Screen for the room (60 pics): simple space zoning

An elegant and original interior detail - a screen - now becomes very popular. And it is not surprising - it's a great way to zonate the space of an apartment, including a one-room apartment. At the same time, such a partition serves as an excellent decorative element. The screen can be selected for any style and design, you can even make it yourself. In the folded state, the screen for the room does not take up much space, but in the expanded one it will help to hide from the curious eyes the uncleared bed or disorder in the work area. With the help of the screen you can make an apartment more cozy, make a retro design in the design. In the article, we will consider the features of using a screen in the design of a modern apartment.

White screen in the room

An openwork screen in the living room

Bamboo screen

White screen for the living room

Black screen for the living room


Consider the main advantages that the use of a screen in the interior of an apartment - and one-room, and more spacious.

The screen for the room is a great way of zoning space. This is its main functional purpose. For this purpose, the screen can be successfully applied in the interior of almost any apartment, even the smallest. If in the living room it is necessary to allocate a zone for communication and at the same time to equip the working area, the screen will help to distinguish these areas. In the bedroom, the screen is also useful - it will help to separate the sleeping area from the place for changing clothes.

Folding screen on castors of wood and glass

Black and white screen

Wooden Screen


Screen design

Screen made of plywood

The screen can perform a decorative role, it can become a real decoration of the room. Especially if it is carefully chosen for the style of the interior. So, the partition can be decorated with painting, decoration, elegant carving, etc. There are a lot of options.

The screen is practical - in case of uselessness it can be removed, when folded, it does not take up much space - it will fit perfectly on the balcony. And when you need it, you can get it again and use it.

Black and brown screen in the interior of the apartment

Glossy PVC screen

Screen in the interior of the living room

Country Screen Screen

Leather screen with illumination

The screen gives airiness to the room. Therefore, it can be used in those rooms where there is a massive monumental furniture - huge beds or walls. Screen curtain or screen will make such a room more "easy" due to its visual fragility.

With the help of a screen in the summer, you can protect yourself from the scorching sun by installing a partition opposite the window.

Screen of metal chains in the interior
Screen in Japanese style in the living room

The screen is red


Consider the most popular and often encountered variants of interior screens.

Folding or folding. These are classic screens. Usually they have three leaves, which form an accordion. Responsible for zoning space. The most common option. They are very convenient, if necessary, the partition can be removed, and it does not take up much space when folded. Ideal for a small one-bedroom apartment. Suitable for any room in the house, fairly stable. Most often they are made of wood or plastic. There are also glass models.

Folding screen in the bedroom

Laminated screen

Screen in the loft style

Metal screen

Screen in the style of Art Nouveau

Transparent metal. This option is an openwork fabric made by skilled for
ging. Such a screen in the interior does not add up, does not bear a special functional load. They are usually used as a completely decorative object. Therefore, more suitable for an apartment of a large area and for houses in a one-room apartment will be inappropriate.

Metal screen in the bedroom

Screen partition of boards

Screen under a tree

Screen with print

Curtain screen

Shelf-Shelves. This species is very functional. Simultaneously with the zoning of space, it also performs the function of storing things. On the shelves you can arrange trinkets, souvenirs, vases, store books and other useful items.

Shelf-shelf in the interior

Screen in the style of Provence

Screen. Such screens do not stack up. They are a straight vertical canvas, which is designed to make zoning space and, possibly, hide something. Most often they are made of plastic. They are very light, so they easily move from room to room - where it is needed at the moment. Suitable for a one-room apartment, very compact.

Such a partition is a strong frame - usually made of wood - on which a textile cloth is stretched. Usually a dense fabric like matting or flax is used. The model has a base or legs that give it stability. Sometimes it is supplied with wheels, with which it is easy to move around the house.

Beige screen-screen in the living room

Screen in retro style

The screen is carved

Screen with drawing

Screen with a picture of a tree

Flexible. This is the most modern type of partitions. Made of plastic, very stylish and functional. Suitable for modern interiors. Usually they are white, due to which the room becomes spacious and airy. Can take different forms - be round, and semicircular, and wavy. This diversity allows you to look at the design of the interior in a new way, make it more interesting. Zoning space with their help is easy.

Unusual black screen in the living room

Screen curtains

Screen Wiper Gray

Screen screen

Screen in the style of a shebbie-chic


We will understand, from what materials the screens are most often made.

Tree. This is a classic version of partitions. Wooden screen - the oldest version - even the progenitors-the Chinese used them. The tree is good because this material is light enough, it is easy to process and color. All this makes it possible to produce wooden screens of any designs, types and styles. In addition, wood is an eco-friendly material, it is safe, including for allergy sufferers, and for children. Wooden screen can be on wheels, which facilitates its movement.

Wooden screen in the bedroom

Folding screen

Plastic. Modern screens for interiors in the style of loft or high-tech are made from it. Plastic can also be stylized for other materials, for example, under the same tree. Plastic blinds are easy, inexpensive, practical, often on wheels. Quite a budget and stylish option, it is suitable for almost everyone, ideal for a one-room apartment.

Plastic screen in the interior

Metal. Screens from this rather heavy material are the most expensive. Most often, the septum is decorated with elegant forging, patina techniques and other treatments are also used. Metal screens are most often used as a stationary version of zoning space - because they will not be too often moved from place to place.

Metal and wood screen in the interior

Screen in the bedroom

Screen made of glass

Screen textile

Screen in the bathroom


Let us consider what methods of decorating the screens are most often encountered.

  • Thread. This remarkable decor is usually decorated with a wooden partition. Including, and a sliding accordion.
  • Forging. With this method, decorative metal models are decorated.
  • Pockets - with their help the screen is equipped with additional places for storage.
  • Decorative painting. This method is most often used to decorate Chinese screens in the traditional style. As a rule, such a screen is black in color, varnished and decorated with an elegant painting. They use floral ornaments, images of birds, animals, etc. In purely Chinese stylization, images of dragons, lanterns, and fantastic symbols are often used.
Beautiful wooden screen

Screen in the form of a fan

Screen in oriental style

Screen with mirror

Screen blinds

Screen in the interior of different rooms

How to use the screen in different rooms at home.

In the living room of a one-room apartment, the partition can perform the function of zoning space, while decorating it. In large living rooms, it is also possible to use openwork metal screens as a purely decorative piece of furniture.

Former screen in the bathroom

Golden Screen

If the bathroom has a window or you need a place for dressing, then the use of a screen in it will be quite appropriate. This room is more suitable plastic or glass options, which are not afraid of water. Well, if the curtain provides pockets or shelves, where you can store bathroom accessories and textiles.

For the bedroom, a wooden curtain, elegantly decorated, is more suitable.

Beige and brown screen in the bedroom
Screen with stained glass in the interior
Decorative screen in the office
Screen in the nursery
Black and white screen in the living-dining room

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