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Here comes the robotic age, about which songs were composed and filmed by indefatigable dreamers. Mankind did not notice how miracles of technology had been introduced into life. They can be trusted not only with the storage of information, but also with home care, where a subtle perfectionist's insight is required. Now the owner of the apartment can safely drink coffee, make plans and do business on the Internet, while an amazing wireless vacuum cleaner diligently cleans the house.

Robot vacuum cleaner in a black case
Robot vacuum cleaner from Electrolux

There is no limit to perfection

It's hard to believe that this wise gadget is already two decades old. For the first time, a robotic vacuum cleaner appeared on television screens in 1997. Company BBC introduced the world to the great brainchild of the company "Electrolux", which, like many other manufacturers of "cleaners", was aimed at solving the global human problem - allergies.

And if in those days viewers were surprised only by the fact of independent movement of the device around the apartment, now the household robot vacuum cleaner can stun any person far from fiction. The machine is endowed with incredible intelligence: it "travels" around the apartment, tactfully dodging obstacles, refreshing the air with fragrant sprays and even hunting for saprophyte mites. But this is not enough for a person who is greedy for perfection. The automated cleaner was able to even independently find the charger and connect to it to continue cleaning.

The owners of the miracle gadget note how cool the robot vacuum cleaner for animal hair and long hair, which daily fly around the apartment, can come in handy. Some models include a remote control. If the owner is not too pleased with the result of the robot's efforts, he can "order" the laborer once again to walk through the indicated area. Children just love to run this "dish", watch the robot work as a vacuum cleaner, how it extracts garbage from carpets and cleans the floors.

Robot vacuum cleaner from the company iRobot

Miracle gadget in action

Robotic assistants usually have a rounded shape for better maneuvering in tight spaces. But there are also slightly "okvadruchennye" model. As a rule, all these machines are compact enough (up to 30 cm in diameter) and are not very high (about 10 cm), so they easily make their way to sofas and cabinets, where people can not always climb.

The principle of the robot vacuum cleaner is surprisingly simple: the car drives around the apartment on an electric motor, it is guided by special sensors and rakes in the garbage while sucking it inside. The main device of such a vacuum cleaner is the main rotating brush, which sweeps dirt inside the device. Additional side brushes help to remove garbage from hard-to-reach places.

Robot vacuum cleaner from the company Karcher

The only company with the patented right to produce vacuum cleaners with two main brushes is iRobot, the world leader of vacuum cleaner robots.

Because the robot is a vacuum cleaner, the speed and quality of cleaning will depend. For example, the power of the pump directly affects the functions of the "cleaner". Under some vacuum cleaners are hidden modest elektroveniki, which perfectly collect garbage and quietly buzz, but almost do not absorb dust and wool. Some models "are smart enough" not to get confused in the wires scattered on the floor, while other robots can get stuck in obstacles and wait modestly until the owner comes to the rescue.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets

Other useful functions of some robots vacuum cleaners:

  • ability to clean in the dark (model Moneual MR6500 Green);
  • the ability to identify areas for cleaning and "make" the vacuum cleaner to clean them exactly (Moneual MR7700 Red);
  • possibility to return to the place and finish the unfinished work after charging (LG VR64701LVMP);
  • the ability to move thresholds 1.5 cm high (LG VR64701LVMP);
  • additional cameras that remember the route and allow faster navigation among obstacles in subsequent cleanings (LG VR6270LVM);
  • recognition of the "abyss" and its detour (Samsung SR10F71UE NaviBot);
  • pollution analysis, data collection and selection of the best path of motion (Philips FC 8820);
  • ability to be switched on according to the schedule, including time of day and days of the week (Philips FC 8810);
  • ultra-thin (6 cm), allowing to penetrate even under low furniture (Philips FC 8710).

This is not all the functions that are endowed with ultramodern "cleaners", and choose for themselves the best robot vacuum cleaner from their extensive list is not easy. Even if you compare the cost of different models, you can puzzle why it varies so widely. What secrets are hidden by the manufacturers of vacuum cleaner robots, and how not to be disappointed in buying?

Robot vacuum cleaner in red design

Price and quality

Not only is the celebrity of the brand highly valued, but also certain characteristics of the device that are deprived of cheap models. Every buyer should realize this, before choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. So, the cost of models can be divided into three categories.


Economy class (150-250 $)

If you are the owner of a large apartment, then the budget option disappears immediately. Vacuum cleaners of this category are cheap not because the manufacturer is too kind or not famous. Such models of robots vacuum cleaners diverge quickly, but in order not to trade at a loss, you have to save on all the details and functions of the "cleaner". As a result, the machine works almost blindly, easily traumatized and quickly exhaled. In the best case, such a robot will work half an hour, and it will have to be charged at least half a day. The cleaning time can not be programmed. In a one-room apartment without woolen animals and rapids, such a copy of technology will still get accustomed, but in a large room it will be of little use.

Robot vacuum cleaner with night cleaning function

Average segment ($ 250-750)

Home robot vacuum cleaner of this category is considered optimal in terms of functions, and in terms of price - it does not bite too much, considering all the abilities of the gadget. This robot will suit a vacuum cleaner for an apartment of a
ny size. It has many functions, it can both clean from dust, and wash for 2 hours without recharging. Charging itself will last no more than 4 hours, and therefore, you can use the robot 2-3 times a day in an apartment of large dimensions. Most owners acquire exactly the average cost of a robot vacuum cleaner, the device of which allows you to program cleaning at your own discretion.

Robot vacuum cleaner Panda X500 for cleaning animal wool

The machine is strong enough and deftly bypasses obstacles, optimizing its route due to the large number of sensors. Interestingly, before cleaning a certain section of the floor, the mud sensors assess the severity of the work by the acoustic method. The car knows exactly where to walk with its brushes twice. That's how a robot cleaner can be cleaned with a high-quality vacuum cleaner of an average price category.

Robot vacuum cleaner with recharging battery

Elite segment ($ 750 and above)

The functions of the best robots of vacuum cleaners are not so different from the average segment, but there is one significant plus: such a helper can do a good cleaning in a huge mansion in a fairly short time. Surprisingly powerful robot vacuum cleaner extracts from the depths of carpet and tile pollution, inaccessible to a normal vacuum cleaner. Filters keep inside up to 99% of dust, contributing to a quality air purification in the apartment. And this miracle is charged for a maximum of 30 minutes. Therefore, the owners, whose financial resources allow you to acquire an elite "cleaner", will save a lot of time and effort: the apartment will always be fresh and clean.

Robot vacuum cleaner on remote control

It should be noted that recently many expensive models are endowed with functions that are not at all related to the direct task of the machine - collecting dust. Robot-vacuum cleaner for home can video and go online. It is possible that in the future these "cleaners" will learn to talk, cook and answer phone calls during harvesting.

The original toy for envy friends or reliable robust robot vacuum cleaner - which to choose, decide for yourself. Overview of robotic vacuum cleaners today is quite extensive, and it can be difficult to weigh the pros and cons of different models. The choice will consist of personal wishes of the owner. If there is any doubt as to which vacuum cleaner to buy, the rating compiled by experts will help to make an impression of the most popular models.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best selling models

Comparison of robots vacuum cleaners and compilation of a top list of the best models is not an easy task even for technical experts. But still the survey of buyers helped to make an approximate rating of the best "cleaners", which can be guided by the selection.

iRobot Roomba 616

This is the best among budget models for a robotic vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. Despite a fairly simple configuration, the car is inferior in functions to its expensive colleagues. The robot reliably and qualitatively cleans various types of floor covering, skillfully emerges from the wires and self-connects with the charger. The time for the "cleaner" is 2.5 hours. The machine has a strong filter, a capacity for collecting wool and a remote control.

Robot vacuum cleaner with side brushes

Panda X600 Pet Series

Judging by the name that this robot has a vacuum cleaner, its advantages are obvious. The machine perfectly copes with the hair of pets and long hair. The model is able to automatically adjust the suction power and has an ultraviolet lamp for disinfection of floor coverings. The owner has the opportunity to establish zones for the work of the vacuum cleaner (function "virtual wall"). Operating time up to 3.5 hours. The only drawback of the model is a too small container, which will have to be emptied constantly. But it's nice to look at the price tag.

Kitfort KT-519

Another economical option for dry cleaning with two filters. The height of the car is only 8 cm, and its dexterous maneuvers cause admiration in the owners. The robot perfectly absorbs dust and wool, and the turbo brush is easy to remove and clean. Machine operating time is up to 150 minutes. Cons of a robot vacuum cleaner is that he often wanders around the apartment in search of a charging base and can easily get lost in the wires.

Robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning

iRobot Braava 390T

This robotic vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning copes with hurray, and the dry one performs very delicately, carefully, with the help of napkins - therefore it is not suitable for carpets. The special panel constantly wets the fabric, allocating the necessary dose of detergent. The work of the machine resembles the work of a mop, which wipes dirt not only from the floor, but also along the walls. The vacuum cleaner skillfully builds a route and reliably copes with the task.

Clever Clean Aqua-Series 01

The car deserves the title of "the best washing robot vacuum cleaner", because besides the wet cleaning it performs well and dry. This universal helper can easily cope with 6 types of cleaning. While the owner is absent, the robot will bring the apartment in order and itself will go on recharging. The kit includes several additional brushes, a strong filter and an ultraviolet lamp. The only thing that "detracts" this washing robot is a vacuum cleaner in the row of its brethren - the absence of a virtual wall. The machine can light curtains or get stuck in wires, so to get a good result the owner should first clean the space of unnecessary parts.

Robotic vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning

Each model has certain advantages and disadvantages, and not always a huge number of functions can meet the needs of the buyer. But robotic vacuum cleaners continue to improve, becoming not just enviable home gadgets, but also reliable performers of dry and wet cleaning. We choose such assistants not for originality, but for the fact that they surprisingly accurately adjust to our everyday needs and save precious time.

Robot vacuum cleaner in gold design

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