The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom (50 photos): beautiful examples and psychology of color scale

As you know, the palette of colors is of no small importance in the interior design of the house. It depends on the color perception, whether it will be convenient for us to be in this or that room. For example, a warm, appetizing range of colors fits the kitchen, which will cause associations with food and fill the space with coziness and warmth, for the living room - solemn and strict, but what color combination in the interior of the bedroom will look the most harmonious - consider in the article. After all, for this room, intended for relaxation and rest, and color, it is necessary to select appropriate ones - that they be easy and not press on the psyche - then the dream will be long and strong, and rest - full.

White, blue, cream, and black in the interior of the bedroom
Beige Blue Bedroom
Brown-pink combination in the bedroom

How to choose

Important recommendations for choosing the optimal color combination for the bedroom:

  • If you want to make your bedroom a real resting place and undisturbed relaxation, then choose for this room quiet, pastel colors of natural shades: sand, beige, bleached yellow, light brown, tender blue, or combinations of two or three of them perfectly suited. Psychology makes this choice scientifically: in order for the brain to rest, it needs to calm down, and it can only be done when nothing distracts it.
  • Often happens, that in the conditions of our small-sized apartments it is necessary to combine in one room at once several various functional places. Therefore, if there is a need to organize, say, a workplace in the bedroom, then choose for the room any saturated tone: the presence of green, purple, gray, light green or a combination of two or three of them will help relieve tension from the eyes, and at the same time this palette not interfere with a deep sleep.
  • If the bedroom is strictly a place to sleep and is intended for two spouses, then it is best to decorate the room as a romantic corner. In such a bedroom, the husband and wife will be able to solve all their problems with the most profitable outcome for both, which will only benefit the whole family - even psychology advises such a reception. A bed in a romantic style will perfectly decorate with a canopy or curtains that will help to transform the bed into a cozy nest, separated from the rest of the world, which promotes privacy. Beige, brown, sandy, or, say, pink, will be an excellent choice for the walls and textiles of the matrimonial bedroom.
  • Children's bedroom should not be done in too quiet tones. The child needs development and food for the brain, its activation, so a few bright bursts of green, purple, dark gray or blue in the children's bedroom will not be superfluous. Especially if the room is designed for two children, one of which is a schoolboy.
  • Not having enough experience and artistic education, it is better not to experiment with different colors. It is safest to choose one basic color, and to it to pick up no more than one or two additional shades, as much as possible approaching to each other. And already further decorate your bedroom in these colors. Such a technique will help to avoid incidents and unpleasant result in the form of a disharmonious bedroom space.
  • It is not necessary for the bedroom to choose bright and saturated colors. And especially screaming, neon or burning-acid shades will not do. Do not forget about the functional purpose of this room. It is unlikely that a bright palette will allow the brain to properly rest after a hard day's work. Ideal will be the use of a gentle-green, purple or light-gray shades.
  • Guided by your own opinion when choosing a color, as this will be a purely individual, personal space. On the same principle, equip all the other bedrooms in the house. Children need to decorate in those two or three colors, which most like the child, while avoiding too shimmering shades.
  • Having chosen the main color, for example - blue, select the least saturated color shade by its color scale - it and make it prevalent for the bedroom. In general, when choosing between light and dark tones, always give preference to the light one. For example, beige is preferable to brown, and light green is better than dark green. In this case, you can turn the bedroom into a comfortable and pleasant room, and not into a dark and gloomy room.
  • Before painting the walls in the chosen color, first make a test stain - cover a small section of the wall. And when the paint dries, appreciate how comfortable this shade is for you. This foresight can help you make the right choice and make the necessary adjustments in time by changing or brightening / darkening the tone of the paint.
Beige gray bedroom
The turquoise-white bedroom
Cream white bedroom
Beige brown bedroom
White, purple and red in the bedroom

Cream pink bedroom
Black and white stylish bedroom
Beige, brown and green in the bedroom
Yellow, blue and white in the bedroom
White, emerald and brown in the bedroom
White, gray and beige in the bedroom


How to choose a color for the ceiling in the bedroom:

  • Since, lying in bed, a person very often looks at the ceiling, it is better to stop at the soothing light shade of him in the bedroom. Psychology and Feng Shui strongly recommend that you confine yourself to a simple white surface. Popular stretch and filling ceilings: multistage, with a highlight of a strange violet or gray hue, with different colors can not provide a state of tranquility and pacification and will be annoying.
  • The ideal choice of colors for ceilings will be: white, soft blue, peach, very light pink, lemon. Perhaps a combination of two of them.
  • It is permissible to make a few bright accents on the ceiling, which will not interfere with the main calm picture.
  • Beige or brown color for the ceiling is better not to use, but they are ideal for the floor.
Light green ceiling in the bedroom
White ceiling with beams in the bedroom
White ceiling in the bedroom
White ceiling in a gray-white bedroom
White ceiling in a white and blue bedroom
Two-level ceiling in black and white bedroom
White ceiling in black and gray bedroom
White ceiling in the yellow-gray bedroom
White ceiling in white and purple bedroom


How to choose the color of the curtains:

  • Choose a shade of textiles, starting from the color of the walls.
  • Consider the size of the room. So, in a small bedroom it is better to hang light curtains that visually expand the room, and vice versa - a bedroom of considerable size can become more comfortable with curtains of dark, saturated shades: green, purple, blue or dark gray.
Striped curtains in the bedroom
Orange curtains in the bedroom
Blinds in the pink-gray bedroom
Beige curtains in the bedroom
Cream curtains in the bedroom
Cream curtains in white and green bedroom
Roman curtains in white and green bedroom
Dark green and white curtains in the bedroom


The perfect choice for a bedroom of any size will be the color of the walls, like:

  • Beige in its light variations.
  • Olive light shade is also suitable. Dark olive is best not to use, as the bedroom in this case will turn out to be too gloomy. And modern psychology strongly advises making them bright and cozy.
  • Blue is a wonderful choice for decorating walls. It is cool enough and at the same time gentle, which creates the most comfortable atmosphere in this room.
  • Warm peach tint is great, gives coziness and gives the room a stylish look.
Gray walls in the bedroom
Peach walls in the bedroom
Cream and brown-blue walls in the bedroom
Blue walls in the bedroom
Red walls in the bedroom
Brown walls in the bedroom
Beige brown walls in the bedroom
Pastel green walls in the bedroom
Gray walls in the bedroom


What tricks will help to adjust the bedroom space with the help of color combinations:

  • If the room is large and wants to make it visually more compact and cozy, then a warm dark palette will suit. Suitable rich burgundy, chocolate brown, stylish plum. These colors can be used for decorating walls and floors, and in contrast with dark shades set the light elegant furniture. This method of using two contrasting colors will turn the bedroom into a stylish modern space.
  • Modern psychology advises elderly people, who are not inclined to activity and sudden changes, to decorate the bedroom in calm, pleasant colors: sand, beige, cream-brown, peach will do the best. It is advisable in this case to avoid dark shades, since a light scale will promote the relaxation of the eyes, which is important for people aged with impaired vision.
Cream, brown, burgundy and olive colors in the interior of the bedroom

Cream, brown, burgundy and olive colors in the interior of the bedroom
White and brown bedroom
Brown-blue bedroom
Coral-white bedroom
White, coral and gray in the interior of the bedroom

White, coral and gray in the interior of the bedroom
Mint, white and gray in the bedroom
Brown-white bedroom

Brown-white bedroom
Dark purple-white bedroom
Brown-white bedroom in Art Nouveau style
White, orange and beige colors in the interior of the bedroom

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