorative panel from plywood

Today, typing or carved panels from wood perform, as a rule, purely aesthetic functions, although products of an advertising and information character are also quite popular.

Wooden panel

Decorative panel with geometric pattern

Decorative panel in the living room

Decorative panel with slate


Decorative panel in country style

Decorative panel with a map of the world

Decorative picture picture

Panel from wood: types of execution

Carved relief

Performed in the technique of bas-relief, where the image is formed by convex elements. The details of the image, partially hidden under the others, are often made a little reduced or are made more flat. This creates an additional volume effect. This technique is especially rich in the possibilities of creating various paintings and inscriptions.

Embossed wall panels can represent real paintings: still lifes, landscapes, everyday scenes, etc. In this case, they often have the right form - rectangular, round, oval.

Informal and original look has panels made in the form of any objects or living things, for example, in the form of birds, fish, a basket with mushrooms, a bath tub with a broom, a musical instrument. Usually they are performed in a certain subject, corresponding to the purpose of the room (kitchen, sauna lounge or baths, club hall, etc.).

Wooden panel
Wooden panel

Decorative panel of squares

Decorative Laminated Panels

Decorative panel in the loft style

Decorative panel with an inscription

Decorative panel with a deer

The carved openwork

Wood carving is also used here, but instead of convex elements there are figured slots that delineate the details of the image. Such panels usually have a relatively simple pattern and figuratively carved edges, they are lighter, but also more fragile. The openwork wooden panel gives visual lightness to the interior, looks particularly elegant and elegant.

Wooden panel
Wooden panel

Recessed panel

The panel is a technologically very complex piece of decor. This is a picture made of many details of different shapes and colors. The parts are carefully adjusted so that there are no gaps, they are glued to the base and after coating, they are covered with a layer of varnish. Perhaps the most expensive and rare option.

Wooden panel
Wooden panel

Decorative panels

Decorative panel partition

Decorative pendant from wood

Decorative panel of wood with a print

Decorative panel of cork

Panel of wood splits based on

A simple way to give the room a cozy and elegant look. It's not hard to make such a thing out of the tree with your own hands, it's enough just to show a little imagination and patience. The production of such a panel in the pasting on the basis of the sawed specially treated wooden dies - round, less often rectangular spits of the tree trunk. Plates can have a different diameter, different shade - this depends on the type of wood and the thickness of the trunk.

Wooden panel
Wooden panel

Decorative panel of wood and shell

Decorative panel in the frame

Decorative wood panel with carving

Decorative panel of wood with a pattern

Decorative panel of wood with a heart

Plane-carving thread

This technique consists in cutting the pattern on a flat surface. The shallow, two-sided grooves delineate the contours of the pattern, and the surface may have a natural color or be painted - then the outlines will also be highlighted in color.

Wooden panel
Wooden panel

In addition to these clearly defined varieties, there are also combined species, for example, products combining a relief image and openwork edges, or carved pictures bordered and supplemented with wood spills.

Wooden panel
Wooden panel

Decorative panel of wood in the style of the cheby chic

Decorative panel of wood in the bedroom

Decorative panels from spilov

Decorative panels from old boards

Decorative panel made of wood shutters

Natural beauty of a tree

The attractiveness of a panel of wood consists in a tangible spirit of solidity and traditionality, which they attach to the interior. And a relief-delicate panel with a complex thin pattern in antique or oriental spirit, and a simple rectangle lined with smooth cuts, give the room a sense of elegance, naturalness and coziness.

Wooden panel

When ordering a panel or choosing a pattern for manufacturing, it is important to consider their compliance with the style of the room and the color scheme.

An important role is played by the technique of execution: a flat-groove carving, even in the most delicate performance, looks more modestly openwork or relief, so it is more appropriate in simple minimalist interiors. And to the room in the style of high-tech can come up with a product with a delicate openwork pattern or an emphatically primitive decor of the panel from the cuts.

The tree advantageously differs from most materials by its universal compatibility with different styles of furnishings, not inferior even to metal. Wooden decorations are light enough that they can be placed on partitions, and not only strong bearing walls, which gives more scope for design ideas.

Wooden panel

Disadvantages of wooden panels and precautions in use

Decorating rooms with wooden products should be subject to certain conditions.

Wooden panel

It is not necessary to use openwork or set-up panels in rooms with high humidity and significant differences in the temperature and humidity regime. And other types of wooden decorative items should be protected from excessive dampness, since a tree, even impregnated with special preservatives, can begin to crack, warp, lose an even shade and smoothness of the coating. So, for example, in a sauna a wooden panel can decorate a corridor or rest room, but not a steam room.

Wooden panel

It is also undesirable to place such ornaments where they will be constantly subjec
ted to direct sunlight. Radiation will quickly make the natural color of the wood dull, and dyes used to emphasize the texture, most often not very resistant to ultraviolet.

Wooden panel

What drawings for the wooden panel are the most relevant?

The choice of the theme of the drawing depends to a large extent on the place where the panel will be placed. If in the kitchen the images of food and dishes are particularly appropriate, then images of cute animals and birds, fairy-tale landscapes, and stylized floral patterns will be better for the children's room.

For the study or the living room, you can choose an image of the landscape, a monument of architecture, a historical event. In general, the most universal can be considered drawings with natural and landscape themes, as well as geometric ornaments.

The panel-signs bearing the inscription and the drawing corresponding to its theme remain popular. They are used for baths and saunas, clubs and cafes, restaurants, shops and even official institutions.

Wooden panel
Wooden panel
Wooden panel

Recommendations for those who plan to make a panel of wood with their own hands

Use only carefully dried wood for production. Dies and boards are digested in linseed oil or salt solution, calcined in heated salt or sand.

For threads, you should choose boards without knots - they can fall out during processing and break the pattern.

The surfaces of the panels should be as smooth as possible, otherwise dust and other contaminants will quickly accumulate in the roughness. This is especially important for products designed to decorate the kitchen, because there, besides dust, there are also fatty kitchen fumes.

Wooden panel

Before you learn how to make a picture, you should decide in which style it should be, how to look: simple or elegant, massive or visually light, with a pronounced wood texture or painted in a bright saturated color.


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