TV in the interior (50 photos): properly located and decorated

The TV in the interior of a modern living room or other room, as a rule, serves as the central element around which the design of other pieces of furniture is built. Gracefully fit it into the overall interior of the room sometimes prevents the unusual design of the front panel or too large diagonal, next to which some piece of furniture can look ridiculous.

Built-in TV in the kitchen
TV in the living room
TV in the interior of the white living room
TV in the wooden interior
White interior with black TV
Interior in minimalist style with TV

Options for placing the TV in the interior

To the TV was not just a means of watching movies, but also organically fit into the design of the living room or kitchen, it should not be lonely hanging on the wall or sticking out in the middle of the room. It is necessary to organize its "interaction" with furniture, a fireplace and other interior items. Fortunately, in any situation there are solutions that allow you to harmoniously arrange the rest of the elements around the TV.

Black TV in the bright living room
Bright wall for TV and books

Interior of the living room with a black flat TV
Modern interior of the living room
Cozy living room with built-in TV

There are four main ways of placing the TV in the interior:

  1. In the niche provided by the furniture manufacturer. Such solutions are present in many modern cabinets and even sets of furniture for the kitchen, where the space for the TV can be centered or on the side. Usually, there is no back wall in this recess, and the TV is fixed directly to the wall. This option is optimal when the cabinet fits well along the wall, and exactly opposite it will be a rest area.
  2. Mounting to the wall surrounded by shelves. It can be both a factory furniture composition, and the realization of one's own idea.
  3. Location in the niche of plasterboard. Most often these structures are used in the living room to visually divide the room, and the TV itself at the same time resembles a fireplace. The design is determined by the layout of the room and the imagination of the one who thinks through the design.
  4. TV on the counter. Specialized racks today are produced a lot, their design is also diverse. It can be hard floor structures, swivel brackets that are attached to the wall or even to the ceiling. The main thing here is that the TV, together with the whole design, harmoniously fit into the overall design.

When the method of placing the TV is chosen, it is necessary to provide for what elements of furniture and decor items it will be surrounded, since it is at this stage that you can consider the most suitable options and avoid mistakes.

TV in the modern gray-white living room
TV in living room in Scandinavian style
TV in the niche with wood trim
A small living room in gray tones with a TV

Furniture and other surroundings

A large wall-mounted TV perfectly matches with shelves, photo wallpapers, decorative elements from plaster and other ornaments. There are several basic ways to decorate a TV so that it does not look lonely on the wall:

  • contrasting color, for example, painted with a mat or effect wallpaper;
  • decorative frame, the design of which can be made in an unusual style, and as a material will serve as white polyurethane, wood or polystyrene;
  • an artificial stone, the color of which echoes with the color scheme of the room (well combined with a fireplace, suitable for a bedroom);
  • design of photo wallpaper, which, depending on the desired effect, can be glued symmetrically or asymmetrically around the TV;
  • mirrors and white color are well combined with the TV in the interior of the traditional style (also appropriate for the bedroom);
  • in the classical design the arch or a white baguette from stucco fits perfectly;
  • you can decorate the TV well by lighting it from the back, so that it, like a fireplace, will create an atmosphere of unobtrusive coziness (the color can be any, even white).

An interesting design solution is to frame a large TV in the living room with a wide gilded frame for the picture, but this option will look good only in the classical interior. Another interesting version of the frame around the TV is a white sticker wi
th various images, icons or a turn-off button in the corner (suitable even for a bedroom or kitchen).

TV in the white living room
A small TV in the beige living room
TV in the beige bedroom
TV in the black and white bedroom
Living room with decorative wall and TV
How to place a TV in the bedroom

How to place a TV in the bedroom
Yellow-gray wall for TV
Bright living room with a red accent
Large plasma TV in the living room
Small stand for TV
TV in the background of a decorative wall
Wooden stand for TV
Original metal stand
Small wooden wall with built-in TV
TV on the wooden panel

Combination of TV with different styles of interior

The easiest way is to find the optimal solution in a modern style like high tech, techno or minimalism. In them even a large TV organically fits in without much effort. It can be boldly emphasized and allocated, create around it any compositions and types of lighting - all this is already provided for by the styles themselves.

With historical styles like the ancient, Egyptian or Romanesque somewhat more complicated. It's a good idea to provide an opportunity to hide the TV, you can stylize it under the fireplace. If the interior of the room contains columns, then the TV can be placed between them. If there are no columns, one can consider the option of making decorative columns from plasterboard in the form of stucco for the wall. Another interesting idea - wallpapers with an image of the corresponding historical period on the whole wall.

TV in living room in minimalist style
Large TV in the living room
How to place a small TV
Living room with a small TV in red tones
TV in a minimalistic interior
TV in the living room with a blue wall

TV in the interior of the Gothic style, Baroque, Rococo or Renaissance can be located on the easel and close the screen. These elements fit into the appropriate design without any problems, but one should adhere to the correct historical style. The decoration under the fireplace will also look good.

Ethnic styles require a large share of creativity, since it's not easy to fit a TV into Chinese or Indian classics. And in the African or Mexican style, modern technology does not look particularly organic. Therefore, for ethnic interiors, the best solution is to hide the TV. For the bedroom or living room, a screen or paper panels are suitable.

For example, in the living room, decorated in an African style, you can put the TV on the floor or on a cube made in the form of a drum. For a bedroom or a kitchen, you can also use curbstones or niches decorated with appropriate ornament. In strict English and Scandinavian styles, it is better to hide the TV behind the screen or cabinet doors.

TV in the bedroom in oriental style
TV in a small stylish bedroom
TV in large bright living room
Contrasted living room-kitchen interior
TV in the interior with stairs
Interior in pink tones
Interior in Art Nouveau style with a small TV

TV set for the kitchen

Recommendations for placing the TV in the interior of the living room, bedroom and most other rooms are about the same, but the kitchen stands apart. The TV for the kitchen should be compact and comfortable, it should not interfere, but at the same time, its screen should be large enough to be able to look into it with lateral vision.


For a small kitchen is suitable wall-mounted TV with a diagonal of 20 inches or less. In the interior of an average kitchen area of ​​about 15 square meters, organically fit a TV with a diagonal of 25 inches. The maximum diagonal that is appropriate in the most spacious kitchens is 36 inches, otherwise it will be extremely inconvenient to look at close range.

It is not easy to find a place for a kitchen TV. Usually they try to place it somewhere higher in the corner, especially if the kitchen is just preparing for meals, and another room serves for a meal. In this case, you can mount it in a niche in the wall or make it a part of the kitchen furniture, by placing it next to the hood and, if possible, creating a stylistic unity in this row.

A small white TV in the kitchen
Small TV in a classic kitchen
A small black TV in the large kitchen
White TV in orange and white kitchen
Built-in TV in the closet in the kitchen

Placing of wires

Thinking about how to place a TV in the interior of the room, do not forget that it will necessarily go to a few wires (in modern TV three or more), which must somehow hide. Usually, a white plastic box, various hanging decorative structures are used for this. You can also hide the wires in the baguette.

For the same purpose, decorative panels or paintings, large houseplants are often introduced into the design. If you have creative abilities, you can think of a way to decorate the wires, for example, stick a small white "fence" on the lower part of the wall or make a wire in the form of a cherry twig. In the living room, you can decorate the TV as a fireplace, stucco around which will hide the wires. The main thing is not to break the stylistic unity of the interior with your designer's delights.

TV in beige brown living room
TV in the spacious and light beige brown living room

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