Direct kitchen unit: advantages and features (23 photos)

The layout and number of square meters in the kitchen often set the main role in determining the functionality of the room and filling it with furniture. Therefore, there is no question of classical ergonomics and placement of objects here. People find a way out of any situation, making the kitchen area always cozy, functional and full of everything a good housewife needs. It is for elongated and rectangular rooms ideal for kitchen set direct. He maximally stylish and compactly fit in his line all the necessary furniture modules and built-in equipment.

Direct white kitchen unit
Direct kitchen set in classical style

Where to install a direct kitchen?

If the area of ​​the kitchen area allows, then often to the direct kitchen, add small elements in the form of an island, peninsula or bar. They dilute the overall geometry and make space more functional in fullness. If the footage of the kitchen is small, then it is best to fill the remaining space with a table, chairs, shelves or a soft corner. Direct kitchen set will be an excellent option in the following cases:

  • you are owners of the kitchen in only 3-8 square meters ("Khrushchev" or a small apartment);
  • The kitchen area is very narrow and elongated, with niches, windows and doors in uncomfortable places;
  • the kitchen is combined with the living room in the common studio;
  • the number of family members is no more than two;
  • the desire to install in the kitchen not only functional furniture, but also create a dining area with a soft corner;
  • The design of the furniture itself assumes a direct appearance.

You can not build on the generally accepted opinions and simply install a direct kitchen of your own choice. If in your opinion the kitchen will have an ideal appearance and design, performing all the functions and not taking up excess space - you can safely order or buy a direct kitchen set.

Direct kitchen set of wood
Direct kitchen set of violet color
Direct kitchen set with photoprint

Advantages and disadvantages

The kitchen of direct destination, like any furniture, can have its pros and cons. Each person evaluates them personally for himself and chooses the best option when filling the house with furniture and other things. The advantages include:

  • an easy and simple design project that does not require costs and painstaking work;
  • design in such kitchens can be done independently, even without the knowledge of graphic editors;
  • Direct kitchens are always the cheapest in furniture catalogs and stores due to the lack of complex shapes and corner modules;
  • The direct suite is always compact, comfortable and spacious due to the absence of corners;
  • everything is in direct access to the "outstretched hand" and is not blocked by unnecessary objects;
  • 3 meters of direct kitchen can be easily delivered and installed independently, saving a significant amount of money;
  • Direct set perfectly fits into any area and layout.
Glossy direct suite in the kitchen
Direct kitchen set in high-tech style

However, a kitchen set direct can also have serious flaws, which for many are important when choosing furniture for your home. The minuses include:

  • the ideal ergonomics of the kitchen is violated, the "triangle principle" does not work;
  • if the length of the kitchen is more than 3 meters, then in use it will be a lot of trouble and tired with quick cooking;
  • important elements (refrigerator, sink, stove) will be far from each other;
  • in a straight kitchen of small length it will be difficult to fit a refrigerator and other household appliances, thereby the working surface will be "broken", and the kitchen area will visually decrease by a factor of several times.

In the kitchens of this configuration, each person will feel differently. Someone will be annoyed by minimalism and clarity of lines, and someone will rejoice at the feeling that the kitchen has become long and resembles a professional work area.

Direct kitchen set in country style

Direct kitchen set red
Linear kitchen

Important Tips

Kitchen professionals have long created a whole list of things that need to be considered by equipping their own zone for storage and cooking.

Direct suite in a small kitchen
Direct suite in a minimalist style
Direct suite in the Art Nouveau style

Do not install the sink near the wall itself. This is fraught with a lot of inconveniences: the elbow will always fight against the wall, splashes of water will flood the edges of furniture and wallpaper, and the place where you leave the washed dishes immediately decreases by half. It
is necessary to leave a place for dishwashing in the form of a countertop from the side of the wall. The washing itself is best taken professional and deep, which will place inside the entire amount of dishes and will not fill the kitchen with water when washing.

In direct kitchens, it is best to make deep and roomy pedestals, where you can place all the utensils and small kitchen utensils. When designing or selecting kitchen modules, it should be remembered that there should be a space of about 1 meter between the headset and the opposite wall or furniture. Otherwise, the kitchen will become cramped and uncomfortable to use.

Direct modular kitchen set
Direct kitchen set with island
Direct kitchen set in Provence style

The main working area in the kitchens is 3 meters - this is the place between the sink and the stove. All products are processed here, the dishes are cut or formed. It is best if this area is the largest and roomy in the entire headset.

Direct Kitchen Unit
Direct kitchen set in pink color

Stove and refrigerator should not be near. If this can not be avoided, leave a gap of at least 15-20 centimeters between them. This is necessary in terms of safety, and also protects the refrigerator from grease and burning from the cooker when cooking.

Direct kitchen set in modern design
Direct kitchen set with dark facade

If possible, hide all household appliances in special cupboards-columns. There you can place a water heater, a gas heater, a washing machine, an extractor or a microwave oven. They will improve the appearance of the kitchen and protect these items from the accumulation of dirt and dust on their walls.

Direct suite in a narrow kitchen
Direct kitchen set with extractor fan

Such tricks will help make a direct kitchen set very convenient and practical to use. Decorating the kitchen area with functional and ergonomic furniture that perfectly fits into the kitchen of any shape and footage.

Direct kitchen set of yellow color

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