Types of beds: how to navigate among a wide range of

How to choose the right bed, as well as where to place a sleeping box is of interest to many people. Perhaps, this is one of the most important elements in any apartment or house. And, it is important that it is comfortable, spacious and stylish.

White bed

Classification by number of berths

If we consider this furniture from the position, how many berths the design assumes, we can name three standard variants:

  • Double bed;
  • Single beds;
  • Semi-furnished furniture.

Single variants are considered the most popular. The design is for one person. Standard sizes: 80 - 120 cm width and no more than 210 cm length. The most optimal base is 15 wooden slats. A simple, practical and compact version always remains in demand.

Bed in minimalist style

There are different designs and types of double beds. They are suitable for two, but due to the wide canvas and impressive dimensions can be performed in different styles, equipped with additional accessories and functional adaptations. Couples usually do not think long, which bed to choose for a bedroom. Comfortable "double" - the optimal solution.

A semi-double bed is a symbiosis of the previous two options. Together to sleep on such a bed is uncomfortable, but for one person who prefers space, a very good option.

Wooden bed in the nursery

Functional potential

To study the design of functional beds can be very long. It is worth mentioning that classic laconic furniture is only a place for sleeping and rest. However, modern trends tend to strengthen the functional potential of absolutely any products.

Bed in Art Nouveau style


Functional types of beds for a bedroom are classified according to the type of storage of things and capacity. Usually a double bed, which does not decompose and does not transform, is equipped with boxes for storing bedding, linen, and even clothes or household items. The cells can be either attached or retractable.

The constructions, where the base for the bed in combination with the lifting mechanism and served as a spacious storage for a wide variety of things, have already lost their relevance. Such products are considered uncomfortable. It is best to store seasonal things or devices that are not often used.

Wooden double bed

Types of beds by type of headboard

Sometimes it is the headboard that is the main decorative element that decorates both the bed itself and the entire room, complementing the stylistic ensemble. However, for the head of the bed is also functional. This becomes clear if we consider the types of these structural elements:

  • Combined with a bed, acting solely as a support and an auxiliary decorative element (actual, if the design and size of the bed does not allow the introduction of more complex elements);
  • Headboards of the bed, made as a separate element of a complex design. It can be a storage cupboard, a kind of chest or even a rack. Asking questions, how to choose a bed for a child and what design to give preference, it is worth paying special attention to these functional products. However, in this case it is important to take care of the safety of the structure;
  • High headboards decorated with various decor or executed in the spirit of minimalism;
  • Underestimated option, when this structural element is not even visible. This type is suitable for miniature lifting beds. For some models, you can change the height at your own discretion.

As a rule, headboards are represented by a solid foundation. However, some models are supplemented with a soft cloth. Such designs are not entirely practical in terms of care, but give the room much more coziness.

Also, the producers experimented extensively with the shape of the headboard. You can buy a bed with a round, rectangular, oval, triangular back or give preference to a completely unusual or original design.

Two-story children's bed

The bed base is an important element

The easiest option for a bed is a flat bottom. It is formed from boards, plywood, particle board, fiberboard. From what material was used, what quality, the useful life of furniture will depend. It is better to give preference to the durable wood of expensive breeds.


Actual all types of beds for children are equipped with rack or lamellae designs. This is a metal (less often wooden) base, complemented by curved slats. They are connected to a single system using plastic holders. Such bases are ventilated better than solid bases, and also have better strength characteristics due to their high flexibility.

Single bed

There are some drawbacks. If in the intervals between the slats there are no any supporting elements, the mattress will deform with time and be covered with "waves". Solve the problem in part: you have to turn it over every two to three months.

Double bed with a high soft headboard

Orthopedic base

Before choosing an orthopedic bed, it is necessary to study the peculiarities of its base, to understand what the essence of the orthopedic "load" is. Such modern models are best for children, elderly people and those who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Orthopedic base is a system consisting of a metal tube of square section (less often rectangular) and specific frames - latoflex. The latter are elastic elements made of birch veneer.

Due to the emerging supporting effect, it is possible to relieve the spine, it is comfortable and convenient to settle during sleep, it is better to get enough sleep. In fact, any orthopedic material and design should be adjusted to the body relief, thereby helping the person to relax.

Forged bed

Materials for making beds

Modern furniture is often made of several types of material. Some combinations help to reduce the cost of the finished product, other "symbiosis" gives the model more practicality, durability or aesthetics.

The main material is wood. It is supplemented by metal and plastic elements. In addition, the common "raw materials" for the production of furniture: MDF, chipboard, chipboard, plywood sheets and more.

Before choosing the size of the bed, it is necessary to evaluate the strength characteristics of each model. For example, a bed of metal and wood will be the most durable. Accordingly, this is a good option for a double construction.

Leather bed


The aesthetic qualities of the products are affected by the material, type of construction, size, and also the color of the bed.

Familiar ensembles

Massive furniture with lifting mechanisms and various types of storage cells is suitable for a Japanese-style bedroom. Here, quality material is important, a suitable color, texture, as well as the presence of auxiliary decorative elements that exude oriental flavor. Gentle cherry blossoms or leitmotifs of the Japanese village will fit well into the apartments for a teenage girl.

At the height of popularity are all kinds of folding beds, which are complemented by a head of leather. Material of both natural and artificial origin, practical, durable and well suited to a wide variety of interiors:

  • Minimalistika;
  • Ekonapravka;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • Classic;
  • Modern;
  • Art Deco.

You can choose a bunk bed (the preferred material is wood) and create a colorful interior in loft style. If the children's room is designed for two children, this is the best option. However, for the girl the loft will not always be acceptable and interesting, but the boys will take the unusual concept with great enthusiasm.

Round bed

Original feed

A tropical or ethnic interior will complement the furniture with a bamboo frame or a headboard in a gentle color. To do this, you need to choose a good bed from a real high-quality material.

Bed in Provence style

Some types of bunk beds are made of forged items. Such sophisticated designs will fit into the romantic interior of the room for a girl or a young couple. The most advantageous options:

  • Retro;
  • Country;
  • Provence;
  • Rococo;
  • Baroque;
  • Italian;
  • Spanish style.

You can also experiment and create an ethnic composition of a strict orientation. For example, in Spanish or Italian style. In this case, a two-story bed or complex "transformers" is not suitable. It is better to choose a bed for a bedroom in a laconic design, setting the tone with eye-catching accessories.

Bed of solid wood

Expensive feed

For a girl with a sophisticated nature, choosing a bed for a bedroom is a difficult task. Usually, long trips to shops end up predictable - choosing beds with wooden backs. For a person who chooses this type of furniture, it is usually recommended to furnish a room in a rich classical style, create antique, baroque or even romance interior compositions, use other furniture without lifting and complex configurations.

Metal bed

To make the carved headboard more practical, it is often complemented by chic pillows, sustained in strict stylistics. It is better to pick up expensive textiles, giving the room a special gloss and aristocracy.

It can be stated with complete certainty that choosing a bed for sleep and rest is a difficult and important matter. However, choosing such interesting furniture in the house, in fact each consumer experiences a special pleasure, having found its ideal.

Wenge bed


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