Sink under the window in the kitchen (18 pics): design and decoration

Doing routine work in the kitchen and admiring the view from the window is the dream of the modern hostess. Once a famous writer Agatha Christie admitted that she had thought up the idea of ​​most of her detective stories for washing dishes. And this is not surprising, because for the implementation of this simple occupation often in my head thousands of ideas are swarming. Direct thoughts on the positive and a little imaginative will help design the kitchen with a sink by the window.

Brown sink by the window in the kitchen

If the house has a dishwasher, this does not mean that the sink under the window will be less in demand. Executable domestic efforts do not exclude constant contact with water, and contemplating the view from the window will significantly raise the mood.

Sink at the window and on the island in the kitchen

Rational solution

Implement the idea into life will allow the interior of the kitchen, based on the transfer of the sink to the window space. As a rule, a window in the kitchen is not only a source of light, but also an excellent foundation for storing all kinds of jars, pots with flowers, decorative boxes. Often part with the "necessary things" stored on the windowsill is quite difficult. But, having ventured on the adventure of kitchen redevelopment and transfer of an island of a working area to the window sill area, the owners will agree that it is impossible to come up with a more convenient option.

Most kitchens have a small area, and the furniture sets are cluttered rather than functionally complementing them. Having arranged the workspace in front of the window, it is advantageous to use unused walls near it. There will also be lockers that will not interfere with the penetration of natural light.

Sink at the window in the kitchen with a round table

White sink at the window in the kitchen in a classic style

Main advantages

Most often it is natural lighting that helps create an elegant interior and achieve an atmosphere of spaciousness. This once again confirms the correctness of the decision to decorate the kitchen workspace in front of the window, with a sink in front of it. This design has several advantages:

  • Most of the day you can do without additional lighting;
  • an increase in the working area;
  • the opportunity to save space in a small room;
  • excess moisture, an unchanging companion of a sink, is much faster removed when the window is in close proximity;
  • hide batteries, often located under the windowsill.

If desired, you can completely get rid of the window sill, functionally taking its place with a sink and "drowning" it deep into the window.

Sink at the window in the kitchen with roomy cupboards
Two sinks in the kitchen - it's very convenient

Possible difficulties and ways to solve them

Thinking over the design of the kitchen with the sink under the window, it is necessary to take into account a number of features.

If the window opens into the room, then there may be a problem with airing - on the way there will be a water mixer. A wide range of faucets will help to avoid inconvenience:

  • with a flexible hose that can be placed in the bowl of the sink for the time of opening - closing the window;
  • on the hinges, with which the crane leans forward.

Also an alternative solution is to place the mixer not behind the sink, but on the side of it. In this case, there will be no obstacles on the way to airing.

Due to the abundant moisture near the sink, the wooden window frames may suffer. To prevent this, you should take care of the replacement of the plastic double-glazed window in advance.

The transfer of the sink is complicated by the displacement of the point of intake and discharge. Qualitative modern materials and professional editing will come to the aid, with the help of which inconveniences will be reduced to a minimum.

Washing under the window in the corner of the kitchen

Another important nuance is the location of the heat radiator. Old layouts and layouts of heat engineering mean their placement under the windows. Here you can either carry the radiator to a more convenient location, or leave it in place, but place the countertop with special ventilation grilles. Of course, the kitchen interior will only benefit if the battery is hidden by the furniture design.


In some old buildings, the level of the window relative to the table top may differ significantly. More advantageous for the user, when the countertop is located below the level of the window. In this case, there is room for the protective apron to be placed from the spray. If the window opening below the countertop, then the solutions are two:

  • do not carry out the transfer;
  • dismantling of the window for the subsequent reduction of the opening and installation of a smaller insulating glass unit.
Sink at the window in the kitchen with island

Types of layout and suitable interior

The design of the kitchen with the window can be varied, but the shape and size of the room determine the basis. If the area is small, it is appropriate to place on it an angular working surface with the advantage of a window opening. The angular construction with the arrangement of one of the sides near the window will fully fit into the design, implying a change in the radius of the surfaces. This layout allows you to visually divide the space into zones of different depths.

In a narrow kitchen, it is more reasonable to arrange a kitchen set along the window - this will allow you to visually expand the space. Thinking over the interior with this layout, it is worth paying attention to the narrow vertical sections of furniture with transparent or opaque facades. This move will visually shorten the length of the room and place the right accents, for example, on the decor of t
he window or recreation area.

Black sink under the window in the kitchen

For the kitchen, in which there is access to the balcony, the original option will be a design with a combined loggia. Such an unusual solution will significantly increase the space and maximize its natural lighting.

In the planning of country houses, you can often find a kitchen with a panoramic window in the wall. For such a kitchen, the ideal design can be to place a recreation area near the window or work space with a sink, hob and work area in one row.

Washing under the window in a small kitchen

Two or more windows

A few windows in the kitchen will please the abundance of daylight and create a sense of spaciousness. But it's wise to think over the interior of such a place quite troublesome.

If the window openings are located on different walls, but have a common angle, then the perfect solution will be the design with the organization of working surfaces in this corner. Perfectly add to this interior corner sink, with a mixer located in the niche of the window frames.

The paired arrangement of window openings allows to exclude the transfer of the radiator during the design, by placing the window directly in the window free from heat engineering.

As a rule, two or more window openings contain rather spacious rooms. If the windows are located on different walls and do not have a common angle, then each of them can carry a separate semantic load. For example, you can think over the interior in such a way that along one of them there is a working space with a sink, and in the other, a comfort zone with a sofa or a tea table. Thus, the interior will be divided into a dining area and a cooking area.

Washing under the window in a large kitchen
Sink at the window in a small kitchen

Interesting decor ideas

If the design of the kitchen contains a work surface with a sink in front of the window, the use of traditional textile curtains or curtains is inappropriate. The overall interior in this case should emphasize the window as an aesthetic element. Given the style of the room, you can decorate the space above the sink with:

  • blinds made of dense material or bamboo;
  • small lambrequin;
  • Roman or roller curtains, which can easily be raised in the daytime if necessary or dropped, protecting yourself from direct sunlight;
  • bright frames, while the windows themselves leave without additional decor;
  • a special model of the ceiling shelf, on which to place vases, baskets or spacing.
Sink at the window with blinds in the kitchen
Washing under the window in the kitchen in the style of Provence

Optional Accessories

Transfer of a sink from a sewer pipe more than on three meters can become the reason of the complicated flow of water because of a litter by fine food waste. An alternative is to install equipment to grind waste that comes from the sink to the sink. Such an instrument is absolutely safe for a person without having knives in their constituent elements.

Modern designers are increasingly preferring kitchen planning with a window sink. This accommodation is not only functional and convenient, but also allows you to combine household duties with a pleasant pastime.

Angle sink by the window in the bright kitchen
White double sink at the window in the kitchen
Brown sink at the window in the kitchen
Sink at the window with Roman curtains in the kitchen

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