Bed with drawers in the bedroom (50 pics): beautiful models

A bed with drawers is an ergonomic and stylish way out for apartments that can not boast of a large area - which is almost 80% of all housing available in our country. Therefore, in the article we will consider the features of beds equipped with a linen box, what they are, the pros and cons of different models and how to choose the optimal model for such an apartment for your apartment.

High white bed with drawers in the bedroom
White bed with drawer
Brown bed with drawers


What features characterize the standard bed model with boxes:

  • This bed serves as an additional compartment for storing things and laundry, and at the same time a convenient resting place, performing all the functions of a regular bed. In addition, the bed with the drawers is decorative enough, and its appearance can serve as the decoration of the bedroom. Made of solid wood, it can be equipped with a carved back, and graceful drawers, maybe as a single one-and-a-half, or a full double.
  • As we have already figured out, a bed with boxes can be either single or double. This allows you to choose a model individually for your needs.
  • Boxes can also vary - be large or small. Large boxes made of wood significantly increase the height of the bed - sometimes you can climb on such a bed only with the help of a bench, even if it's just a one and a half bed with a linen drawer. This, so-called, bed podium with boxes. But they have such a capacity, which makes it possible to store almost all linen and textiles for the bedroom in them. This allows you to exclude from the furnishing of the room chest, which significantly saves space.
  • Boxes can also be fitted with rows of wheels that allow them to roll out from under the side of the bed or open with guides that raise the sleeper to the desired height. Which design is more convenient - he chooses each for himself, basically it depends on the size of the bedroom. In a small space it will be more convenient to lift the mattress upwards than to roll out the boxes from under the bed. But rollout drawers are more convenient because they do not depend on the bed and can be used by themselves as additional pieces of furniture. They are perfect if you have a decent sized bedroom, and you do not plan to often move a bulky bed with a massive back from place to place.
  • Both a double bed and a single bed with drawers for clothes and laundry serves as an excellent way to decorate the bedroom interior, making it more modern and thoughtful. In addition, it saves space in the room - you have more room for living, and for children - for games and other activities.
Wicker drawers under the bed in the bedroom
Bed with lifting mechanism and storage space
Bed with drawers in the white bedroom

Bed with shelves in the bedroom
One-Bedroom Black Bed with Boxes

Bed with drawers
White bed with drawout
Luxurious wooden bed with drawers
High beige bed with drawers
Wooden original bed with drawers
Beige high bed with drawers
Sofa bed with drawers
Black and white bed with drawers

Bed with drawers for children

What features of beds with boxes allow them to be used as a convenient piece of furniture in a child's or teen's room:

  • A wooden single bed with folding side drawers allows you to store not only bed linen, but also baby toys, and seasonal clothes, and many other things that are not currently required.
  • If the bed with boxes is two-tier, then in this case the first tier can be equipped with a full-fledged large work place for the child. Now sold are ready-made headsets, where the top floor - a sleeper, and the bottom - a working. Very convenient and saves space.
  • A bed with boxes for storage can be made in accordance with the age and preferences of the child: a teenage girl will be approached with a one and a half bed of a princess with a linen compartment in pink or white, and a boy made a bed in a naval style, decorating the head with pirate symbols and other attributes on the topic. Any design options are possible - a bed with drawers for linen - one, two or three - will always perfectly fit into any interior.
  • Draw-out wooden classic drawer
    s on wheels are convenient in that to get to things, even if they are where the headboard is located, it is very simple and the process does not depend on whether someone is at the moment on the bed or not. The bed can be equipped with either one or three or four or more drawers.
Baby bed with large drawer
Two-level bed with a drawer in the nursery
Children's bed with a drawer
White bed with drawers in the nursery
White bed with drawers for the children's room
A place to relax with boxes in the nursery
Beige baby bed with drawers
Gray-white nursery bed with drawers
Black cot with drawers
Children's sofa bed with drawers
Orange-purple children's furniture
Green and brown children's sofa bed with drawers
Black high cot with drawers
Children's bed with boxes made of natural wood
White children's bed with boxes made of natural wood
Stylish children's bed with drawers
Beige bunk bed for children with boxes
Baby bed with drawers on the podium
Baby bed with drawers for the boy
Beige baby bed with two drawers

How to choose

Let's consider some moments, on which it is important to pay attention at a choice:

  • It is necessary to carefully choose the material from which the bed is made. Preferably the classic model is wooden. This material is universal, eco-friendly, beautiful and suitable for almost any bedroom. It is best to choose furniture from the array.
  • Now you can find metal models of beds with a back from wrought iron. They also have boxes, which in any case will be made of wood - after all, no one will come up with the idea of ​​buying heavy metal boxes, more similar in weight to the chests.
  • Pay particular attention to how reliable the fastening of the bed, especially if the mechanism of the model - lifting. This is important, since in the case of poor performance of the design it will be difficult to use boxes.
  • Choose a quality mattress. After all, in the first place, a single bed and a double bed with drawers should be a full-fledged place for sleeping. It is not worth saving, choosing a cheap, but not entirely suitable model. Sleep - a necessary guarantee of our full-fledged life, so you need to choose the most high-quality and suitable individual version of the mattress.
  • As for the tree, the optimal breeds are pine and birch. Wooden classic models and inexpensive, and look good, and eco-friendly. In addition, such natural materials from the array will fill the bedroom air with positive energy, which will certainly affect the quality of sleep and, accordingly, on the state of health. And at the same time they will serve as a convenient place for storing things.
  • There are models, even single, with huge boxes for storage - almost the entire length and width of the bed. In such capacious containers below, there are many things - everything you need to hide from prying eyes. This design eliminates the need to install a chest in the bedroom and makes it possible to dispense with a smaller wardrobe. However, for a small bedroom, such dimensions will not work, because there will be difficulties when pulling them out from under the bed - they may simply not have enough space. Think about this when buying.
  • If the bedroom is equipped with expensive solid wood parquet or laminate flooring, then it is better to choose models with a guide lifting mechanism. In this case, you will not spoil the expensive floor covering by constantly pulling out drawers on the wheels. As you kno
    w, wheels, even rubber and soft, will eventually scratch the surface or leave other marks on it.
  • Sometimes you can see in the sale of beds with boxes, even with plastic or glass backs, of the same material can be made and the headboard. Such exotic options are still quite rare, however, they can ideally be suitable for ultra-modern interiors. But if the bedroom is in the traditional style, then, of course, it is better to stop at the old kind tree, from which both the headboard and the frame are made.
  • For a small-sized bedroom, a model with two or three guides is best suited, since additional space will be needed to roll out drawers for things on wheels. Single-sided models, which traditionally have a headboard made of solid wood and with wooden backs, are ideal here.
  • In the case of choosing a design with guides, note that the boxes below are here integral with the bed and do not separate from each other. This can complicate the transportation of the bed. Another minus the model with guides on the sides - there is no constant access to things - it is necessary to lower / raise the top of the bed, which is not always convenient.
  • When buying a model with guides, pay special attention to the reliability of the lifting panel fixation mechanism. On this depends the ease of controlling the mechanism. Also, exclude the possibility of injury if the machine breaks down suddenly. In the event of a breakdown and failure of this mechanism, the head of the bed may collapse with the backrest, the raised panel may fall.
  • If you need a lot of storage space, you can choose a bed with drawers, where these very boxes are located one above the other. This increases the useful area by half, but the height of the structure, together with the back, is also about the same. The result is a design that is more like a podium in height.
  • Do not choose cheap single models with backboards and drawers made of chipboard. Such designs are usually short-lived and not very high-quality. It is better to spend money on a model of solid wood. But in the process of exploitation you will avoid a lot of unpleasant problems, various breakages, which are almost guaranteed to arise in the first case.
  • A crate of a bed with a lifting mechanism is usually continuous. Therefore, it will be more convenient to purchase or make special delimiters for it, which will allow zoning space, and then it is convenient to place various things in boxes.
  • It is better to choose a lifting mechanism based on gas shock absorbers. In this case, the lifting will be very easy with two or three shock absorbers, and the fixation will be reliable. Such a design will cost more, but the costs pay off convenience in use. The spring mechanism, of course, is cheaper, but the lifting structure in this case wears out more quickly and it takes more effort to raise the bed - the heaviest array models with a broken spring mechanism are sometimes lifted by only two or three older men.
White bed with drawers in the spacious bedroom
A cozy bedroom with a bed with drawers
High brown bed with drawers
White bed with drawers in the bedroom in the style of Provence
Beige bed with colored drawers in the bedroom
Bed with a lifting mechanism in the bedroom
Black stylish bed with drawers
Wenge bed with lifting mechanism
Black bed with three drawers
Black-brown wooden bed with drawers
White-brown minimalist bed with drawers
Beige black bed with drawers
Modern wooden bed with drawers
Dark brown bed with drawers

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