How to easily wash a chandelier with your own hands: advice housewives

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Many will agree that the purity of the chandelier affects the mood in the house. On how clean this interior decoration will be, home lighting depends. In some apartments or houses, cleaning often bypasses the chandelier. This can be explained by the fact that it is rather difficult to clean it - you need to comply with safety techniques, and wash it uncomfortable. However, despite this, the chandelier must be cleaned regularly. How to do it best?

Clean crystal chandelier


So, you decided to pay attention to the chandelier and wash it carefully. When is this best done? The answer is obvious - during the daytime. In this case, you need to take into account in which direction the windows in the room are directed to choose the time of the day when the room will be illuminated as much as possible. Since washing the chandelier, cleaning in the room should begin, because during cleaning and processing of the chandelier with water, dust and moisture from it will be on the floor.

Before cleaning the chandelier, you need to assess the degree of contamination. If it is clean enough, then it is not necessary to remove it. If your lighting device is very dirty, then you will have to remove it. If you do not remove the chandelier, be sure to turn off the electricity before that. In addition, you need to remove the bulbs and protect the cartridges from moisture. For this, they can be wrapped with a film. For washing you will need:

  • table or stepladder;
  • apron with pockets;
  • gloves;
  • film to protect furniture in the room;
  • Clean water in a stable container (for example, in a basin);
  • brush;
  • dry and damp rags.

However, first of all, you need to take care of safety, so it's better, after all, remove the chandelier. By removing the chandelier, you will protect yourself from electric shock. In this case, all the same, it is necessary to unscrew the bulbs and protect the cartridges from water.

Beautiful chandelier

How to wash a chandelier without removing

If you still decide to go the easier way and leave the chandelier in place, then first thing, as mentioned earlier, you need to turn off the electricity in the room. Then you need to choose what to get to the chandelier. The ideal option is a stepladder - it is stable, it can be put on the right height, it is convenient to climb.

If the ladders do not, in this case, you can use the table, and, if the height of the table is not enough, you can still take a chair. In this situation, there must be someone nearby to secure. Another important point: when working on a table or on a chair, you need to arrange in such a way that the chandelier is in front of your eyes, not over your head. Otherwise, there may be dizziness due to the fact that the head is lifted up and the muscles can squeeze blood vessels. As a result, you can get injured.

When using energy-saving lamps, you need to know that they are very fragile, so you do not want to remove them. It is better to wrap them in plastic bags, fixed with an adhesive tape.

Than to wash a chandelier

To wash the chandelier, it is undesirable to use soapy water. In this case, you will have to wash the plafonds several times with clean water to clear them of soapy stains. Soap solution can be used except to wash the removed elements (plafonds, pendants), which can then be washed several times in clean water.

The best option for washing the chandelier is a special detergent aerosol. Such aerosols allow you to clean the chandelier quickly and efficiently. They are in every hardware store.

Chandelier cleaner

How to wash a crystal chandelier

If the crystal chandelier is in a room with hermetically sealed windows and good ventilation, then there is no serious contamination. In this case, it can be cleaned with an antistatic panicle. This panicle not only removes dust, but also does not form static electricity. During cleaning, it is better to use fabric gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints.

How to wash a crystal chandelier without removing it? How quickly to wash it? For this there is a simple method - using foam from aerosol. We need to place a cloth under the chandelier and spray the chandelier with foam. Foam should drain onto the fabric.

There is a cheaper way. The chandelier must be disassembled and gently washed each of its elements with a dishwashing detergent dissolved in water. Then all the parts must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water with ammonia (100 ml of alcohol per 0.5 l of water). Instead of a solution of ammonia, you can use a dry, clean rag.

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