Corner decorations in a residential area – fill the void (55 photos)

At the beginning of this article, you need to emphasize the importance of finishing and filling corners in the apartment. If your family has kids or playful pets, you risk losing the gloss of unformed corners of the room, as plaster is not a durable material for finishing. The wallpaper covering the corners is pushed, torn, irregularities appear on them.

Corner decor
Corner decor

Decor corners with flowers

Corner Decor

Decor corners in the nursery

Decor corners in the house

Decor corners wooden panel

In this article, we will help you choose the right materials and ways to design. But keep in mind that aligning and finishing the corners is quite a complex process, requiring knowledge of theory, experience and the availability of tools.

Corner decor

Corner decor

Decor corners in the living room

Corner cabinet

Country style corner decor


The decor of the corners also includes decoration with objects, for example, vases or statuettes. This emphasizes the style of the room, fills the void and generally puts an end to the correct design of your house.

Corner decor
Corner decor

Angle decor picture

Corner armchair decoration

Corner decor in the kitchen

Decor corners in the apartment

Decor corner with lamp

Architectural decoration of corners

In order to maximally reliably zadekorirovat external corners of walls suitable for such strong substances as metal, plastic, wood, stone, as well as expanded polystyrene. As a rule, special corners are made of them, which are fixed on already plastered corners with the help of assembly mixtures.

Corner decor
Corner decor

Decor of the angle under the stairs

Decor of the chandelier angle

Soft corner in the kitchen

Decor corner with candlestick

Corner Corner Decoration

Let's consider the most suitable materials.


This is a pretty capricious material that does not withstand high humidity and temperature changes. However, it has a number of advantages: safety for the environment, external appeal, the possibility of carving. In general, a tree is a very stylish element of decor.

Corner decor


Plastic in addition to strength has enough good flexibility and, choosing it, you will be able to adjust such an important parameter as the surface roughness. Corners made of plastic with a standard length of 250 cm have a different width. It should be chosen based on the degree of curvature of your corners. If it is large, then it is better to choose wide corners, and vice versa.

Corner decor

Decor corner pattern

Decor corner in the style of cheby chic

Corner decor in the bedroom

Corner Decoration

There are two ways of fixing plastic corners. The first implies a pre-leveling of the angle with a putty, onto which the corner is then glued. After this, the construction should be applied to the final layer of the putty mixture and after drying, grind it.

Corner decor

For the second method we will use liquid nails or colorless silicone. The glue must be applied to the inside of the corner and applied to the corner cleaned from old coatings. Then the corner should be fixed with a special building tape.

Corner decor


This substance is slightly affected by moisture and dirt and can be used for a wide range of temperatures. Products from this material can be painted and used for decorative design of the joints of the ceiling and walls.

Corner decor

A rock

It is better to give preference to an artificial stone, since it is ten times easier and has less roughness, which makes it easier to care for it.

Stone, as a rule, is used for finishing external corners. In this case, you can not worry about the fact that the corners are not perfectly even. This material can be fixed with special glue or liquid nails.

For a ceiling joint, it is better to use lighter materials.

Corner decor

Corner table decor

Corner armature decor

Corner decor under TV

Corner drawers

Before laying the stone, you will need to clean the surface, and if it is too dry, give it moisture to better penetrate the glue. The finished mortar is applied to the stone itself, including the edges, as well as to the wall. Next, the stone should be pressed tightly against the wall and check whether it is set evenly with the help of a plumb line and a spirit level.

And most importantly: after attaching 3 rows of stones, you must wait for two hours to completely clamp the glue and then continue to work. If the break is not done, there is a big risk of collapse of the entire structure.

Corner decor


Drywall sheets are used when working with the most curved corners. For a frameless installation of plasterboard corners, you will need:

  1. clean the surface;
  2. apply gipsokartonnye sheets to both sides of the corner and put a marking for cutting corners;
  3. Cut the finished corners and correct them by attaching them to the corners;
  4. apply on the corners of the building glue and, pressing it against the wall, press;
  5. remove the corners (on the wall at the same time there is glue);
  6. Re-apply glue;
  7. slightly hold the glue in the air and return the sheets to the corners;
  8. straighten the corners with the help of a slats and level.
Corner decor
Corner decor

There is also a skeleton method, which is associated with certain difficulties. It is used when there is a large level of curvature of the angle and when it is required to increase the insulation of noise and heat.

Stages of finishing the frame method:

  1. determine the level of curvature of the angle;
  2. To establish a metal skeleton (profiles) on samorezy;
  3. Next you need to install the plasterboard itself and also fix it with screws;
  4. cover the installed sheets with a putty and sand it.
Corner decor
Corner decor

Decoration of the corners of the ceiling

For the joints of the ceiling, the material is much lighter than for walls. Runners are polyurethane and polystyrene plinths, which are quite cheap, easily cut and have an attractive appearance. For cutting skirting boards made of foam plastic, use a thin, well sharpened, clerical knife.

Corner decor
Corner decor

If the room has straight lines of corners, then it is best to use a chair for cutting - a
special tool with cut patterns for 90 ° and 45 °. Before applying glue, carefully measure the correctness of trimming the skirting board. A ceiling is an element of a house, which will be sure to be noticed, and shortcomings will be visible. In this case, microscopic deviations are better simply to putty.

Corner decor
Corner decor

If you do not have a chair, it does not matter. To properly cut the corners, follow the instructions:

  1. Take a small strip of plinth, a solid well sharpened pencil, ruler and a writing knife or saw, depending on the material used.
  2. Attach the prepared piece of skirting to one of the corners of the ceiling and mark the line along the edge on the ceiling, do the same in the opposite corner, while indicating the junction point of the corners.
  3. Further, based on the calculations, it will not be difficult for you to cut the corners and join them. This works both on the outside and inside corners.
Corner decor
Corner decor

Fill a void: decorating with objects

When the architectural facet of the corner is completed, it is required to fill it visually (it is only the internal corners). For this purpose, vases are great. They should be chosen based on the proportions of the room. For example, the wider the room, the wider the vase. Also, do not put too short vases, because it looks inorganic.

Floor lamps emphasize the style of the room and will serve you as an additional source of light.

Corner decor
Corner decor

On the decorative tables you can set pictures of relatives, home phone or even a small elegant aquarium with a goldfish. Figurines will also fit into the decor of the corners.

Corner decor
Corner decor

The installation of suitable decorations is the final touch in the design of the corners, which will make them truly cozy and stylish. Successful repair to you!


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