Pastel colors in the interior (19 photos): cozy spaces

Pastel colors are obtained by adding whitewash to any saturated colors. As a result, the translucent shades pleasant to the eyes and the psyche are obtained, which look very impressive and non-standard. Such colors can be used in the design of large apartments, but when choosing wallpaper for small rooms, these shades are appropriate.

Large living room in pastel colors

Pastel colors in the interior allow you to create the illusion of a more spacious room, add warmth and coziness to your home. The room, decorated with interesting combinations of pastel colors, looks airy, weightless, stylish.

Calm and tenderness

Saturated colors in the design of apartments often look quite dramatic. This can not be said about pastels: there are a lot of options that look very fresh and unusual, for example, pistachio, peach, light turquoise, cream, pearl or pale yellow. Modern manufacturers offer us high-quality wallpapers of various shades, among which we will certainly find one that seems to us the best for our house.

Stylish interior in pastel colors

Calm pastel shades have the property of calming, giving a sense of security and comfort. They look as if slightly "powdered", and this property allows us to use them as a background, the basis for constructing interesting color compositions, creating a stylish, modern apartment or house.

It should be borne in mind that due to the addition of whitewash we get a peculiar color that can be used for combination not with all other tones.

Living room in pastel colors with bright accents

Bright interior in pastel colors with bright accents

Choose the color for the living room

The design of the living room or spacious hall can also be done in pastel colors. This will give your home airiness, lightness. Living room beige shade looks respectable and calm, and the ceremonial hall of a gentle-coffee color will look very aristocratic.

Living room in pastel colors with beige walls

You should not exclude the pink color of the wallpaper for the living room: perhaps, at first glance, this shade may seem too glamorous, but if you supplement it with dark gray or white furniture, the room will look very unusual: the romantic pink color will be elegantly combined with the ashen- gray and eventually create an unusual space for meetings and family celebrations.

If you are the owner of a spacious house, and at your disposal - a large hall in which it is convenient to spend holidays for a large company, then it is not bad to choose a wallpaper of beige shades for the hall, it looks very noble, but rather gently. Such shades are suitable for warm family meetings, and for more formal receptions.

Peach accents in the interior of the living room

The hall of the color of green tea looks rather unusual, but this is an interesting idea! Such a room will decorate your house, make it a special feature, a highlight.

Thus, the following colors are ideal for decorating the hall:

  • cocoa with milk;
  • color of milk chocolate;
  • color of milkshake;
  • beige;
  • light cornflower blue;
  • amethyst;
  • lavender.
Green accents in the beige living room in pastel colors

Green accents in the beige living room in pastel colors

Light kitchen: joy for the eyes

The design of the kitchen, executed in bright, pastel colors, is an eternal classic. Welcome pink-beige shades, as well as the color of cocoa with milk, caramel tone. The kitchen gets a cozy look, it's nice to go in and comfortably do cooking. All light coffee colors are especially pleasing to our eyes, they remind us of a favorite drink, its aroma and deep taste.

Mint accents in the interior of the kitchen in pastel colors

Interesting and fresh look green kitchens with bright accents. To implement this idea, you can choose a green wallpaper or tile, paint the walls with a light green paint. You'll see, the mood in this kitchen will always go up, and the food will seem tastier. Green always enhances tone.

Beige set in the interior of the kitchen in pastel colors

Kitchen pastel shades of yellow color (caramel, vanilla, color of butter) look aristocratic. These shades, as well as any light blue tones give a cool color, so it is important to complement such premises with noble, beautiful accessories. Excellent will look metal kitchen appliances or items made of natural wood. Yellow colors are an ideal basis for eco-style.

Kitchen with an island in the style of a shebbie-chic in pastel colors

The bedroom should be comfortable

The use of pastel shades for the bedroom is that they create a unique chamber atmosphere. Perfectly approaches for a bedroom a gentle pink shade, especially if it is a question of creation of a cozy room for young spouses or for the young girl.

Pink color - the color of beauty and hope - will breathe into the room the mood of spring, apple blossom, romance and love. The pink bedroom will become a real gem of your apartment, it will be in harmony with gray or snow-white wallpaper in the corridor, these are classic combinations that are always pleasing to the eye.

Bedroom in pastel colors with pink walls

Watercolor blur of gentle-lilac color will make the bedroom, executed in this shade, attractive and slightly mysterious. It will be a pleasure to relax, read a novel in the light of a night light or just chat with a girlfriend on the phone.

Bedroom in pastel colors with lavender walls

A bedroom for a couple can look more relaxed. Choose warm shades: beige, cream, peach, add veils and curtains of contrasting hue, and enjoy peace and tenderness.

Bedroom in beige tones

Pastel green will bring a refreshing mood to your bedroom, make it softer, more tender. Such magnificent shades, like the color of green mint, green tea or moss, do not go out of fashion and remain, according to many interior designers, relevant for the design of a bedroom for all time.

Children's room is the most wonderful room!

The design of a nursery always differs from the ideas of decorating other rooms. You need to make the children's fun, but at the same time that the color combinations do not work too hard on the children's nerves. The room can be supplemented with bright details, but in general its appearance should be harmonious and soothing, especially if it is a room for a moody child.

Children's room in beige tones

A good idea is to perform a nursery for a girl in lilac or pink shades. The young princess will be sure of her irresistibility, because her room is such a sweet and cozy nest! Cold yellow tones are also suitable, but provided that the accents in the room are made on the coverlet or curtains of more intense colors.

Baby for the boy can also be decorated in pastel colors, but choose other shades - beige, yellowish, light blue, coffee.

Cozy children's room in pastel colors

Picking up the details

Pastel colors can be used in the design of rooms of neutral shades, for example, to decorate a white room or living room in dark gray tones.

The white kitchen looks fresh and warmer if you add gently pink or light purple curtains or facades of the kitchen set to the interior. The idea of ​​whiteness is not lost, but the room is clearly alive, it began to look more interesting and bright.

Brown-beige living room in pastel colors

A similar story - and with a monochrome gray bathroom: a light turquoise curtain animates the picture. The cream coverlet will make the white bedroom more cozy, and the blue living room or the spacious blue hall will come alive with the addition of accessories or furniture in pastel colors. Such subjects perfectly emphasize the depth of the basic tone, and interesting combinations in themselves create in the space of some intrigue.

If you are a supporter of monochrome interiors and would like to see a triumph of minimalism in your house, do not forget about the details in pastel colors!

Gray, brown and white in the interior of the bedroom

Which combinations should I avoid?

Remember: pastel colors in the interior - it's beautiful and fashionable, but not always easy. Avoid strange combinations in your apartment - for example, to pale pink shades accessories of orange or bright red color will not do. The color solution must be true, accurate. Your apartment should not become a field for experiments - ideally, the house should be characterized by the integrity of the image.

If there is room for doubt, it is better to consult with the designer or see the catalogs of ready-made designer interiors.

Light kitchen-dining room in pastel colors
Original drawing room in pastel colors

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