Blue curtains in the rooms – a sense of freedom and space (30 photos)

The blue color looks great in any room. This shade resembles a clear sky, a serene sea, so blue curtains like almost all lovers of freedom and lightness, though blue and refers to the cold scale.

When choosing textiles for rooms, blue shade is of great importance. For well-lit rooms, more saturated colors (azure, sea waves) are preferable. It is desirable to decorate the windows of darkened rooms with materials of light, blurry blue tones (celestial, pale cornflower blue).

Curtains made of blue satin

Blue curtains with butterflies

Blue curtains with a bando

Blue curtains in the interior of the living room

Interiors in gray, brown, white and yellow colors are appropriate to complement with blue curtains. They will seamlessly fit into the monochrome design of the room or in color design.

Perfectly decorate the room curtains with a hint, a few tones paler than the walls, but coincide with the upholstery of furniture. To create a harmonious environment, it is important to correctly place the sources of artificial lighting. This is especially important for interiors of simple, ascetic styles: high-tech, Scandinavian, minimalism.

Blue curtains in classic style

Blue curtains with flowers

Blue curtains for the child


The blue color visually adds space, combined with chrome and glass design elements. Very much in demand are such paintings in the living rooms with panoramic windows.

To create an organic interior it is desirable to apply some design tricks:

  • To avoid the accent on the curtains will help the fabric for upholstery furniture, matched to the tone darker;
  • pale blue curtains in the interior will successfully complement the walls of light beige color and brown furnishings;
  • Adding a spacious space of white pieces of furniture stylishly emphasizes the blue finish of windows.

If you want to decorate the curtains in the hall, you can use simple details of the decor: lace on the bottom of the canvas, picks from textured materials.

When choosing textiles, it is better to focus on the style of the living room: exquisite classics / baroque need heavy velvet, velor, and Provence styles, Scandinavian country perfectly complement flax and cotton. Roll or Roman blinds will perfectly fit into any interior and will help create an environment for a pleasant pastime both in the early morning and late evening.

Blue curtains in the nursery

Blue curtains with a gradient

Blue curtains made of cotton

Curtains of heavenly shades for the bedroom

The most common opinion: blue is the main color for decorating a bathroom. However, the combination of colors of white and blue is very stylish in the bedroom, because it is the blue and white textile on the windows that creates a relaxed atmosphere in the sleeping room. This combination is especially appropriate in rooms with small window openings - shades of blue will bring light and freshness into the room.

Blue curtains in a cage

Blue monochrome curtains

Blue curtains in the interior

Roman curtains - the most practical for installation in the bedroom. Thanks to the convenient mechanism of lifting / lowering the blade, it is possible to smoothly adjust the level of illumination in the room. These models are perfectly combined with other types of curtains and look exquisitely in both monophonic design and patterned. For the tailoring of products different materials are used: flax, satin. Roman curtains made of cotton in combination with a veil curtain will give the room a refined and peaceful look.

Curtains with a blue pattern in pastel shade

Blue curtains with pick up

Blue drapes

The combination of dense curtains with transparent curtains ensures a complete rest and a sound sleep. Blue shades bring a feeling of freshness, purity and peace to the room. That is why its use is so popular when decorating a bedroom interior.

Sometimes blue curtains in combination with a white bedroom can give the situation an excessive coldness. To eliminate this feeling, beige shades are added to the interior. Creamy sand colors give the room warmth and comfort. Although, if the windows look on the sunny side, it is worthwhile to stay on a blue-white version. Most accurately, this combination is embodied in the interiors of the bedrooms of the Scandinavian style.

Blue curtains with print

Blue Provence style curtains

Blue straight curtains

Stylishly look blue curtains in the bedroom in the company with white and gray shades of other furnishings. To the interior does not look boring, you can add blue tones (pillows, bedspread, upholstery chairs or armchairs).

If t
here is no desire to create a contrast in the room, then it is worth picking up items of similar shades: blue, gray, lavender, purple. Such an interior can be considered as a monochrome. This situation is appropriate for a modern style bedroom.

Blue curtains with a picture

Blue roller blinds

Blue and blue curtains

The combination of blue and brown can be considered a retro option. However, it can not be denied that the blue curtains complete with brown furniture create a feeling of stability and tranquility in the room. If this combination seems gloomy, then you can add beige shades that soften the interior.

The presence in the room with blue curtains of yellow shades will give the bedroom a bright and sunny mood. This combination of colors will perfectly suit the situation in the style of Provence. To emphasize the rustic style, it is desirable to choose textiles with a small floral ornament.

Blue curtains in the bedroom

Light blue curtains

Blue curtains in the interior of techno

Blue curtains in the kitchen

Sineva looks more than appropriate in the kitchen, as it successfully combines with the traditional light palette of walls. A perfect match: cloth of the same color on the windows, covers of chairs and tablecloth, napkins. Furniture sets of light or brown shades of wood will perfectly complement the kitchen window textiles in blue tones.

Blue tulle

Blue curtains with a pattern

Blue curtains with oriental pattern

Roman blinds - the optimal design of blue curtains in the kitchen, as they leave a free window sill and are easily managed. Decorating a window with a transparent veil can already be considered a tradition. The combination of a roller blind and a transparent curtain will create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere in the room at any time of the day.

Curtains on the eyelets perfectly fit into the kitchen interior. Better look models from thin materials, giving the room space and freshness. Transparent tulle for this in the upper part is sealed with a special strip of fabric. Unusual will be a combination of blue textiles and a dark-colored eaves.

Curtains with blue embroidery

Bright blue curtains

Blue and green curtains

The original method of attaching canvases is a hinge loop. Such models look great in the kitchen in the country style. If the fabrics and hinges are sewn from materials of different shades, then such products will always attract the attention of guests.

To create a stylish interior, it is advisable to follow the recommendations of designers. However, one should not completely abandon their desires and preferences, because it is an individual selection of shades and elements of the interior will help create a unique atmosphere in the apartment.


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