Kitchen accessories (59 photos): create a unique interior

The best decorative accessories for the kitchen are the elements that fit organically into the space of your house, they are comfortable, functional and original in design. They should be combined in style with furniture, sink and texture of walls.

Beautiful cans - accessories for the kitchen

White Kitchen Accessories

Black Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories in rustic style

Kitchen accessories from wood

These are, first of all, various bright containers for storing bulk goods, useful kitchen utensils, cutting boards made of plastic, decorations on the wall, hinged shelves, hooks for towels and other holders for dishes, as well as accessories for the bar rack.

A classic option for kitchen design is a row of stylish metal pans that add a futuristic element to the space of your house, make the kitchen more modern. The selection of a kitchen sink is also important: a variant of silver metal is more preferable.

Beautiful design of the dining table

Accessories for a country house kitchen

Cutting board for kitchen


Kitchen accessories in eco-style

Purple Kitchen Accessories

All these elements not only revive the interior, but also are the most important kitchen appliances, without the use of which any modern house is unthinkable.

Kitchen utensils and accessories are selected at the last stage of the repair, but their choice is an extremely important step, the image of your kitchen, your house as a whole depends on it.

Beautiful design of the working area of ​​the kitchen

Kitchen accessories in French style

Kitchen accessories with geometric pattern

Chrome Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories in country style

Size matters!

Accessories for the kitchen, we choose in accordance with its size and design: you will agree, in the spacious kitchen of the big house small details can get lost on the background of massive furniture, and in a small room large, flashy accessories can be superfluous.

A small kitchen will be decorated with bright wall clocks and fashionable textile elements: beautiful potholders, high-quality metal sink, original kitchen towels, various rustic curtains and plastic cans. All this will make the kitchen cozy and cute. It's important not to overdo it! If there will be too many details and elements of furniture, then the interior will be variegated in the eyes.

Convenient storage system in the kitchen

Kitchen accessories ceramic

Kitchen accessories brown

Kitchen accessories forged

Accessories for kitchen red

Round Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories from frosted glass

For the kitchen in the classical style, choose the most necessary accessories and utensils, plus a few additional, purely decorative elements for decoration.

In a large kitchen will look beautiful a massive decorative dish, a beautiful teapot, an unusual stone sink. Also a reasonable choice in this case - a bright picture, fashionable metal shelves, stylish accessories or containers for storing cereals and bulk items in a modern style of plastic. Do not forget to progresh hooks to accommodate useful kitchen utensils, and the image can be considered complete!

Wall decoration in the kitchen
A convenient system for storing dishes in the kitchen

Kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories in Art Nouveau style

Organizer for the kitchen

Kitchen accessories for pastel shades

Shelves for kitchen

Kitchen accessories in Provence style

Do you create a kitchen in the style of Provence? It's a great choice! Your attention should be focused on original accessories in the style of Provence: it can be vases, watering cans, candlesticks, various utensils, mortars for spices, jugs and jars, white curtains.

  • Wooden hanging shelves can decorate wicker baskets and caskets that can be used to store spices. Great value for the style of Provence will play a selection of furniture! To maintain the purity of the interior style, choose furniture from natural materials, for example, wood, with white facades. The sink can be metal or coated with white enamel, of your choice. But the ideal case - a sink from an artificial or natural stone.
  • Most likely, in the kitchen in the style of Provence will be excluded from the elements of plastic. Replace them with wooden ones: for example, wooden cutting boards look great! Also good are wooden or bamboo boxes for storing groats. If you follow all the rules, you will get an extraordinarily cozy kitchen.
  • A wonderful choice - pendant ceramic plates on the wall. They immediately create a mood and set the tone for the entire kitchen space. A classic accessory for the kitchen - hooks - can be used to place beautiful towels or dishes.
  • Note immediately that linen or cotton textiles with floral print creates important for the kitchen Provence accents. Well also look round wall clock with a picture of lavender or other flowers. The bar counter is also possible, but here it should be special - the usual streamlined shapes will not do.
  • An interesting idea for the Provence style is to paint the wooden facades of furniture with floral motifs. You can do it yourself! This will be a real highlight of your home. The design of the breadbasket can also be a real masterpiece, so it is extremely important to find a beautiful breadbox or paint a monophonic with your own hands.
Kitchen accessories in Provence style
Provencal cuisine
Light cuisine in the style of Provence
Decorations for the kitchen in the style of Provence

Cooking utensils

Simple Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories in Provence style

Kitchen accessories in retro style

Kitchen accessories in the style of cheby chic

We select details for a monochrome kitchen

On the one hand, choosing accessories for the kitchen, made in modern monochrome design, is much easier, more space for imagination. However, there is more responsibility here: in the white or green kitchen you can get carried away by gathering too many elements in the kitchen.

Decide for yourself immediately what you are putting on public display. Will there be rows of shiny saucepans, storage tanks and other useful kitchen utensils in your kitchen in your kitchen? Perhaps, some things can be hidden in hanging lockers. Here everything depends on your choice.

Monochrome turquoise kitchen with beautiful accessories

Slings for kitchen

Aged Kitchen Accessories

Steel Kitchen Accessories

Glass Kitchen Accessories


Plates in the kitchen

In the interior of the classic white kitchen look good metal parts: the white color is perfectly combined with the shining surfaces, aluminum components, brand-new sink. You can also use plastic accessories (cutting boards, utensils, useful kitchen appliances), as well as original designer ornaments.

Also for white cuisine, the selection of furniture and a lamp is important - ideally it should not be white in color, so as not to merge with the rest of the space. The shade of the lampshade will depend on the color and texture of the other accessories.

Beautiful accessories in black and white kitchen

Kitchen Appliances

Vintage KitchenAccessories

Boxes for kitchen

Gold accessories for kitchen

In the green kitchen look good decorative ornaments from wood. Eco-style is still in fashion, and the interior of the green room will be beautifully decorated with bouquets of dried flowers, vases or boxes of bamboo. For such a room classic white curtains are suitable.

Beautiful accessories in blue kitchen
Stylish gray-white kitchen

How to decorate the bar?

The classic choice for kitchen design is the bar counter, a very convenient detail. However, the bar requires their own accessories.

A good choice will be metal parts. It can be hanging holders for glasses, accessories for storing bottles. Welcome metal hangers in the form of hooks - for placing textile elements, dishes, napkins. On sale there are also universal holders for the bar rack - for storing various things and details of serving.

Shelves near the bar in the kitchen

Such accessories have a metal texture, but in color they can differ: you can choose accessories silver or gold colors, as well as options in the form of copper parts or chrome steel.

Stylish bar counter in the kitchen
Stone bar in the kitchen
Beautiful clock over the bar

Containers and jars

A separate category of accessories for the kitchen - a jar for cereals, spices, pasta. Without them, no mistress can do without. They are convenient to store all the loose products: they are always at hand, while in the tank they keep all their qualities well. If you beautifully put jars or boxes on the shelves, then this can make your kitchen even more attractive.

Beautiful cans for storage in the kitchen

Containers can be glass, ceramic, plastic, wooden, metal. Special suspension tanks are produced. There are many options! But this is the danger. The hostess, attracted by the sight of interesting accessories, can buy things that will destroy the thoughtful image of your kitchen. In everything stick to the style!

Beautiful storage tanks in the kitchen

If you have a white kitchen with impregnations of bright color, then look for containers of the color that is already presented in the kitchen in some details, avoid variegating. If you created a kitchen in the classical style, buy the appropriate accessories: banks with cheerful flowers will not suit you. In the kitchen in the style of Provence, cold metal tanks will look at least alien. Be careful, and then you will get the kitchen of your dreams!

Beautiful storage tanks on the kitchen shelf

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