Stone dishes in the interior: natural textures in everyday life (23 photos)

The times of porcelain services behind the grandmother's side glass have long passed. However, this does not prevent pottery from remaining an important element of interior design, only care should be taken that it does not look old-fashioned or tasteless. A suitable "chip" will be stone dishes - it can not be found in every house, so the attention of the guests to such a detail of the interior is guaranteed!

What materials are used for modern models?

Depending on this parameter, the dishes made of stone can be different:

  • dishes with a stone covering for thermal processing of food. It really prepares food. Formally, these are pots and pans with a non-stick layer of a special kind. Tableware with a stone coating rarely becomes the center of the design composition, but often it is the pride of the hostess, so it can be given a special place in the design of the kitchen. In any other room such a thing would be inappropriate;
  • models from slate or other rocks. Such products are underlined minimally. They can be massive, but, as a rule, they are not decorated additionally. In such variations, designers try to emphasize the beauty and naturalness of the material, so the processing of stone dishes from slate is often deliberately rough. These products are not always applicable in practice, but become a catchy accent in the interior. They can stylistically support other elements: marble countertop, window sill, flooring material;
  • dishes made of semi-precious or semi-precious stone. It's not even dishes, it's a work of art! It is always unique, a game of color, as well as a form that emphasizes the features of the material. You will not entrust such a dish to a child, you will admire it, permeating yourself with the energy of a stone. It can become the center of composition or even set the tone for the whole interior. Even if it is not the queen of the vases - the Great Kolyvan vase from the Hermitage - and something less monumental, such a thing will still loudly state the status of its owners.
A cup of stone
Stone Fruit Basket

Special properties of stone ware

Stone utensils are unusual and yet easy to care for. A special attitude to products from natural stone developed in ancient times, when each of them was attributed some of the healing properties.
So, onyx is considered the stone of the leader, the leader, the real man. It calms the nervous system, relieves insomnia, draws the diseases of its owner. Jade helps with kidney disease and pacifies toothache. Also, water, infused in a bowl of jade, supposedly helps with diseases of blood vessels and the nervous system. According to the eastern beliefs, it is not only a stone from all diseases, but also the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra.

Stoneware with glaze
Stone candy bar

Slate - a stone is simpler, so it is commonly believed that it has general toning properties. It increases the efficiency of the owner, relieves stress.

Amber since the time of Hippocrates was considered to be helpful in asthma, seizures, headaches.

In short, each of them has a positive effect, properties that protect its owner, and store it in the house in the form of a decor or wear on the body was considered not only beautiful, but also useful.

Kremenki from a stone

Types of stone ware in the interior

Of course, there are dishes that are made out of stone inappropriate, but some species very effectively emphasize the features of the material, its texture and massiveness.

Trays, serving dishes, coasters

Their use is rational in the dining room or living room. On the dining table, the serving dishes, made of dark shale, will look spectacular. The tradition of such serving originates in Japan, so it will be especially interesting to combine a massive dish with roughly processed edges, textured crumbs and plain black or white plates. By the way, such a decision will also emphasize the beauty of the dishes served.

Trays or stands are perfect for a living room. If the tray is made of natural stone of special texture, it can be an independent decor element, but more often they are used in combination with something. They can serve as supports for incense, for bonsai compositions, for now popular crystal balls or balls made of natural stone. If you want to place a salt garland or a composition of several salt lamps in a room, a stone tray is perfect for this purpose.

Crockery from jade
Dinnerware made of stone
Stone ware in rough processing

Plates, cups, glasses

This is an individual stone ware for special occasions. For its manufacture the most popular:

  • onyx or other types of agate;
  • amber;
  • nephritis;
  • coil (serpentine).

In order to attract attention in the interior, a display cabinet must be used to place such utensils. Properly organized lighting of stone dishes will turn it into a real jewel. In addition, so will be visible texture and color play - all that is so appreciated for natural stone. Onyx glasses or piles will add solidity to the bar counter.

Onyx cups
Piala made of stone
Utensils under the stone

The dishes, made of solid stone, do not fit into every interior. If you want to pick up stone dishes for a richly decorated, feminine, cozy room, then the best solution will be a combination of stone and metal. Fine art forging does not just smooth out the visual heaviness. This combination will be perceived as a piece of jewelry, because it became familiar thanks to the rings with precious stones.

Stone Tray
Tableware made of stone
Wine glasses from onyx

Fruit, saltcellars, candlesticks

Items of general laying can also be made of natural stone. Most often they are small additions to the design of the room, because such things are too utilitarian. But the candles on the fireplace in candlesticks made of natural stone fully fit into the style of the room. After all, candlesticks and fireplaces came to us from a time when there was no central heating and light bulbs, and comfort provided a living fire.

Stone utensils for the cabinet

Natural stone - a symbol of stability, stability, so often used in the design of the cabinet.

A cup of gray stone
Frying pan with stone coating

It must be understood that the cabinet is a workplace, therefore, the dishes in it have an auxiliary meaning, there should not be an accent on it, but in a modern office, the desk set can be made of natural stone. There can also be some elements: paperweights, table-top business card holders, harmonizers, so if you plan to serve drinks or snacks during a meeting or negotiations, stoneware should be chosen so that it does not contrast with the material of the written set.

Dishes from slate
Tureens for stone


The vase has already ceased to be a simple piece of table setting. Now it is an independent and full-fledged element of the interior. It is so self-sufficient that it can become an ornament of an apartment, even if it does not have a bouquet or a flower arrangement.

In this case, the material of the vase comes to the fore. And if the choice of vases for women's interior is invariably rich, then the stone vase will be a real godsend for a man's interior. Such vases are quite brutal, devoid of frivolity and are more likely associated with ancient Greek amphorae or vessels for wine. At the same time, in the performance of a dark monochrome stone they will not be discordant even with the style of modern or hi-tech. If the interior provides a table lamp, it will be especially interesting to look like a vase and a lamp made in the same style.

Plate of stone

Care of stone utensils

Dishes from onyx can be washed with a soft sponge using detergents that do not contain acids. Today, the market is more often represented not by classic onyx (banded chalcedony), but by the so-called "marble onyx", consisting of calcite and aragonite. You can distinguish one from the other by checking for resistance to scratches and acid, but with careful care to identify this difference is not required.

It is enough to wash such dishes in a timely manner without leaving them for the morning, especially if there are still drinks with high acidity at the bottom of the glasses. If you are going to drink tea or coffee from onyx mug, beware of the temperature above 50 degrees.

Vase from amber

Utensils from amber require special care. It is washed only with clean water, since soapy or chemically aggressive solutions are fatal for this stone. After washing, wipe the dishes with a soft cloth. The maximum temperature of hot drinks in a cup of amber is 80 degrees, but if the dishes are thick-walled, it is better not to pour hot drinks into it.

Dishes from slate are easy to clean. Ordinary detergents may be used in the dishwasher. However, you should read the instructions on the package.

Some designer lines of dishes from slate are covered with a special composition on the underside, so that the natural stone does not scratch the countertop. Slate is capable of water absorption, so when used as a dish, and not a decorative element, with frequent washing, the shale can be prone to corrosion and begins to crumble. For interior dishes, which are rarely washed, such problems are not characteristic.

Stones for whiskey

Any stone is a strong material, but when making most types of dishes, its walls are made rather thin, so dropping them is dangerous, although the strength is very high. Even if such a thing does not break, there is a risk that cracks or chips are formed on the surface. When washing expensive dishes, even it is recommended to put a towel on the bottom of the sink, to insure yourself in case a wet object suddenly slips out of hands.

Amber cup

Stone tableware today is a great way to give the interior an individuality. She is equally good in the living room, and in the kitchen. In the interior of the kitchen can be made of stone set for spices, a set of stands for hotter, not just plates and bowls. However, even an ordinary marble mortar with a pestle can become a feature of the interior. Now such mortars have become a rarity, so their beauty and massiveness can become an accent even for a fairly simple kitchen.

Tableware from a green stone

A natural stone can become the subject of a very special story. For example, now there are Wisky Stones, special stones to achieve the desired temperature of the drink. Unlike ice, they do not melt and dilute a good whiskey. If guests see a hill of such stones, their attempts to guess the purpose of the mysterious artifact will give such a detail of the interior a special charm.

Correctly selected stone utensils perfectly fit in the interiors, where there is a fireplace. On the mantelpiece it is particularly appropriate and will be perfectly visible, attracting the attention of every guest.


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