Decor pillows: interesting ideas (30 pics)

The cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house has a rest. Such a mood can easily be created with decorative pillows. With the help of them you can make bright and spectacular any room, bringing new colors into it. Due to the variety of shapes and colors, decorative cushions will be an excellent solution for any kind of interior. Decor sofa cushions - this is a great opportunity to transform the interior for the better.

Decorative pillows with butterflies
Decor pillows fringed
Decor cushion bow

Types of decorative pillows

Decorative cushions can be of different sizes. Excessively large pillows can even act as a separate piece of furniture. The following types of this decorative element are distinguished in the form:

  • The product is a classic square shape.
  • Pillow-roller. This option is often used as an armrest.
  • A product in the form of a circle. It looks laconically and fills the house with a special atmosphere.
  • Pillow in the form of any object. This option is most suitable for children.
Decor pillow pillow
Cushions in classic style

The outer surface can be made of a wide variety of materials. The choice of material and its texture is determined by the stylistic idea and individual preferences. As a material, flax, cotton, velvet, velor, fur, leather, silk are widely used. To create a sofa cushion, it is optimal to stock up several options of covers. So you can from time to time make your interior a variety. The optimal number of pillows for one room is 3-5 pieces. They should be connected by one idea.

Decorative flower on the pillow

Flower pattern on pillows

Particular attention should be given to the quality of the material used. It should not cause allergies, but be wear-resistant. Ideally, a removable cover should be used. If it gets dirty, you can at any time wash it or replace it with a new one.

Decorative cushions

Eco-friendly cushions

Intended use of a pillow in the interior

Pillows in the interior perform a large number of functions. They help to create the right atmosphere in the room, can be stylishly combined with various things, give the opportunity to sit comfortably on the couch or in the armchair.

Decorative pillows in ethnic style
Decor pillows felt

Pillows are used not only for armchairs and sofas, but for beds. Pillows add room brightness and chroma. For example, if the room is made in muted tones, then the pillow will help to place bright accents in the room. These decorative elements fill the room with a unique cosiness, homely atmosphere.

When decorating the interior, it is necessary to use and combine colors competently. Pillows comfortably combined with other textiles - carpets, curtains, blankets, etc. With the help of them you can connect with each other different elements of the interiors.

Picture of a cat on a pillow

Decoration options

If you want to sew a sofa cushion you can yourself. You can arrange it as you want. There are a lot of decorating options:

  • Decoration with bows of various shapes. The bow can be made of the same material as the cover. In order to make a bow, you can use a strip of fabric or braid. The bow can be fixed from the side or in the center.
  • Decor pillows using a quill. In order to perform this decor, you need to take a cut of fabric. The edges are zigzagged. On the one hand, a line is made (length 5 mm). Sipping on the ends of the thread, we perform the tightening of the strips. Then you need to spread the ruches.
  • Decor colors. This option is at the peak of popularity. Flower compositions help create a special comfort in the room. Flowers can be twisted from strips of fabric, collect them from a large number of petals, etc.
  • Decoration with ribbons. From the ribbons you can make spectacular bows or flowers. Satin ribbons can be twisted or sewn in a certain way.
  • Embroidery of a pillow. Particularly impressive are the pillows, which are embroidered with ribbons. Also such method of embroidery as sashiko is popular.
  • Creation of appliqués on the case. Applications can be very different: flowers, geometric shapes, animals, oriental motifs. The applications can be sewn or glued.
  • Decoration of knitted pillows. As a rule, knitwear does not need a decor, as they are appreciated for spectacular and beautiful patterns. Decor can be done with brushes, flowers, etc.
Knitted decorative cushions

Ways to wonderfully zaderkirovir pillow there are many. Today, it is fashionable to transform covers with buttons, pompons, felt. If you put your soul in the process of the creative process, then the product will turn out to be original.

Leather cushion cover
Decorative Round Pillow
Decorative cushions made of linen

Features of decor cushions with flowers

You can decorate the pillow with colors that can be made in a variety of techniques. It can be either a single large flower or a bouquet. Products with delicate roses, bright irises, beautiful lilies of the valley, adorable peonies look stylish and fill the room with comfort.

Decor pillows with ribbons
Decorative cushions in the form of chanterelles in the nursery

When choosing this kind of decor, pay attention to the material used. It is important to remember that the material chosen should bear not only a decorative function, but also should be comfortable to the touch.


Separate attention deserves the decoration of flowers cushions for children's rooms. For example, a product made in the form of a flower will look exquisite and luxurious.

Decorative pillows in the marine style
Pillows with decorative ornaments
Decorative pillows in patchwork technique
Striped decorative pillows

For a long time such technique as embroidery of colors on a cover is known. It can be made with rhinestones, sequins, threads, beads, buttons, etc. If you like to embroider ribbons, then you can easily make a bright and stylish accessory for a sofa or armchair. Decoration with rhinestones is a popular idea. The only drawback of this method is its limited functionality. It is more pleasant to look at these models than to use them, since they are not pleasant to the touch.

Decorative cushions with geometric prints
Seasonal print on cushions

Surface decor in the form of colors of various types will help create a three-dimensional image. Such an accessory will become the center of attention. Textile flowers look exquisitely and effectively.

Decor pillows with buttons
Roses made from ribbons on a cushion

You can decorate the cover with flowers, without much effort. To do this, it will be sufficient to use ready-made applications that are made on adhesive or flesiline basis.

Owls on a decorative pillow
Decor pillow with rhinestones

Today you can make and decorate the cover yourself. There are many design options. Given your tastes and preferences, you can easily find the right solution.

Embroidery on the decorative pillow
Cushion with flounces in the interior of the bedroom

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