Grill grilles: varieties and benefits

The market offers a wide range of latticed devices, which are installed on BBQ and barbecue, and are an integral part of them. Because of the wide variety of models, you need to know how to choose a grill grill, because the quality of the prepared product depends on the correct purchase. It is necessary to pay attention to the parameters and shapes, as well as to the material from which the accessories are made. An important criterion of choice is the price, depending on the above parameters.

Grill grill with non-stick coating

Despite the fact that all accessories are designed to perform one single function - cooking on an open fire - they should be comfortable and meet the requirements presented to them. Only having considered each type of adaptation, it will be possible to understand which option is better to buy.

Grill for barbecue

Types of gratings

By its design, the grill for the brazier is:

  • Two-plane made of fastened with each other grids, fixed by a special ring.
  • Single-plane for furnaces - built-in grill-grill.

In the first model, the products are located between the grids. Products are convenient to turn over, which allows you to fry the dish on both sides. Such features are absent in the second models, so they are provided with special devices - forks and blades.

Cast-iron grill for grilling

In form, accessories are not only rectangular and square, but also round and oval. For their manufacture different materials are used: steel, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel.

Two-level grill for grilling

Forged Products

The wrought iron grill is mainly made to order, under certain parameters and shapes of the furnace or other device. A distinctive feature of such accessories is a large thickness of metal (from 8 mm), which provides a good warming up of the product. Thanks to special heat treatment, the devices become safe, they can be cooked any dishes on open fire and without harm to health.


The design provides the presence of double handles, thanks to which the device is conveniently placed on the fire and removed.

Grill grill

Iron products

Practical is the cast-iron lattice for grilling, since this metal has its own unique features. Its thermal characteristics exceed even the quality of thick steel rods. The positive thing is that the iron grill for grilling does not require preheating - meat and food should be laid out simultaneously. As a result of simultaneous heating of the net and meat semi-finished product, the prepared dish has a special aroma and juiciness.

However, the iron grill for the grill has a small drawback: because of the rapid heating, the stays on fire are short-lived, and therefore large pieces of meat, although they will have an appetizing crust and strips from the net, will remain slightly damp. You can fix this position by additional baking in the oven or in a frying pan under the lid. This dish will already receive the necessary amount of flavor from the hot coals, and therefore will not lose its flavor characteristics.

Lattice grill made of cast iron

Lattice grill made of cast iron:

  • have a high weight;
  • are installed in overall portable structures, brazier or stationary furnace;
  • do not undergo corrosion;
  • do not require special care - the surface absorbs fat well.

To have a protective fat layer, after the first frying, the surface is cleaned of burnt food and washed with hot water.

Wrought iron grill

Stainless steel accessories

The grill for grill from stainless steel is in high demand. Its advantages are:

  • in usability;
  • small weight;
  • practicality;
  • low price compared with cast-iron and forged analogs.

Despite its popularity, stainless products are slightly inferior in performance to forged and cast iron accessories, since over time their surface begins to oxidize and release hazardous substances, so they should not be used for a long time.

Aluminum products

Cast aluminum grill for grilling is made of food grade alloy in accordance with GOST. The thickness of the device is 10 mm. This product is easy to clean from burnt food scraper or cleaner. Aluminum grid for grilling - ideal for cooking different dishes on an open fire.

Round grill grill

Devices with non-stick coating

On sale are accessories with non-stick coating, but they should be chosen very carefully. The surface from which the products come into contact must be of high quality, since under the constant effect of open fire the devices with non-stick coating lose their ecological indicators and harmful substances can enter the food.

A large grill with a non-stick coating, on which you can quickly prepare useful and favorite dishes, is popular.

Carpet for grilling

Universal devices

A universal grid-grill is very in demand - it can be:

  • modular small brazier;
  • oven-barbecue (portable or fixed structure);
  • grill.

Grill for barbecue

A distinctive feature of these accessories is the availability of pens:

  • Frontal - one long is present in the devices of small in area and two long has a volume grill-grill.
  • Side - two short ones (used in the absence of side walls in the device).

A universal model is the grill grill with a removable handle. This model has an unlimited scope. The advantage of the removable structure is convenient storage and it is ideal for an outing picnic.

Grill for grill in stainless steel


Methods for cleaning the grill grill surface

Different materials of the devices require some care, but how to clean the grill if it is non-stick. To clean such a product, metal brushes should n
ot be used, as the Teflon layer is broken, and this becomes unsafe for health.

Mesh for grilling

Grill steel grill

How to wash the grate from stainless steel? This product is different simple care - detergent easily laundered burnt food.

It remains to learn how to clean the grill from the cast iron and steel (forged). The material is resistant to mechanical influences, so you can use a scraper and a rough brush.


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