Wallpapers for boys: types, colors, selection criteria (24 pics)

According to experts, the formation of children's design is a rather complex process, requiring special knowledge. The child spends a lot of time in his own room, so all the finishing materials must be quality and safe. An important factor is the influence of the chosen color scale on the child's psyche. Wallpapers for boys can vary in types, design, themes. Cloths should bring comfort and comfort to the room.

Abstract wallpaper for a boy

Wallpapers for baby boy

Varieties of products

When choosing wallpaper for a children's room, you need to consider the basic requirements that are imposed on the materials:

  • comfort and coziness;
  • environmental Safety;
  • functionality;
  • aesthetic appeal.

It is important to take into account the preferences of the small owner of the room. This question is especially relevant when choosing wallpaper for a boy of adolescence. The girls in the first place is the beauty of the room, and the growing men need convenience for games, study and recreation. For this reason, the interior for the boy's room should be full, harmonious and functional.

Dinosaur wallpapers for a boy

Flizeline wallpaper for the boy Flizeline wallpaper for the boy

In the building materials market, the following types of wallpaper are common:

  • natural paper cloth;
  • vinyl coatings that are manufactured without the use of harmful components;
  • non-woven wallpaper is also safe, suitable for subsequent painting;
  • liquid wallpaper - a natural, but quite specific material.

Depending on your own preferences and the wishes of the baby, you should choose the most suitable wallpaper for the room.

Wallpapers with photo printing for the boy


Blue wallpapers for the boy

Basic selection criteria

Many young parents do not know which wallpaper is suitable for children. Regardless of the variety of finishes, it is worth paying attention to several important parameters:

  1. Quality of the material. Before buying, you need to study the information available in the certificate. Trust should only be checked by domestic or foreign manufacturers. Particular attention deserves the ability to "breathe". So, for this children's wallpaper on a vinyl base is supplemented with special pores.
  2. Possibility of cleaning and washing. The growing up kid will necessarily write and draw. Often children do it right on the wallpaper. To later not to worry because of damaged repair, it is better to immediately wash the wash cloth.
  3. Durability and durability of the material. If the finish is susceptible to mechanical damage, it will soon have to be replaced.
  4. Original design. For the boy's children's room, the connection of various shades, textures, photo wallpapers and other elements is actual. The main condition is the creation of a beautiful interior, which the child likes. For the full development of the baby, stickers with letters, figures, geometric figures, flowers and fairy-tale characters are actively used. So, if the kid loves the cartoon "Cars" the best decor will be the image of bright cars. The use of stickers is the most accessible and easy way to form an attractive children's interior.
  5. Preservation of the area of ​​the room. When developing a suitable design, you should pay special attention to the choice of colors and images. Some of them are able to eat space. So, wallpaper with three-dimensional drawings in a small room will visually make it even smaller. For the same reason are not suitable for the nursery and dark shades. With the expansion of the space, striped canvases are good.
  6. Cost of materials. Certainly, each person has his own opinion on the price of repairs. It is important to buy high-quality wallpaper for the boy at no extra cost.

Approximately after 5-6 years, children form their own interests, which must be taken into account when choosing the finishes. As a rule, at this age they are fond of airplanes, cars, ships, as well as characters of animated series. Wallpapers with similar images can be pasted on some sections of the walls, successfully combining pictures with canvases of a different color.

Graffiti for a boy wallpaper

Wallpapers with map for the boy

We choose the right coloring

Shades are very important psychologically. Colors affect not only the visual perception of space, but also the emotional state, the psyche of the child. The main condition for choosing wallpaper for a boy is an orientation toward his temperament. Phlegmatic and sluggish babies are best suited for gentle tones or warm shades.

To stir up a lazy, passive child prone to help a rich finish, performed in bright cheerful shades. Cold colors - the ideal solution for a hyperactive child. To cool the palette has acquired coziness and warmth, it is diluted with beige and peach shades.

The yellow color of the wallpaper will make the schoolboy more attentive and successful in his studies. Optimal tones for the design of a children's bedroom will be:

  • green;
  • blue;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • brown;
  • Orange;
  • purple.

The ceiling and optional accessories can be neutral white. The use of blue and blue wallpaper for the walls is associated with the marine theme. The combination of beige and green is relevant for creating a charming atmosphere of the jungle.

Desktop for the boy's room

Wallpapers for boy

Wallpaper for the room of the boy in the attic

Often parents, selecting wallpaper for teenagers, carefully avoid black. Designers are sure that this attitude is not entirely fair. Black represents a full night rest and peace. Some experts argue that such a coloring increases blood pressure and prevents the development of colds.

Wallpapers with cars for the boy

The sky with a sky for a boy

Moderate use of black in the interior will not cause depression and oppression of the emerging psyche. On a black background, the posters depicting celebrities: musicians, actors or sportsmen look great. The most effective look and graffiti, which are so popular with adolescents.

Choose wallpaper with age

Experts recommend following the rules:

  • Newborn babies. During this period, children need a quiet, gentle environment, devoid of irritating factors. The wallpaper for the newborn boy is done in pastel colors. Accents are arranged with the help of pictures of clear color.
  • 2-4 years. In the interior pure natural shades of green, blue, yellow are added. For quiet children bright colors are selected, for active - pastel colors. As decorative elements, images of fairy-tale heroes are used.
  • 4-7 years. It is acceptable to use a combination of several colors. Actual decoration with training elements: images of letters, animals and plants.
  • From 7-8 and up to 9 years. It is recommended to choose fabrics without drawings. Monochrome walls help the child concentrate and it is easier to cope with a huge amount of new information.
  • 9-11 years old. It is admissible to add subjects. Approximately from the age of 10 the boys have interests, therefore, the sea, sports, historical and other themes are very popular with the formation of the interior.
  • From the age of 12. In adolescence, a child can be given the right to choose, because he already has his own needs and preferences. However, parents should not agree to excessively dark, monotonous or too saturated shades.

Adherence to age-specific features will help create an optimal interior. As a result, a child in each year of life will receive for his development exactly what is needed in a certain period of time.

Monkey Wallpapers for a Boy

Orange wallpapers for the boy

Which pictures are suitable for the boy's room?

The lion's share of producers who specialize in children's wallpaper, decorate them with images of heroes of popular cartoons, as well as animals and birds. Many parents try to get something colorful and original for the child. In this case, moms and dads forget to clarify the opinion of the owner of the room. We should not forget about the taste of the child. One boy likes bright canvases with cartoons, another - monochrome neutral tones.

Wallpaper with a stamp for a boy

Wallpaper for a boy teenager

Parents can not forget that too frequent colorful pictures have a tiring effect and are more boring to the baby. The best option would be a wallpaper with story images or single pictures. They are suitable for a nursery in which an active or, conversely, melancholy boy lives. Drawings on wallpaper should be played out with the whole situation. So, butterflies or bright birds are well complemented by a green curbstone or a table embodying a summer lawn.

Stripes wallpaper for boy

Drawing wallpapers for a boy

The selected wallpapers should not contain the following elements:

  1. Abstract image. Negatively affect the child's psyche. Such canvases are oriented on adult people with a formed personality.
  2. Clear patterns that repeat on each wall. Registration will bore the kids. In this case, it is necessary to paste wallpaper with ornament only one wall, and on others use a one-color finish.

Blue wallpapers for the boy

Grifelnaya wall in the nursery

Theme of interior

Particularly popular among boys are the following areas:

  • Nature. Choose wallpaper with pictures of sunny beaches, surf, corals and shells. The use of beautiful natural species is suitable for the room of a balanced melancholy baby, who gives preference to mental activity.
  • The sea and pirates. Small adventurers will be delighted with photo wallpapers with ships, pirate flags and other attributes. Wallpaper 3D conveys the whole unique atmosphere of wandering through the endless sea spaces.
  • Historical characters. Romantics, passionate about the exploits of the past, love the themes of knights, Indians and cowboys.
  • Equipment. The boys are arranged in such a way that they are always interested in cars, ships, trains, planes.
  • Sport. Fidelity and beginning athletes are particularly interested in this direction.

Using different themes in one room will help zonate space to form an attractive interior in a room designed for two boys.

The wallpaper in the children's room for boys should fully correspond to the age, interests and temperament of the growing man. Compliance with these recommendations will help make the design of the room attractive, comfortable and functional.

Thematic wallpaper for the boy

Bright wallpaper for the boy

Desktop with hares for the boy


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