Choose a shoe in the hallway (20 photos)

In each hallway, such a wonderful piece of furniture as a shoe - wooden, forged or plastic - will not be superfluous. This detail of the environment will store, sort and organize all your shoe stores. Shoes are of different types, models and configurations. In the article we will consider what features the shoe-teller in the hallway differs in, how to choose this functional piece of furniture correctly.

Wenge shoe in the hallway


Let us consider the advantages of such furniture as a shoe.

This piece of furniture is functional: it serves as a place for storing shoes, seating for changing clothes, decorating the interior and, in addition, it can be a hanger. A mirror model also helps to cleanse itself before leaving the house.

Ergonomics. The shoe does not take up much space, perfectly fit into the dimensions of even the most compact hallway.

Stylish black and white shoe in the hallway

A shoe with a mirror and without - a solid and reliable piece of furniture. Their simple device allows this item of furniture to serve as faith and truth for many years.

There are so many options for the design of shoe shops that the eyes literally "run up". Therefore, it will not be difficult to find a suitable model for any hallway, no matter what style it is decorated. For example, now very popular white shoe, decorated with a pattern - this combination looks great and fits perfectly into any interior.

Modern plastic shoe in the hallway


Let's consider what types of shoes there are.


The most popular kind of shoe. This design is used in the vast majority of apartments and houses. An open shoe often comes from a tree.

The main advantage of such models is footwear is in the open air, which means it is ventilated, does not emit an unpleasant odor and dries well. In addition, it is easy to get shoes from open shelves - even if the model is high enough.

Minus - a lot of dust sits on the open shoes - therefore, if the shoes were on the shelf for at least a week, before going to the event, they should be wiped clean with a napkin.

Open beige shoe in the hallway
Open brown shoe in the hallway


In this case, all shoes - from sandals to boots - are stored away from eyes - in a closed cabinet. Most often, this model is equipped with a top seat and externally resembles a banquet or a bench. It is customary to sit on such a structure when you need to put on or take off your shoes. Therefore, such a shoe with a seat "kills" two birds with one stone: it saves space in the hallway and, at the same time, plays the role of a comfortable piece of furniture.


The height of the closed models is different: from low to almost to the ceiling - it all depends how many shoes, boots and boots you put on its shelves.

Closed big shoe in the hallway

Less: in an enclosed space, the footwear dries badly and is not practically ventilated. This sometimes leads to the appearance of an unpleasant smell - dampness and mustiness. To avoid this, it is sometimes necessary to open the doors of the cabinet for ventilation. The latest models of such shoes are equipped with special ventilation in the form of small holes. Such a simple measure allows you to significantly reduce the unpleasant odor, and the shoes dry out better. And its glossy options are not at all afraid of dampness.

Closed black and white shoe in the hallway

Closed furniture will do, if you have pets at home, who are willing to chew shoes or sneakers. In this case, the presence of a closed cabinet is perhaps the best solution. Of course, its dimensions vary.

Popular Models

Let's consider what models of shoes in the furniture market today are most in demand.

Hanger-shoe. This version of the hallway furniture is made in the form of a module equipped with a hanger, a shoe and, more often, several more cabinets and shelves for storing accessories and other things. These are classic, comfortable and ergonomic options, suitable for dark small hallways. Such a model - white or colored - is often angular.

Hanger in the hallway

Shoe dryer. This model belongs to the last generation of functional furniture. This shoe is equipped with special lamps, which, in addition to perfectly drying shoes, but also disinfect it with the help of ultraviolet radiation. In such a cabinet there will not be an unpleasant smell, despite the fact that it is closed. But there are some disadvantages here: for this model an additional plug socket is needed and, in addition, not all shoes can be dried in this way - delicate shoes in a classic style made of genuine leather, for example, are not processed in this way.

Shoe-dryer in the hallway

Slim. This model shoe - an ideal option for a narrow hallway. It is a series of shelves, made in the form of an open bookcase. On such shelves is convenient to accommodate a fairly large number of shoes. She walks into the dressing room, often mirror.

The depth of this model is usually 30 cm. A mini chest with shelves goes along the wall, so it does not take up much space. A soft bench or an ottoman usually accompanies a shoe-slim, performing the function of sitting for changing clothes.

The shoe is slim in the hallway


On what material to stop when choosing the optimal shoe for the hallway - we will consider.


  • From this traditional material are made shoes for apartments and houses, whose style is close to the classical.
    Particularly beautiful looks bleached oak or dark wenge.
  • This shoe - and angular, and straight - as a rule, looks respectable, respectable and solid, has a decent size. She gives a decent appearance to the hallway, immediately sets the tone and sets the status of the owner of the house. But this applies, of course, only to options from natural wood. Kinds of shoes made from chipboard such impression produce much less.
  • Unfortunately, wooden shoes and galoshnitsy are too susceptible to moisture, so in this respect they are not very practical. However, treated with special water-repellent compounds, can serve for a long time. In this case they turn out glossy, thus it is possible to decorate them still with drawing.

Tip: before you put shoes in a shoe made of wood, experienced owners advise it to dry properly.

Brown wooden shoe in the hallway
White wooden shoe in the hallway


  • Forged metal models make an indelible impression on the guests, they speak about the reliability and solidity of the owner of the premises. Products in this style look very noble, but a bit heavy.
  • The forged model is suitable if the room is decorated in some historical style - for example, in the spirit of Empire or Baroque.
Metal shoe in the hallway
Metal shoe with a soft seat in the hallway


This light and natural exotic material - an excellent solution for the shoe. Rattan is very easy to clean, easy to clean and clean. In addition, it repels dirt, well withstand high humidity, has a natural ventilation. Such a model can be placed in the dressing room.

However, this shoe design is not suitable for every hallway. It will best be combined with the hallways, decorated in rustic, rustic styles, in the spirit of a summer house or ranch. Whitened and ordinary rattan will suit the style of country, provence, shebbie-chic or rustic.

Rattan shoes in the hallway
Beige shoe rattan in the hallway


The most common material on the modern furniture market. Such popularity is justified by the fact that MDF furniture - both soft and cabinet - combines a beautiful appearance with inexpensive price and quality. Soft models, which provide a bench or ottoman, and sometimes a chest of drawers - are perfectly suited for the hallway.

Beige shoe from MDF in the hallway


This is an inexpensive and practical version of the shoe in the corridor. Laminated board is not afraid of moisture, while it is a wooden surface. The chipboard is good because there can be as many variants of furniture coloring as possible - you can buy models for both oak and wenge colors - for absolutely any interior of the hallway.

Shoe made from chipboard in the hallway


Such models are inexpensive, very easy to care for, they are both wide and narrow. They are completely unafraid of moisture, lungs - they can be moved at least every day, changing the permutation in the hallway. But the plastic options do not always fit into the luxurious or traditional design of the room. They are more suited to modern styles like hi-tech, not bad also fit, if the corridor is decorated in the style of pop art or modern.

White shoe of plastic in the hallway

Tips for choosing

Some useful recommendations for a more competent choice of a suitable shoe in the hallway.

If you want to combine several useful functions in the interior, then choose soft models with a seat. So you will have a place for storing shoes, and a comfortable small banquet or bench, on which it will be nice to descend after a long journey.

High shoe in the hallway

When choosing a halo, consult the store with consultants who work there - it is likely that they will be able to offer you the best solution from the range available to them.

Be sure to consider the size of your hallway. Do not choose a bulky option in small and narrow hallways and vice versa - if the room is quite spacious, then you can not especially "trivialize".


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