Stove-burzhuyka own hands: design features (23 photos)

The variety of modern heating systems allows you to heat any type of premises. Dozens of types of boilers and furnaces are effectively used for both residential and industrial premises. Despite the modernization and improvement of heating appliances, there are such types of furnaces as a stove oven, which due to their technical characteristics still remain in demand at the stage of arrangement of some categories of buildings.

Stove burner cast iron
Stove in a classic style

Advantages and differences of cast-iron stoves

Modern furnaces of a burger are several types of devices that allow to organize heating in premises of a small area. The furnace-burzhujka can be executed from various materials, differ design, the size and a principle of work. Such heating devices are particularly popular in the following types of premises:

  • in the cottages;
  • on the garden plots;
  • in small country houses;
  • in household buildings;
  • in the bathhouse outbuildings.

The most famous and popular model of such a mini-heater for heating is a cast-iron stove "burzhuyka." Currently, the assortment of similar burnt-out stoves of long burning produced by both domestic and foreign manufacturing plants is so diverse that it makes it possible to select a suitable "burzhuyk" not only for dacha, but also for the home. Thanks to new trends in the design and decoration of the dwelling, a small and medium-sized cast iron oven is applicable as an unusual fireplace.

Stove burner with decor
Furnace stove in the house
Wood Burner Stove

Furnace stoves in the interior perfectly fit into the popular loft style, complement the space, provide coziness and comfortable stay in the room. Use this design as a fireplace, but you must first calculate the total area of ​​the room where you plan to install.

The optimal size of the room, in which such an improvised fireplace will cope not only with the decorative, but also with the heating task, is an area from 55 to 65 square meters. Much better if the mini-fireplace will be installed in the center of one of the walls, where there are no window openings. Metallic stoves of a stove can be painted and supplemented with suitable decorative elements.

Oven burner in the style of eco
Furnace-fireplace in the interior

It is recommended to enclose such a home fireplace with the usual building brick on the back and each of the side walls of the structure. Brick masonry should not be made close to the surface of the stove, leaving a free gap at a distance of 12-15 cm. Having conceived the construction of a small fireplace within your own home, every owner should remember that the use of "burzhuek" is convenient because they are mobile and allow movement from the place in place if necessary. But cast iron constructions are only able to serve as a good basis for fireplace objects, excluding the possibility of their making by themselves.

Furnace-burzhuyka in the style of country

Furnace-burzhuyka on forged legs

Making homemade "burzhuek" horizontal type

A homemade stove is usually made on the basis of an exhaust gas cylinder. The gas-furnace from the gas cylinder is the optimal version of the heating mini-device for garden houses and small domestic premises. There are two versions of the self-made design, depending on the location of the cylinder:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.
Red stove-burger
Stove-burner in the kitchen

With any method of manufacturing "burnt" long-term burning, you need to take care of your own safety and take all the fire-fighting measures. To do this, it is not enough to remove gas residues from the cylinder, it is necessary to rinse the container with clean water from the inside in addition. Such manipulations will ensure the safety of the used packaging and completely clean the balloon from the inside. Considering the horizontal location of the stove, it is worth considering how the device will be heated in the future. If you need a stove for burning on wood, then placing the cylinder horizontally, we get the ideal device for heating, in no way inferior to the powerful factory boilers.

Furnace-burzhuyka in the interior of the apartment
Furnace-burzhuyka in the interior of the loft
Furnace stove in loft style

In addition, wood-burning stoves of horizontal type can be used not only for heating rooms, but also for cooking, heating food. After cleaning and rinsing the cylinder, you can start working directly on creating a furn
ace. There are a lot of ways to produce homemade "burzhuyki", but it is recommended to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Cut the top of the container with a Bulgarian or other suitable tool.
  • Fixation (welding) of reinforcing bars in the internal balloon space.
  • The layout of the furnace compartment, the cutting at the bottom of the cylinder of a rectangular hole, which performs the function of the entrance in the future.
  • Drilling in the bottom of the oven billet several holes to remove excess accumulations of ash.
  • Determine the desired height of the structure. With this in mind, measure the lengths of the "burzhuyki" that fit along the length and weld them to the bottom.
  • Provide the top of the blank with a chimney. The element is welded to the pre-cut hole.

In the case where a burzhujka with a cooking surface is made, on the top of a cylinder the metal frame as much as possible suitable in size is in addition welded. Such oven-burner with a hotplate will perfectly cope with the tasks set for heating the air and preparing food not only at the dacha, but also in other buildings without central heating, for example, in warehouses, garages and utility rooms.

Stove in a minimalist style
Mobile stove oven

Features of vertical self-made stoves

The stove for the dacha, made of gas cylinders on a vertical principle, differs in that it takes up much less space than a homemade horizontal heating structure. Most craftsmen prefer to make a stove exactly according to this scheme, since it is much simpler than its analogues:

  1. Marking the desired location of the ash pan and the door.
  2. Installation of suitable shutters on the cuts.
  3. Measure 10 cm from the entrance to the furnace and at the designated level weld several reinforcing bars.
  4. Welding of the legs to the bottom of the device.
  5. For the chimney, side holes are drilled, to which a metal tube is welded.

The upper surface of such a burzhuyka is comparatively small, so it is quite difficult to arrange such a structure with a plate. For these purposes, the oven billet should be placed horizontally. The main advantage of a vertical design, except for small dimensions, is the rapid heating of air. Furnace burzhuyka dacha vertical type is often used to warm up summer cottages after the winter period or to increase the air temperature in industrial premises with negative temperatures.

Furnace-trowel, lined with tiles
Stove burner with hob
Stove burner in the hallway

Possibility to make a furnace with a water circuit independently

What is the need to make such a stove independently? In fact, such devices are quite expensive at the price and, accordingly, are not available to all buyers. And the need for such a furnace is great for the majority of the population. That is why, using the experience of seasoned craftsmen and domestic craftsmen, it is possible to successfully make such a "burzhuyku" with their own hands.

Stove oven in Scandinavian style

Furnace-burzhuyka with a water circuit serves as an ideal source of heat in the absence of centralized heating. This water heating system has a number of advantages:

  • high performance. The cost of a self-made appliance is several times lower than the factory furnaces, and when using cast material as a basis, it is zero;
  • The furnace functions independently of the fuel to be filled. It is permissible to use coal, peat, firewood, vegetable waste;
  • autonomous nature of the burzhuyki, because the design is absolutely not associated with any source of electricity.

Furnace system "burzhuyki" acts in accordance with the principle of natural circulation. The heat emanates from the carrier and is distributed throughout the internal space of the device. During the combustion of fuel materials, the barge does not need additional sources of energy, including electricity.

Stove burner in the bedroom

In order to make the contour bucket happy with its work, it is necessary to observe a certain phasing in the actions:

  1. selection of the material from which the stove will be made and the desired shape of the device;
  2. manufacturing of the base housing of the turbojet. The basis is usually taken either a pipe with a diameter of about 300 mm, or a metal sheet of 5 mm in thickness;
  3. "Cutting" metal or pipe. Schematic drawing of all planned holes, bends and welds;
  4. the manufacture of a heat exchanger, its installation and connection to a common heating system;
  5. installation of working radiators.

The contour turbo consists of an expansion tank, pipes, internal heat exchanger and built-in radiators. As a result of this, due to the multicomponent design, care must be taken to ensure the fastening of the elements and the quality of all welding seams. Reliable seams will eliminate the possibility of leakage in one part of the structure.

Furnace gas burner

Water contour "burzhuyki" is heated by the movement of water, starting in the internal heat exchanger, entering the pipes, and then into the radiators, where the heat energy is transferred to the external space. Cooled water re-enters the heat exchanger.

Furnace in the country house

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