Country house interior in country style – simplicity in everything (19 photos)

The country style attracts in the days of progress its simplicity, naturalness and unobtrusiveness. This charming design conveys the rustic charm, the traditions of the peoples in the arrangement of their dwellings. A private house in the country style has unlimited comfort, the provincial way of life transmits.

Living room with olive walls in country style

Main features

The design of the country obliges to use the materials in their original form. Decorating and decorating should look simple, in the style of minimalism. Without modern appliances, no family can do without it, but if you create an interior in a rustic style, you have to hide them behind the scenery, make them embeddable, hide in closets and use them if necessary. Projects for the design of houses in the country style clearly show how this is best done.

Furniture in the country style should look primitive, rough. Graceful things in the interior are not allowed often. For example, if the house is made in the French rustic style. Trendy things will be out of place in the interior. The design of the space should be reminiscent of the situation in the country house or country estate.

Light small kitchen in country style

Natural materials are an important feature of the style. Linoleum, plastic, all kinds of glossy surfaces should not be present in the interior of a country house.

Finishing with stone, parquet, tiles is used to arrange the floor. Tiles are traditionally used if the kitchen or bathroom is being repaired.

Coloring the walls is also characteristic of the country. But first they need to be covered with a rough layer of plaster. The walls are decorated with paper wallpaper, but not vinyl. Suitable wallpaper with a floral pattern.

White and beige living room in country style in the house

Design projects country cottage in the country style imply abundant use of textiles, but it must necessarily be natural. Suitable fabrics - chintz, linen, cotton, cambric. Fabrics can be monophonic or with a primitive pattern - a cell, plant motifs, a strip.

Country is a suitable style for those who like practicality and convenience. In the rustic interior everything is easy to clean and wash, does not require special expenses for care.

If you decide to design your country house or a one-story country house in the style of a country, use advice on their improvement.

Beautiful ribbons for decorating a rustic interior

Living room

The main part of the living room is a fireplace. This zone has traditionally been masonry made of tile or stone. Near the fireplace place the pot with firewood. You can supplement the zone with a candelabrum with candles, paintings.

A small living room in a country house

The finish of a parquet board, tile or stone is suitable for the living room floor. For the zoning of the space, a different material is used.


Interior design projects can differ depending on which house you need to design. If this is a small one-story cottage, then everything should be maintained in the most modest manner. Projects for the development of a country mansion mean a brighter style - the use of solid furniture, rich decor, more beautiful fabrics, carved beams on the ceiling.

Symmetry and order in the arrangement of furniture are not peculiar to the country. Interior items should be arranged so that they are convenient to use.

A spacious living room in a country house


The bedroom in the country style has its own characteristics:

  • laconic design;
  • comfort;
  • pleasant, soothing colors;
  • pleasant accessory as extra.
Cream bedroom in country style

The ceiling in the bedroom can be simply whitewashed or trimmed with light-colored wood. Wall paint or paper with a floral or floral print. The floor is finished with parquet or parquet.

The color scheme for decoration - green, blue, cream, white, terracotta, brown. The color of the furniture should be slightly darker than the main environment. In addition to the bed in the bedroom, you can arrange additional furniture - pouf, dressing table, mirror.

Bedroom in country style with wooden walls

Cozy bedroom in country style


The country kitchen should be without plastic ceilings and glass countertops. To finish the floor and the working area above the stove, tiles are traditionally used. Windows and the doorway can be decorated with curtains. Kitchen in the style of the country should not have visible home appliances. It should be stored in lockers. On the walls you can place ceramic plates, pictures with a picture of fruit. To your kitchen transformed, decorate it with ceramic vases with garden or field flowers.

Lighting is provided by a forged metal chandelier. If the kitchen is small, hang a few lamps instead of a chandelier.

Large kitchen with island in country style
White kitchen with blue and brown accents in country style
White and blue country kitchen


Finishing the bathroom should be created more by tile or stone. These materials have the best moisture resistance. If you want to install furniture here, choose modular options from natural wood.

With a decorative purpose in the bathroom, you can use wicker laundry baskets, holders for wrought iron towels.

Bathroom in country style
Bathroom in brown tones in country style
Bathroom with wood and tiles on the walls in the country style


A room for a child is rarely built in a rustic style. But if it is necessary to observe a single design throughout the house, you need to know how to do it.

A huge plus of this design is that the child will be surrounded by environmentally friendly materials. For a floor necessarily choose a tree as a tile cold and slippery. For walls suitable wallpaper with a picture of nature, animals. To illuminate the nursery choose a sconce with yellow light. The rocking chair will not only decor, but also entertainment for the child. Suitable textiles - cute linen curtains, bed linen in a small box, decorative pads. Wall complement the pictures of the baby with the family.

Children's room in country style in the attic
White and blue children's room in country style

Décor in a rustic style

There are decorative elements that emphasize the belonging of the interior to any style. In the case of country to such elements can be attributed:

  • lamp with shade;
  • figurines made of wood, bronze, ceramics;
  • ceramic tableware;
  • napkins and tablecloths with embroidery and lace;
  • plants in flower pots;
  • Landscapes and still lifes, painted in oil, in wooden frames;
  • black and white photos.
Kitchen decor in a rustic style

The kitchen will be transformed if its interior is supplemented with metal jars for cereals and spices. Here, decorative figurines on village themes will be appropriate: cock, chicken, chickens.

A living fire is a symbol of style, so it is very important to equip a fireplace in one of the rooms where you will spend time with your family and friends. It can be wood, gas or electric. In an extreme case, create an imitation fireplace from gypsum board, if there is no possibility to acquire the present.

Rural design is reminiscent of ancestors and old times, it's a design with a history that is its highlight. If you want to be closer to nature and all living things, you must perform the design of your country house or mansion in country style.

Large kitchen with a bar in the style of the country

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