Interior of the living room in classical style (53 photos): examples of beautiful design

The decoration of a modern living room in a classical style is the most common reception for decorating this room. Classic design attracts with its tradition, comfort and coziness. In addition, even if a person does not understand anything in interiors and styles, then when choosing a classical direction, he still gets a living room, more or less in the same spirit. Therefore, the classic style - a wand-zashchalochka for not versed in design and a chic way to make an excellent cozy living room in the house. Consider how best to perform the interior of the living room in a classical style, what nuances and features should be taken into account so as not to be mistaken.

Light living room in classic style

Bar in the living room in a classic style

Beige living room in classic style

Black furniture in classic style

Living room in classic style

Crystal in the living room in a classic style

Living room with fireplace in classic style


What are the main stylistic features of the classic living room:

  • Conservative interior. Moreover, in the classical style, this conservatism is strictly regulated and does not allow for obvious deviations from its traditional canons in design.
  • The geometric lines are clear and clear. Often the use of symmetry, avant-garde design with its broken lines and incomprehensible drawings is not allowed.
  • Traditional prints: ornaments, patterns, flowers. These drawings are suitable for all rooms in the house, including the dining room and living room.
  • Use expensive furniture and respectable interior items to decorate rooms. Cheap plastic chairs and other modern attributes are best left for another style. A classic means everything that is good, traditional and natural. It's great if there is a real fireplace in the living room or dining room - the design with his participation will be completed.
  • Carefully selected items of interior, furniture and decor. In the classical drawing room there is no place for random things. All components of the interior should be of the same style, their design should be harmonized according to the color scheme and the finishing method. This approach allows us to create a single harmonious picture of the space of the room.
  • Mirrors are used in a beautiful framework as a means of extending the room.
Living-dining room in classic style

White, golden and brown in the living room in a classic style
White and brown living room in classic style
White living room in classic style

Curtains with tassels in classic style

Marble columns in the living room in a classic style


Carpet in a classic style


What decorative elements are inherent in the living room in the classical style:

  • Various columns, porticos made of plaster or, possibly, marble. They give the living room a truly classic look. Columns can even be finished with a fireplace. But in a small room this method is not desirable.
  • The ceiling is often decorated with stucco. Usually, its design uses soft gilding.
  • Bronze shades are often found in the design of frames for paintings, choosing the color of curtains, this color is often made by a fireplace. This warm shade gives the modern living or dining room a cozy appearance and some ancient charm.
  • The design of rooms often uses stained glass.
  • Paintings in traditional carved frames depicting landscapes or still lifes. Also welcome are portraits of the owners of the house or their ancestors.
  • Forged candlesticks, porcelain, brass and bronze are those features of the decor that distinguish the classical drawing room. Decorative vases, statuettes - those elements, without which the classic in the living room, and throughout the house, will not be truly harmonious. These small details give it a style unity. They can decorate the fireplace or arrange on the shelves.

Most importantly - do not overdo it and choose for the living room only those things, furniture and decor, which will really decorate it. Do not allow the conglomeration of various accessories and items, because these details may lose the main meaning of the interior.

Red and beige living room in classic style
Gray-white living-kitchen in a classic style
Classical drawing room in brown tones
Beige-white living room in classic style

Red cabinet in classic style

Bed in a classic style

Couch in classic style

Chandelier in classic style

Furniture in the living room in a classic style


What shades and colors are most often used in the design of the living room of the classical style:

  • Special respect for this style is white. Clean, fresh and stylish, it can fill the space of the room with luxury and create a sense of novelty, light and peace. However, do not forget that it is very marquee, so it is not suitable for every family. It looks good in the small living room, as well as in the dining room.
  • Natural shades - those colors that perfectly match with the classical style. It is brown and its derivatives, as well as gray, beige, dark green, etc. For example, a brown fireplace is a real classic of the genre.
  • Such shades, as light green, light lilac, soft pink can make a fresh stream in the design of the classic living room. They also look great with the traditional interiors of the rooms.
  • Do not use bright, flashy shades for the room. Classical style chooses nobility and sophistication.
  • If you use light furniture, then it is better to use warm shades for textiles. This combination looks harmonious and exquisite. Conversely, dark furniture will look harmonious in the company of textiles of cool shades: blue, lilac, blue.
Beige-brown living room in classic style
Gray-white living-kitchen in a classic style

Modern classic interior style

Moldings in the living room in a classic style

Monochrome classic interior design

Marble in the living room in a classic style

Neoclassical style of interior

Tips for finishing:

    • The ceiling of the living room in the classical style is usually traditionally white, covered with matte paint. Will and

Actually, if the ceiling in the room is high. In this case, the elegant chandelier will look particularly harmonious.

  • For wall finishing apply either wallpaper or paint. The material should be high-quality, carefully selected in color and texture.
  • For the floor, parquet will be an ideal choice. Laminate - also good, but a little "wrong", because it is still an achievement of modern science. And especially inappropriate in the classical living room will look linoleum, even with a pattern of "under the tree." Parquet is necessarily covered with varnish, which gives the coating a characteristic shine and an "expensive" look.
  • Also for the floor, especially if the living room is of a significant size, ceramic tiles of color-matched elements with a traditional pattern will do. If the apartment is laid out a pattern of tiles on the floor, it is not recommended to cover the carpet or obscure the furniture. Therefore, it is logical to lay out patterns in the center of the room. Well, or make a symmetrical ornament that will nicely frame the fireplace and other stylistic details.
  • The design of doorways can be a traditional swinging wooden, and can be made in the form of an arch. The last option is especially relevant for a small living room.
  • For windows it is desirable to use beautiful wooden frames, rather than modern PVC.
  • Do not use a lot of modern high-tech equipment. In the interior of the classical living room can fit into a large plasma screen, but that's huge speakers, heaped computer and other equipment will already look inappropriate.
  • When decorating decorative elements is often used painting, sometimes manual. Even the ceiling and fireplace can be painted. In a small room it is better not to get carried away with painting - the size of the room will not allow you to appreciate its beauty.
  • Used mirrors in a beautiful framework as a technique to expand the room.
Luxurious classical living-dining room
Classical-style bordeaux-white living room

Wallpaper in the living room in a classic style

Living room in pastel colors in classic style

Ceiling of the living room in a classic style

Gilding in the living room in a classic style

Choosing furniture and lighting

What rules should guide you when choosing furniture for a living
room in a classic style:

  • The main rule - the furniture should be high-quality, good-looking and beautiful. It is best to order it according to individual parameters. But if there is no such possibility, then it should be selected with particular thoroughness. Choose proven manufacturers, suitable design, clear lines and clear shapes.
  • Use furniture made of natural wood, preferably from solid wood. The modern chipboard does not produce the respectable impression that needs to be achieved. In addition, if the living room has a fireplace, then the furniture can only be from the array.
  • Upholstery of upholstered furniture is better from dense fabric, or leather. A popular technique is the upholstery of the sofa darker in color by one or two tones than the decoration of the walls. Fabrics are also classic and traditional. Suit velor, satin, jacquard with its beautiful patterns and dense texture.
Stylish gray-white classic living room
Brown living room in classic style

The interior in the style of Provence

Painting on the ceiling of the living room in a classic style

Gray living room in classic style

Living room in the style of a cheby-chic

Bedroom in classic style

Classic table in the living room

Chairs in the living room in a classic style


  • An excellent ornament of the living room in the classical style will serve as a massive chandelier with pendants or candelabra. Its design can be multilevel. However, for such a design, the ceiling must be appropriate - in a small room it can not be placed.
  • Crystal and bronze - those materials that will be most appropriate when choosing lighting for the room.
  • Wall sconces in a single style perfectly complement the interior, will help zonate the room, highlighting a fireplace, rest area, etc.
Large living room in classic style
Mirror panels in the interior of the living room in a classic style

Light living room in classic style

Textiles in the living room in a classic style

Dark furniture in the living room in a classic style

Classical living room in dark colors

Bathroom in a classic style

Mirror in the living room in a classic style


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