How to make a ceiling in a bath yourself: important moments and design features

Such a structure, like a bath, requires the owner of thoughtful solutions, there are no mistakes here, because the materials used in construction must meet special parameters and requirements. They must withstand the heat, moisture, water, besides this, they must keep the heat, which is so important. Equally important is the design itself, which will determine the service life and its quality. You can make a ceiling in the bath with your own hands, but for this you need to know about the rules and features of the work performed.

Beams on the ceiling in the bath

Wooden ceiling in the bath

Material selection

If it is decided to make a ceiling in the bath with your own hands, regardless of whether it is a stone building or a wooden one, you should prepare for the fact that careful preparation is required. The ceiling in the bath will be made of several layers:

  • Decoration of the ceiling;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Thermal insulation;
  • Steam insulation;
  • Flooring attic.

Each of the layers requires the selection of individual materials that can provide quality coverage.

The most suitable material for the filing is a wooden board. In order to cover the ceiling in the bath, you can use linden, it has a beautiful appearance, golden color, in addition it has a gentle pleasant smell. It has high characteristics, high temperature is not terrible, high humidity does not affect its condition and it does not deform.

The ceiling in the bath-house

Ceiling in a bath of lining

Also, the ceiling in the Russian bath can be made from aspen or larch, the advantage of this material is that it dries quickly and does not rot. However, there is also a disadvantage: the material can darken from steam, if the visual side is not very important, then you can safely choose it .

But it is better not to use coniferous trees. The thing is that from the influence of high temperature from the logs there will be a resin, which can cause a burn in a person.

When choosing the material, you need to make sure that it does not have cracks, knots or damages. A board that has defects is not suitable, except for a planed board you can use a pile. When it is planned to equip the attic, the board should be at least 50 mm. Before you start working with the board, it must be properly processed, according to the advice of professionals, it must be impregnated with special means that will protect against destruction.


Insulation of the ceiling in a foil bath

Ceiling in a bath of larch

Thermal insulation

One of the important moments for a bath is how quickly it heats up, and how long it keeps the heat, because this will depend on the consumption of materials that are spent on heating, so the insulation of the ceiling in the bath is a very important point that requires special attention. There are several options for how to insulate the ceiling in the bath:

An excellent option for insulation is mineral wool, the main advantages of which are:

  • Thermal insulation;
  • Soundproofing;
  • Can not be burned;
  • Has no harmful substances.

When choosing this material, you need to pay attention to the thickness: it should be 10 cm or more, it is better to choose a roll basalt, but, unfortunately, it has disadvantages, it loses its moisture and it needs good insulation, besides it has a high the cost.

Warming of the ceiling with mineral wool in a bath

Installation of panels from a tree in a bath

Quite a warm ceiling will be obtained if you use penoizol, in addition it is quite accessible. It is very easy to work with it, it has high thermal insulation performance, but if you need to repair the ceiling in a bath, you can not install it again, so it is simply thrown out.

You can use the available material - expanded clay. It is a light material that keeps heat well, but in order for it to be a good thermal insulator for a bath, you need a layer of at least 30cm.

And one more warming ceiling material - clay, sand, sawdust. This is an affordable option that will provide the necessary thermal insulation, but the process itself is quite laborious. At the first stage, a kneading clay is made, which is laid out from the attic side, an approximate layer up to 3cm. It is necessary to wait until the layer is completely dry, after which the clay is covered with sawdust, and sand is poured over it.

Flooring in the bath

Ceiling in a bath of unedged boards

Materials for protection against steam

It is equally important to know how to make a ceiling in a bath so that it does not fall under the influence of steam, because it can ruin the insulation. If you do not ensure proper protection, moisture will accumulate in the layer of insulation, and sooner or later it will cease to provide the necessary heat.

The best protective material in this case is foil. She trim the ceiling in the following way: it is necessary to cover the entire surface and leave the admission on walls, the length of which should be at least 10 cm. This is done so that in the subsequent work process, this protection is connected to the vapor barrier.

Since the foil is not a very cheap material, it can be replaced more easily. For example, polyethylene film, paper is also used, which is pre-impregnated with wax. It should be noted right away that these materials are not so effective and have a shorter life.

Moisture protection materials

Protection from moisture should be strong, reliable and quality, and such characteristics have a foil material: it is very simple to work with and it can provide all the necessary conditions. When stacking, the material should be stapled.

It can be replaced with cheaper protective material, for example, polyethylene film, but the quality of protection will be much lower. If such material i
s chosen, it must be of high strength.

Finishing the ceiling in the bath


When all materials for work are selected, you can proceed to a process such as finishing the ceiling in a bath. There are several options, how to decorate and each owner chooses the most acceptable.


Such an option as a false ceiling in a bath, in the first place, is practical, because it has a space for an attic, where you can store attributes for a bath.

Stages of work:

  1. When the carcass assembly is completed from the timber, the edging board must be sewn on the inside.
  2. Further work will take place from the attic. The first layer is a vapor barrier, which is laid between logs.
  3. The next layer is a heater, it is necessary to cover the entire surface so that there are no voids.
  4. Then follows the layer of waterproofing.
  5. At the top, all layers of protection are covered with board flooring.

All layers of protection are laid in such a way that the last waterproofing is not above the beams. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the required thickness of each layer so that they can perform their functions.

Ceiling in the steam room


If a floor covering is made in a bath, the owner can save on the costs of the materials used, besides, this is a fairly easy method of arrangement. In this case, the structure does not have an attic and the only drawback of this ceiling is that it can not be used in large baths. For example, if there is a steam room, a rest room for a bath, a washing room, this option will not work. With this method, the ceiling device in the bath span should not be more than 250 cm. Otherwise, the structure will be unstable.

The thing is that with this method, the load will go to the walls, because the ceiling boards will lie on the log frame.

Stages of work:

  1. At the first stage it is necessary to lay the boards on the inside over the edge of the walls, on the log frame. The boards should have a thickness of about 40 cm, it is necessary to seal up so that there are no gaps and cracks.
  2. Next, you need to cover the boards with a layer of vapor barrier, it is easy to fix with a stapler.
  3. To the ceiling was warm, you need a layer of insulation. In this case, mineral wool is ideal. If used, for example, expanded clay, it is necessary to make skirts.

This is the easiest and easiest way to arrange the ceiling, but remember that it is suitable only for small baths. In addition, if the ceiling repairs are carried out, it is very easy to damage the thermal insulation layer, since it simply does not have a protective layer.

Steam insulation of the ceiling in the bath

Sandwich panels

In a brick bath, sandwich panels are very often installed, which have many advantages, among which the main ones are:

  • A small cost of a sandwich panel;
  • Small size;
  • Do not differ in weight;
  • Sandwich panels have a high level of thermal insulation;
  • During the assembly of sandwich panels, it does not take much time and effort;
  • There is an excellent isolation of sounds;
  • Due to the special production technology, sandwich panels are characterized by a long service life;
  • The material is resistant to both low and high temperatures;
  • Sandwich panels are completely safe for human health, do not have toxicity.

The basis of this material is a plate made of wood. During production, two plates are used, between which a warming layer is laid.

Ceiling ceiling in the bath

Among the types of filler that is used for plates, manufacturers prefer:

  • Polyurethane foam;
  • Mineral wool;
  • Styrofoam.

During the construction it is possible to use any options, but if we talk about environmental friendliness, it is better to give preference to mineral wool. The rest are less environmentally friendly, but they have a high ability to isolate sound, to keep heat at a low weight. If the use of polyurethane foam or foam is expected, it will be necessary to isolate the chimney. If you are interested in what to insulate the ceiling of the bath outside, this option is ideal.

Ceiling from the lining in the bath

How is a sauna installed using sandwich panels?

The bath is built in several steps, which can be conditionally divided into:

  1. Designing of the bath. This process can be done by yourself or resort to the help of a typical one. Knowing the panel dimensions, calculating the length of the walls for the minimum number of cuts of materials, is a simple procedure.
  2. After purchasing the necessary materials, you can proceed to the foundation. You can choose a columnar or tape type construction. The choice depends not only on how complex the design is, but also on the groundwater level.
  3. The next step is to create a box. During construction, the use of slabs is recommended, the thickness of which is between 7.5 and 10 centimeters.
  4. Construction of the roof. This element must be built in a single-sided or two-slope form, since the structure will not be able to withstand heavy loads.
  5. The final stage is decoration on the outside and inside. Here you can use any material that you like. The most used now is a lime board. Additional insulation of the building is not required.

Now every owner knows how to properly make a ceiling in a bath, which will be of high quality and have a long service life. If the room is large, and the question is how to trim the ceiling in the washing room and in the rest room, as well as in the bath. The fact is that in the rest room and in the bathing room the temperature, strong humidity, steam also rises, and the effect is also on the ceiling, as in the steam room, the surface also requires protection, so how to fix, fix and fix the ceiling, the owner already knows , and no difficulties should arise.

The main thing in the arrangement is to pay due attention to the quality of materials that will protect, then this design will really provide reliability and quality.


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