Living room in a private house (21 photos): beautiful decoration and decoration

Arrangement of a living room in a country house is a rather laborious process, but also quite interesting. The design of the living room in a private house will vary significantly from the interior of the room in an ordinary apartment, because they differ significantly in size.

A spacious modern living room in a country house

The living room is the central room of the whole house, it is like a person's heart. This is the room in which the whole family gathers to comfortably spend time, chat, discuss vital topics or just relax.

On weekends, central apartments can collect close friends or relatives for joint celebrations. The hall in a private house is a multifunctional premise, which should correspond to the status of its owners, besides it should be ready for a feast of any format, whether it be a social reception or a children's birthday. At the same time, it should look at least harmonious and modern. Well, if the landlord was an extraordinary person, then also original.

Living room in minimalist style

Many people are attracted by minimalism in the situation, especially urban residents like this style. This is understandable, any person wants after a busy day of rest and relax. A bright and spacious room with a minimal atmosphere, in which there is only the most functional furniture, which has no semantic load, and almost complete absence of decoration promotes maximum mental and physical relaxation of a person. Cleansing of unnecessary thoughts helps to refresh your head. And fresh ideas will come in handy both in everyday life and in work.

Bright living room in a house in minimalism style
Bright living room in minimalist style
Living room with white walls and ceiling in the style of minimalism

Living room in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style to date has won the favor of most designers and homeowners. And all because its basic principles are simplicity and conciseness. A bright room with bright accents, set on furniture, and an absolutely modest decor will attract the attention of the most conservative person.

White-gray living room with black accents in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is:

  • In 100% white interior: white walls, white ceiling, and as a flooring wooden or parquet board.
  • Large windows without curtains for getting into the premises the maximum amount of sunlight.

Natural light and snow-white walls literally give the room a clean cleanliness, which can only be diluted with bright accents of furniture.

A cozy living room in a Scandinavian style in a private house
Beautiful living room in a Scandinavian style in a country house

Living room in country style

The easiest way to integrate the country style motifs into the design of the living room is to decorate the fireplace room with a stone. The mantelpiece and the ceiling beams, made of roughly wooded wood, will only enhance this effect.

A small country lounge in the house

A small country lounge in the house

If we are talking about the hall in a private house, then it is possible not only to design space around the fireplace. What else, if not natural materials, wood or stone covering, can be brought closer to the surrounding nature. Finishing light wood of floors and ceilings is practically a visiting card of the country style.

If this country house and its windows offer a beautiful view, then to design the room, choose neutral shades of furniture and finishes, they will not interfere with the beauty of nature.

Bright country-style living room in the house
Living room in country style in dark colors

Living room in Art Nouveau style

Room in the Art Nouveau style is:

  • Natural palette of shades and colors
  • The combination of contrasts
  • Brilliant surfaces, from furniture fittings to mirrored countertops and different stands
Stylish living room in Art Nouveau style in a country house

Stylish living room in Art Nouveau style in a country house

Pastel colors look always very harmoniously, but often such a living room lacks the dynamics and originality, because a few contrasting spots absolutely do not interfere. The accent may be one of the walls or part of it. And for a harmonious introduction of dark colors into the general interior of the living room, duplicate the tone in the area of ​​the window space and in the zone of soft furniture environment.

Fashionable living room in Art Nouveau style with red walls

Fashionable living room in Art Nouveau style with red walls
White-blue living room in the ArtNouveau style

Eclecticism in the living room

This style is a mix of different styles and themes, which implies the organic placement of interior items of different styles in one room. The main thing in this design is not to overdo it, adhering to the basic concept in choosing a color palette.

Eclectic living room with bright accents
Eclectic living-dining room with a slant in the classical style

Living room in classic style

The basis for the design of the living room in the classical style will always be symmetry. The most common variant of the classic interior is the one where the central element is the fireplace. And all the soft furniture: a pair of sofas or armchairs, a coffee table - are located symmetrically in relation to it.

Spacious living room in a country house in a classic style
Living room in a private house in a classic style
Living room with a bar in a private house in a classic style

Combined living room

A very common phenomenon is a living room combined with a kitchen and a dining room. Open planning and connection of all segmented zones into one room gives a sense of freedom even in the smallest spaces.

A common factor for all incoming zones in the multi-functional living room is a general finish. As a rule, such a room requires a one-ton coating of the walls and ceilings with the possibility of isolating individual functional zones. Of course, the interior decoration of the kitchen space may differ slightly or completely from the other segments of the combined living room. Tiles for veneering the kitchen apron are best selected in accordance with the general theme of the room. Floor tiles in the kitchen should be combined with the flooring in the hall or dining room.

Combined living room-kitchen in minimalist style

Separate the living room into separate functional areas is possible with the help of interior partitions. The most successful examples are a shelving-rack or a partition into which a fireplace and an extractor are mounted. If you make a two-sided design, you can admire the dance of fire from any area of ​​the living room. This is a significant advantage. All the family in the radius of the fireplace's sight can enjoy a pleasant spectacle both during dinner and after it. The fireplace is always associated with comfort and coziness. Where, as not in the living room, to place a fireplace zone, so disposed to rest. Also, for visual separation of the premises, a rack-and-beam structure is used, which occupies a minimum of space, and therefore does not occupy a useful space.

Country houses are usually not constrained by the lack of free space. In such large multifunctional rooms there must be large window openings, so that there is enough light for all even the most hidden corners of the room. In a spacious, well-lighted room, it's much easier to choose a color scheme for exterior wall decoration, for upholstery upholstery, and for decorating.

Whatever your living room, big or not, is the center of your house, so it is very important to choose the appropriate individual style appropriate for your family, so that each member of the family would be pleased to be in this room, and everyone was looking forward to the evening for a joint rest and hanging out.

Combined living room-kitchen in Art Nouveau style
Combined living room-kitchen in Scandinavian style

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