Crafts from wood – simple interior decoration (22 photos)

Crafts made of wood are an excellent opportunity to beautifully decorate the interior, because with them, any design of the room acquires its zest. Decorative fakes always look stylish, they are fashionable at all times. In addition, now there are a lot of tools and materials for making crafts from wood with their own hands.

Do not forget that such beautiful things will be an excellent gift for any occasion. And as for an adult, and for a child.

Chopping boards made of wood
Figures of animals made of wood

Where to begin?

Most likely in each house there are unnecessary wooden boards, pieces of plywood, which will not be useful in everyday life, but will help create a hand-made article. If such materials are not available, you will need to purchase wooden boards and plywood in a specialized building store.

Garland of wood
Wooden figurines and the interior of the living room

Crafts made of wood for dacha make it even easier, because there are certainly nearby trees on the site, from the already dried stem of which you can come up with many interesting things. Such a common material, like wood, will create many beautiful things even at home. And these ideas are easy and quite feasible for beginners.

Usually, you need a piece of wood, a saw, a jigsaw to start work. These are the main tools that you have to work with regardless of what kind of crafts you are going to do.

Wooden decor in the interior
Wooden flowerpots

Crafts from a block of a tree

Summer crafts are suitable for giving and garden, not only because these are interesting ornaments, but at the same time, these are useful things. For example, this is a bird feeder. Its advantage is that it will last a long time, and it is not difficult to create it. To do this, you will need:

  • Log;
  • Fret saw;
  • Chainsaw;
  • A hammer;
  • Chain;
  • Carbine;
  • A loop;
  • Self-tapping screws.

First you need to take a log and saw off two circles on both sides, cut the length of the wedge, pull it out of the log. Longitudinal and transverse cuts are made inside the log. Leaving to the contour about 5 centimeters. Using a chisel and a hammer, you need to hollow out the middle. Align the chips so that the surface is smooth. The plugs are inserted at the edges of the feeder and fixed with screws.

Cat made of wood
Lamp made of wood

All that remains is to make fasteners. To do this, you will need mounting loops, which are screwed into the upper part of the feeder on the sides. A carabiner is attached to the chain and hung on a tree. This feed can be done with children, because the child will be very interested in this process and the opportunity to help the birds.

In addition to a useful feeder for birds, you can make other crafts made of wood for the garden, for example:

  • An owl made of wood;
  • Stools;
  • Swing.

From the twigs of trees you can make a frame for photographs or paintings. This interesting thing will be an excellent gift, because in the cut small twigs look great.

Magnetik on the fridge made of wood
Motorcycle made of wood

Crafts from bark

Beautiful things can be done not only from the beams, you can also make crafts from the bark of trees. To do this, use different types of trees, for example, birch, oak, maple, pine, chestnut, etc.

Homemade crafts made of wood, namely from bark, can look beautiful if wrapped with a bark of pots.

If you do not know how to make ordinary things stylish and decorate them with bark, then here are a couple of ideas:

  • With glue, attach the bark to the frame for the photo;
  • Give the picture with the help of the bark of individuality;
  • You can make flat wooden magnets on the refrigerator for the kitchen.

Such original things will amaze anyone, because they look unusually, at the same time and make them simple.

Postcard from a tree
Stand for wine from wood
Wooden frame

Plywood works

Original things will be obtained from plywood. And more often these fakes from a tree and plywood serve as unusual ornaments, after all it is possible to create:

  • Funny and funny animal figures;
  • Unusually made flower pots for flowers;
  • Fences for small front gardens;
  • Crafts for the garden with their own hands.

Working with plywood is suitable for boys and girls, because this material can easily be cut. In addition, it can be interesting to decorate and decorate in many ways.

Crafts from a tree for a garden
Wooden box

Options for crafts

From the sawn wood you can create other homemade products. Look for ideas. For example, it is possible to create an unusual construction on the wall from wood spits. Small rings of wood need to be cleaned from chipped, polished and varnished. On the reverse side, make holes for fixing on the wall. Several such spills are arranged in a chaotic order on the wall, it is actual to do this over the fireplace, for example, to create a special atmosphere in the room.

It looks interesting, if you put photographs or thematic pictures on these spills.

Owl made of wood
Candlesticks from a tree

Another unusual option for a gift, to create a wooden game "Tic-Tac-Toe." It is not difficult to do this, you will need:

  • Spilled circle, the diameter of which is about 25 cm;
  • Cautery on wood;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Branch of small diameter, for example, 3 cm;
  • Sandpaper.

The prepared branch should be sawn into small pieces. It should be 12 pieces. It is necessary to process all sides of circles using sandpaper. Particular attention should be paid to the game field, which will be located on a spiral circle of large diameter.

Luminaire made of wood
Vase for fruit from a tree

On a large circle, you need to burn out a field for playing tic-tac-toe. How it looks, everyone knows. On circles that are smaller in size, you need to burn 6 zeros and 6 crosses. That's ready such an unusual piece of art, which will be an excellent presentation.

Decor from branches
Knitting kit from wood

Such easy ways you can create beautiful things. Chests, caskets, holders for the garden - all this is easy to do, if you learn some skills. Be sure that such crafts made of twigs of trees, beams or plywood will remain forever the most favorite things at home.

Easter rabbit made of wood

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