Pink Living Room (40 pics): beautiful examples of interiors and color combinations

Deciding that you need a living room in pink tones, it is worth exploring the issue more closely, because it is important to understand that the house is not just wallpaper, furniture, curtains, windows and walls, it is a composition of all of the above, creating a unique atmosphere of your home. The pink living room will become the center of the apartment, if you choose the right design.

Living room in pink tones
A pink pouf in the living room
Pink walls and ceiling in the living room

Influence of pink color on the person

This version of color evokes a feeling of lightness and gradually absorbs negative experiences, as if replacing them in the psyche with its easy and pleasant sensation. This is useful for those who need, after returning from the aggressive environment, drown in something pleasant and not requiring too much concentration of consciousness. Usually people associate pink with ice cream from childhood, or with something frivolous and weightless. Therefore, this color is good for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and rest. Making the same interior of the living room, you need to consider several rules.

Pink walls and accents in the interior of the living room
Pink combined with other flowers in the living room
Pink curtains and decorative pillows in the living room

Pink curtains and decorative pillows in the living room
Pink and white living room in the style of a cheby-chic
Pink table and carpet in the interior

Pink accents in the interior of the living room
Pink pillows in the interior of the living room

Pink pillows in the interior of the living room
Pink armchairs in a bright living room
Pink Roman curtains in the living room
Pink elements in the living room in the loft style
Pink cushions in a beige-blue living room

The rules of using pink in the design of the living room

Be sure to study all the shades of pink before starting to create your interior. Even if you really like one of them, do not rush, it is important to learn its properties and how it will be combined with furniture and other colors to solve your design problems.

Pink color can not expand the visual space of your home, so if there is such a need, for example, to create a more attractive image of a small reception room, you will have to apply some design tricks that are not directly related to the use of this color.

Wall of a rich pink color in the interior of the living room

Wall of a rich pink color in the interior of the living room

It must be remembered that the pink color is good only in combinations with others, decorating the living room entirely relying on different shades of pink is very presumptuous. In this case, the entire interior will merge into one color spot and it will lose all the positive impressions of your creative contribution to the design of the living room.

Practical approach to the selection of shades of pink. If in the interior you want to focus on how the curtains look, for example, leave the main space unloaded. If you need to create a feeling of relaxation, rest and tranquility within a person, decorate the walls in brighter colors. But it is important to know that from the brightest shades of this color - crimson or fuchsia, the human psyche on the contrary, comes to an excited state, so do not use them if your goal is to create an atmosphere of relaxation. In the case of combining the living room and dining room, it is good to use curtains of light cherry tones. This design helps to more comfortable absorption of food and stimulates appetite.

Pink, light green, white and beige in the living room

Be careful when creating walls, floors and ceilings in a pink living room, it is im
portant to remember that they should not only be in pink. If you act so recklessly, a person in this room will gradually become dizzy and become ill. Therefore, you need to use a pink color for the design of either horizontal or vertical surfaces. For example, pink wallpaper and white ceiling, or pink curtains, dark or gray tones of the floor, white furniture and walls of beige shades.

Pink and white curtains and pillows in the interior of the living room
Pink and white living room
Pink, black, white and beige in the interior of the living room
Pink wallpaper in the living-dining room
The pink wall in the living room
Silvery pink armchair in the living room
Pink sofa in the living room
Pink sofa in the living-dining room
Soft pink sofa in the bright living room
Pink sofa and accents in the interior
Pink sofa in a minimalist living room

Combinations of pink with other flowers

Soft sensations, which gives a pink interior, can be perfectly complemented by such colors and shades as:

  • Chocolate;
  • The black;
  • Gray;
  • White;
  • Beige;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Red.
Pink, black and white colors in the interior of the living room

Chocolate shade is worth using if you want a large room to make it more compact and cozy. To do this, use pink wallpaper or curtains, on the background of which the furniture is placed gray and dark gray tones. When using a combination of black and pink, it is advisable to contact a professional who will develop the correct design for you. This is important, since it is very easy to create a funeral atmosphere in a gloomy color instead of a bright combination that catches your eye and captures its unusualness.

Gray-pink design is considered a win-win course, because the use of gray tones gives a sense of calm. Pink wallpapers and furniture of gray shades give a wonderful relaxing effect. The combination of gray and pink has become a kind of classic, it perfectly suits such styles as the luxurious Baroque, Empire style, gray-steel high-tech and carefree country. An excellent addition will be the use of mirrors in the design of the room with such a gray-pink color scheme.

Pastel pink color in the interior of the living room

Pink-white pair, along with beige-pink is traditional. White furniture and pink wallpaper in combination with each other, allow for a well-chosen contrast of tones create different impressions. Lightness and airiness appear, if the white scale is less than pink, you can add gray shades to it. If the white component in the interior is larger, then, especially with the addition of gold tones, you can achieve a feeling of optimism and a positive outlook in the future. Beige and pink combination is considered a win-win, as it allows to add naturalness to the decoration of the living room. Imagination immediately transfers the guests to the beige-golden beach in the warm regions. Furniture beige tones well with the pink background of the room.

Pink and white sofa and carpet with pink accents in the bright living room

It seems that the green color does not fit the pink color, but this is only the first impression. Correctly choosing the shades, you can create a juicy, spring atmosphere in your living room. When using a combination of pink and blue, you need to carefully approach the selection of shades. If you combine the most delicate of them, you will get a very light and airy combination that will create a unique atmosphere in the living room. The total range of red and pink allows them to be well suited to each other, but it is important to remember that too bright red color irritates the eye, being a symbol of danger in the human psyche. Therefore use a burgundy tone, it creates a more pleasant impression.

Pink walls in the living room
Pink checkered curtains in the living room
Pink walls and decorative cushions in the living room
White and pink accents in the living room
Pink and gray living room
Modular pink furniture in the living room
Sofa pastel pink in the interior
Pink armchair and bedspread in the living room
Golden pink sofa in the living room
Pink accents and a sofa in the living room

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