Flowers for the bedroom: valuable recommendations for landscaping the room (23 photos)

Plants, which decorate the house, are able to give the room more coziness. In addition, from many indoor flowers comes real help. Remembering also the ancient teachings of "Feng Shui" and considering plants as carriers or sources of a certain energy, it becomes clear that this is not just a decoration or a pretty hobby. Ikebana, herbaria and artificial flowers carry a negative, so the abode should be decorated with "living" energy.

Aloe in the bedroom

White flowers for the bedroom

Choosing "green friends", first of all, people think about what flowers can be kept in the bedroom, and which can not be put in any way. The simplest and most reliable way is to put in the house plants that can clean our habitat, create an extremely favorable climate within at least one house.

Bonsai in the bedroom

Room flowers for the bedroom

Geranium in the bedroom

Main types of domestic plants

Choosing the best plant for a bedroom, it is worth first to study the main types of indoor flowers. It is believed that each "green friend" has a special energy quality, especially affecting not only the physiology of man, but also its energy status. Given this feature, all plants for the house can be divided into the following categories:

  • Donors;
  • Vampires;
  • Wards;
  • Space purifiers;
  • Neutral;
  • Stupefying;
  • Poisonous.

In fact, the same flower can belong to several categories. Unfavorable combinations lead to the fact that flowers can not be kept in the bedroom, in the child's room or in the office.

Chlorophytum in the bedroom


Rowley's villain in the bedroom

Basic recommendations for the selection of indoor plants

Choosing which flowers you can put in the bedroom, it is important to find out about the liked form of the necessary information. It is necessary to determine whether at night the plant releases more oxygen or absorbs it. Some representatives of indoor floral plants can be poisonous or act as aggressive allergens.

The bedroom is the place where the person is most vulnerable. During sleep, he must relax, immerse himself in deep sleep, fully recover his strength. Given these features, not all plants can be kept in the bedroom.

It is necessary to refrain from buying an unknown species, an excessively exotic flower. Stupefying, giving off unpleasant aromas of plants will interfere with a full rest and can significantly worsen a person's well-being.

Do not put too much pots and pots in the room, turning the sleeping area into a pseudo greenhouse. According to the Feng Shui practices, only useful flowers with stable energy are suitable for boudoir. They grow slowly, rarely blossom, harmoniously fit in the interior.

Also, do not put artificial flowers in the room. Such decor is a relic of the past. It literally attracts dust and makes the interior cheap and tasteless. Artificial flowers - a taboo for interior compositions of modern times.

Laurel for the bedroom

Maranta for the bedroom

Ideal plants for the bedroom

Favorable flowers in the bedroom on feng shui act as active objects, which have a direct impact on the energy of the house itself, as well as on the energy status of each inhabitant of the house. That even properly selected plants exude the right good power, their condition should be monitored. Flowers suitable for the bedroom, should be well-kept, healthy.

Sick green friends can rot, yellow, take the wrong shape. This negative transformation adversely affects all that surrounds them. Consider the main types, the most favorable and interesting, emphasizing the cozy design of the bedroom, as well as improving the well-being of each of the tenants of the apartment.

Ivy in the bedroom

Curly flowers in the bedroom


Aloe is an indoor plant that is especially valued as a healing component for the treatment of many ailments. A pot with a real "healer" can be placed in a bedroom or a children's room. It will promote a good microclimate.

It is known that aloe can absorb up to 90% of formaldehyde. Not very high-quality products from particleboard can release these toxic substances into the air, which are extremely dangerous for human health. A unique plant absorbs not only dangerous toxic substances, but also significantly reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the air, and in the daytime actively synthesizes oxygen. If such a flower is installed on the windowsill of the room, there will always be a special clean and pleasant air here.

It should be remembered that aloe is a very "modest" plant. It does not like excessive attention to itself. The task of home owners to place pots with aloe so that they are not in sight at all.
In principle, the secluded atmosphere of the boudoir will protect delicate "green friends" from excessive excitement. It is believed that placing aloe in the bedroom or in the children's room, you can protect the inhabitants of the house from accidents, remove the negative electrification of air.

Palma in the bedroom

Fern in the bedroom

The Umbra Violet

Indoor plants for the bedroom can be not only healing, but also very beautiful. The special attention is deserved by the violet violet. Such a spectacular plant will emphasize the design of the bedroom, but will not introduce dissonance into the calm or relaxing atmosphere of the boudoir.

It is believed that a beautiful flower is able to influence the psy
choemotional state of people. It is curious that these flowers for the bedroom, depending on the color, can differently affect the consciousness or well-being of the inhabitants of the house:

  1. White flowers are able to regulate strong feelings, passions subside, psycho-emotional heat is reduced to a minimum. Placing a violet over a bed in a bedroom, a person can save himself from nervous breakdowns, reduce the level of excitement that brings substantial discomfort;
  2. Violet inflorescences contribute to the formation of spiritual unity in the family. Violet will help neutralize the largest flows of negative energy.

Red or pink flowers will suit people who do not have enough joy. Purple room flowers for the bedroom will help to reveal the special talent of a person - to rejoice in communication with people, to receive a sense of satisfaction from the work done.

Flowers on the windowsill in the bedroom

Flowers in a pendant pot in the bedroom


Spatifilliemi - the best houseplants for the bedroom of those locations that are located in industrial areas. Harmful substances can enter the apartment through the opening of a window or window. A green friend neutralizes acetone, ammonia, benzene, xylene. It is believed that it is the spathiphyllum that can give a person a calm and prolonged sleep.

Shade-loving and unpretentious plants are excellent producers of oxygen at any time of the day. The plant is able to even moisten the air, which allows a better rest. In the bedroom it is recommended to put 2-3 spatifillum. By the way, "lily of the world" is considered a traditional female flower, bringing happiness to girls.


Chlorophytum or "spider" is appreciated for its unpretentiousness, beautiful aesthetic appearance, relevance in any interior. The indoor flower copes well with harmful chemical compounds, nitrogen oxides. Reduces the level of emissions from electromagnetic devices. Only 4 indoor flowers can clear an area of ​​10-15 square meters.

The air is moistened, sanitized, becomes more fresh. Some experts recommend adding activated charcoal to flower pots. This simple trick to allow several times to enhance the positive effect of chlorophytum.

Sansevieria in the bedroom


Flowers in the interior of the bedroom play a secondary role, but spectacular flowering always fascinates and attracts the eye. Pots with geraniums are suitable for any room. This bright beautiful flower is able to neutralize staphylococci and streptococci. The phytoncides that produce the plant help the person to calm down, to cope more quickly with the negative consequences of the transferred stresses, to overcome insomnia.

Geranium is very useful for women. The flower works in a special way on the hormonal background. However, whatever kind of geraniums the home owners have chosen, it is important to remember that a beautiful blossom can become the culprit of allergy development.

Pelargonium - a generator of negative ions, which strengthen human health. It is believed that geranium effectively eliminates headaches, normalizes blood pressure, strengthens immunity.

Spathiphyllum in the bedroom

Succulents in the bedroom


Considering the question, what room flowers can be placed directly near the bed, it is worth paying attention to the so-called "classic" plants for the house. Home laurel is considered one of the best kinds of home "green friends", helping to normalize sleep.

Since ancient times, at the head of the cots placed twigs of laurel so that the child slept soundly and peacefully. The plant cleans the air, favorably affects the human nervous system, removes migraine and cephalalgia, improves brain activity.

Shadow-loving flowers for the bedroom

The Umburian violet in the bedroom

Which indoor plants should be abandoned?

Earlier it was already mentioned which flowers can not be placed in the bedroom. In order to fully orient in this matter, it is worthwhile to consider several illustrative examples:

  • Artificial flowers represent dead energy. This is an extremely negative element of home decoration. Not surprisingly, many associate artificial flowers exclusively with cemetery decor;
  • Dieffenbachia is a spectacular tropical inhabitant, which many like for the original color of the leaves and unpretentiousness. A houseplant is even capable of sanitizing indoor air, but poisonous juice makes it unfit for keeping in apartments where there are small children and pets;
  • All kinds of lilies take too much oxygen at night. In addition, an excessively large amount of carbon dioxide released in combination with an obsessive intoxicating aroma leads to the development of a headache;
  • Orchids are excluded from the bedroom for the same reason as the lilies. Their aroma is too intrusive, and oxygen consumption is unnecessarily large. Moreover, an orchid is considered a bad plant for other locations. It is believed that it exudes negative energy, and is also an energy vampire.

List of what plants can be brought into the house, and what to admire outside the walls of the home, you can continue indefinitely. The main rule is: any flower you like should be studied first, learn about it maximum useful information, and only then decorate your "green novelty" with your house.

Zamiokulkas in the bedroom

Green corner in the bedroom

Jasmine in the bedroom


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