Making a balcony or a loggia with your own hands (39 pics): examples of interiors and tips

The architectural element in the form of a glazed balcony or loggia is a relatively small area, which is often not used or simply caused by various rubbish. At the same time, even a small balcony can be transformed and become an excellent functional area for recreation or work. As an example, with the help of finishing and proper registration, a loggia can be turned into a quite comfortable room for rest. These several square meters can easily become a functional room, if you release them from the trash and correctly approach the arrangement.

Balcony as a dining area

Designers today are trying to maximize the use of various design techniques: a panoramic view of windows, furniture, decorating methods, interior items, lighting and the like.

Balcony - the perfect place for a romantic dinner
Also, the balcony can be a great place to relax

Preparation of the loggia room

First, you should take care of the balcony from the inside with your own hands. Windows should be able to withstand the temperature drop and drafts, there should not be any cracks. The floors inside the balcony in Khrushchev should be made as warm as possible, and the walls thoroughly insulated. As an additional finish, you can trim the walls and floor with ceramic tiles and natural wood. All the design of the loggia will depend on the material possibilities and the chosen idea.

Working area on a small balcony

If you can hardly imagine the future design of balconies and loggias, you can ask for help from a designer who will offer his ideas, if desired, create a layout of the balcony in Khrushchev, and help with the choice of the team to perform the preliminary preparation of a small room in the apartment. The best time to start the finish is early spring. It is necessary to remove all furniture and old things from the balcony or balcony, including the old finish of the floor and walls, that is, clean the inner room for further finishing. At the same time, you can do such work yourself, and place furniture in the apartment.

Cabinet on attached balcony

Design options

Just a few meters of the small room will create a harmonious interior of the balcony for work or leisure. As an idea, you can consider the possibility of organizing a winter garden on the balcony or playground for the child. Well, if the balcony adjoins the kitchen in Khrushchev, you can consider the options for arranging a dining room for relatives and guests. Everything is limited only by imagination, because ideas can be diverse. The interior of the balcony should be created taking into account for which zone in Khrushchev it will be intended.

If in your Khrushchev often friends gather, as an example, watch a football match or drink tea, you can happily arrange the necessary room right on the balcony. Therefore, the design of an open balcony must be done wisely. You can provide options for finishing windows with curtains, plants, to give the loggia a beautiful and modern appearance.

Winter garden on the balcony
Recreation area and garden on the balcony
Decoration of a balcony with plants

Decorating a Balcony with Living Plants
Summer children's on the balcony
Children's room, extended at the expense of the balcony
In summer, guests can be invited to tea on the balcony
Comfortable dining area on the balcony
Balcony in light rustic style
Balcony in a city apartment can become an island of tranquility
Balcony in your house is easy to decorate with a table and chairs, creating a new place for communication

Selection of furniture

  1. Today, many manufacturers offer special furniture for the design of such a small room. It is suitable for almost any furniture, but it is better to choose a moisture-proof one.
    If the balcony design assumes openness (no windows), then it is recommended to take care of waterproof covers. So you can save the furniture from spoiling.
  2. If the internal space is narrow and tight, then it is recommended to consider the option of transformer or prefer built-in furniture. This design of the narrow balcony in Khrushchev will maximize the use of space.
  3. Furniture can be made of different materials: plastic, wood and metal, dacha variants are allowed in the form of "plait" with their own hands. Any examples of furniture and decoration with their own hands are appropriate here.
  4. Without a comfortable recreation area in Khrushchev, where there will be an opportunity to relax, nothing will turn out either. As an idea, you can consider an example where a small sofa fits into the space of the balcony. It can be supplemented with a coffee table and a small TV. Such a balcony design is especially relevant, as it will be possible to comfortably and comfortably enjoy your favorite movie, without bothering resting family members. Such ideas are quite relevant, especially for a one-room apartment.
The original design of the balcony in light colors
A comfortable work area on the balcony, suitable for communication
Comfortable sitting area on the balcony
Laconic furniture for a small balcony


  1. The original decoration of the balcony is impossible without decoration. As an idea, you can use a variety of decorative design: decorative oil lamps, plaids and pillows of multi-colored textiles, cages with birds and pots with indoor plants that will decorate any kind of windows.
  2. To pots with plants should be treated with special attention. It is desirable to decorate the balcony with flowers that respond well to temperature changes. For example, dwarf citrus trees perfectly complement the interior space of the balcony. In addition, such plants not only decorate the appearance of windows, but will exude a particularly delicate pleasant aroma.
  3. If the room allows, you can even place a BBQ inside the room. However, this option will be appropriate only inside the terrace of a country house. It is recommended to consider a model that has a hood, in order to cook a barbecue it was possible and in bad weather.
  4. Do not forget about the music center or TV, because there are not enough windows and a beautiful view for a good mood. This will raise your spirits or just get distracted when bored.
  5. The interior can be beautifully decorated with his own hands with various posters and paintings. Well, the table itself can be decorated with a bouquet of dried or fresh flowers, a woven vase with seasonal fruits and a smart tablecloth.
Beautiful decor for balcony decoration
Flowers are ideal for decoration of the balcony
Decoration of the balcony with flowers and unusual painting
Decoration of the balcony with shelves, furniture and plants


With a certain experience of working with electricity, it is quite possible to carry out lighting on the balcony with your own hands. For laying electrical wiring it is possible to use a free internal space, which remains between the finish lining and the heater. It is advisable to lay the wires by oneself in a special casing in order to prevent their ignition. In this case, the place should be chosen such that it is possible to quickly remove the lining in the event of any malfunction.

Facing is usually made of plywood or drywall. In them, it is necessary to mark in advance and cut openings for switches and sockets. When the loggia is insulated, the ceiling is also insulated. Therefore it is quite convenient to mount the built-in lamps. It is worth thinking about unobtrusive and soft lighting. Here you can show your imagination. For example, if the room is large enough, you can make a separate light zone next to the sofa or chair. So you can make two-level lighting.

Fixtures can be with usual incandescent lamps, and also light-emitting diode. They can be installed in the ceiling, on walls and even on the floor. In the presence of a small winter garden, you can even effectively highlight plants or other elements of the interior. Around the table you can think over and sconces on the wall.

Illumination of the balcony with fixed lamps
Illumination of the balcony with built-in lamps
Illumination of the balcony with a wall lamp
Illumination of the balcony with built-in lamps and a wall lamp
Balcony in high-tech style
Balcony andapartment in Scandinavian style
Such a balcony can be used both for work and for communication
Balcony with glass doors for rest
Balcony can serve as a personal workshop
Small working area on the balcony
Rest area on an open spacious balcony
Balcony with brick wall and tiled floor
Corner sofa on the balcony
Zone for daytime rest on reading on the balcony
Work area on the balcony, separated by a partition from the bedroom

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