Floor fans: features and benefits

Among the many different air conditioners, floor fans are in great demand. Firstly, the price of the kondinkerov significantly exceeds the price of floor fans. Secondly, not all rooms are designed to install air conditioning, when floor fans are suitable for both the apartment and office, store and other premises, saving from the summer heat-suffocating heat. In addition, air conditioners can lead to hypothermia and cause colds, fans are safer, because airflow does not allow sudden fluctuations in air temperature.

Floor fan without blades

The fan, of course, is not an ideal solution, since it does not lower the temperature of the air, but only removes heat from the body. When the air temperature rises, the efficiency of the device decreases.

Also a plus of an outdoor fan for a home is that it is economical, mobile and inexpensive. The device does not need periodic maintenance. In addition, the appearance and specifications of outdoor fans are constantly being improved. Apparatus with a rotary mechanism and regulation of air masses appeared. Floor fans with an air humidifier are also manufactured. All models are equipped with a control panel.

Outdoor black fan

Installation of floor fans

The floor fan consists of 3 parts: base, bracket, impeller. The base is usually made rather heavy for stability and has the form of a cross or circle.

In the upper part of the modern fans have rotary devices for blowing the entire room, they allow the device to rotate 90 degrees.

Fan on the floor

Products with three or four wings are produced. Impellers are made of plastic inexpensive or chrome-plated metal (somewhat more expensive). From the ingress of foreign objects or children's fingers, the impellers are protected by special gratings.

Thanks to the bearing made of high-quality material, the fans have a long service life. Large wings and low rotation speed ensure a quiet operation of the entire device. The presence of remote control makes it easy to control the fan from anywhere in the room. Modern models are equipped with various functions that provide maximum convenience: timer, presence sensor, saturation of airflow by ions, illumination of the display. The control panel is usually sold as a kit.

The floor fan has long blades, due to which a fairly large area is blown. The height of the fan foot can be adjusted for any height.

Floor fan with display


Modern manufacturers offer different types of floor fans. They have similar technical characteristics, but the designs are somewhat different. Among the manufacturers the most popular models are Polaris, Skarlett, Vitek - they are all absolutely safe and effective devices that create comfortable conditions in the room.

According to different parameters, the main types of floor fans are distinguished.


Classical model, which has a drive axis, which is located horizontally. A multi-bladed wheel is mounted on the axis. Older devices did not have protective devices on the propeller and could cause injuries or break, touching objects. Modern models are equipped with a special frame for protection.

Floor fan in the living room


They are also called tower type fans. Such models, with sufficiently small dimensions, have excellent technical characteristics. Basically, a new type of climatic device consists of a cylinder located on a small area, with a mesh that takes in air, and a grid that lets out air jets. These models have a working element, similar to the rotor, which is located in an upright position. The element serves to form air masses and sends them in a certain direction, which is created by centrifugal force.

Floor fan on the remote control


Such models have excellent performance and beautiful design. Outwardly they represent a round or oval frame, through which air is formed. The operating principle of this model is simple. In the frame there is a turbine, which discharges the air flow under pressure into a narrow hole, located along the diameter of the frame. Directed air produces a pressure drop and collects nearby layers, dragging the air behind it.

Floor chrome fan

Choosing floor fans

In shops floor fans of various manufacturers are sold: Russian, Chinese, European, therefore to purchase of the fan it is necessary to approach competently. On how to choose a fan for the home, there are some simple recommendations.

The size of the outdoor fan directly depends on the size of the room, which it will cool. For a small room is quite suitable for a small device, for a large need to purchase devices with large blades.

Table fan

The fan's dimensions correspond to its power: the larger the device, the more powerful and therefore higher the productivity and the possibility of using in spacious rooms.

Assembling the floor fan

If you have to choose a floor fan, you should pay attention to the technical characteristics of the device. Modern floor fans have various additional functions, so when buying you need to read them and buy the best outdoor fan.

Small outdoor fan

Top 5 best outdoor fans

The top floor fans included inexpensive models from the best manufacturers:

  • Scarlett SC-1176. Rating 9.7 out of 10. Inexpensive model in the classic version for the house, quiet and reliable. Mechanism axial, mechanical control, three-speed mode, lighting, rotary mechanism, the ability to c
    hange the slope and height by 1.25 m. It has 3 blades, protective mesh, black or white. Power - 45 watts.
  • Lumme LU-105. Rating 9.7 out of 10. Good inexpensive fan with mechanical control, effective and durable. Has 3 blades, 3 speeds, low noise level, height adjustment up to 1.25, rotation by 90 degrees, colors black or white.
  • VITEK VT-1909 CH. Rating 9.5 out of 10. Good budget model with remote control, high performance, 3-speed, automatic timer, noiseless, with a 90-degree swivel device, with a slight vertical slope.
  • SUPRA VS-1615R. Rating 9.8 out of 10. Good budget model for a house with a control panel, rotary mechanism, three-speed mode, timer, vertical regulation up to 1.25 m, interesting design.
  • Maxwell MW-3508. Rating 9.7 out of 10. The model has an axial mechanism, remote control, buttons, a display with a blue backlight, a timer control, a 3-speed mode, a 90-degree turntable, a radio, a beautiful design and a low price, works quietly.

There are, of course, many more models that deserve attention, but, according to users, these are considered the best due to simple assembly, the presence of many functions, the duration of operation and low price.

Foldable floor fan
Floor fan with air humidification function

Floor fans for room use are compact, with good appearance, noiseless and with maximum cooling are simply necessary in the summer period of time, so that the conditions for staying in the apartment are comfortable. Especially they are needed by people who, due to certain diseases, do not tolerate the heat.


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