Compact storage in the kitchen (53 photos): easy ideas of organizing the order

Regardless of the large or small size of the kitchen, often before its owner the question arises: where to store all the utensils and household utensils? After all, the kitchen is an infinite number of items: cereals, knives, cutlery, dishes, seasonings, vegetables - and among all these things you need to put things in order, so that they are always at hand.

Proper storage in the kitchen makes it much easier to cook and clean in the kitchen

Storage of household chemicals in the kitchen

Compact storage in the kitchen

Compact storage in the kitchen pantry

Compact storage of coffee machine in the kitchen

In fact, the kitchen has a lot more space than it seems at first glance, and we offer you some ideas that will help you organize your space correctly by using all the cabinets, walls and corners.

Racks and shelves

  • Open shelves. You can make them with your own hands and put it in many different ways: on free walls, around the door, in the corner, under the ceiling, between the kitchen unit modules. This solution creates additional space in your kitchen. Beautifully placing on the shelves cups, glasses, vessels with cereals and spoons, books, you not only save space and keep the order, but also decorate the kitchen.
  • Entresol. Use the kitchen mezzanine to store things that you use less often than others. The actual idea for a hanging cupboard is to make it open, depriving it of cumbersomeness. If you do not have a mezzanine or a place for it - put a shelf above the door where you will store things in convenient drawers.
  • "Suspended" racks. This idea will allow you to turn away from the wall and cook, communicating with loved ones. Move your headset away from the wall and with modern metal structures organize open top systems. There you can put bottles, pots, vessels with loose cereals, containers with forks and spoons, hang cutting boards and pans.
Open dark shelves in the kitchen
Open shelves in a Scandinavian style kitchen
Open shelves with bright dishes will lift the mood for the whole day

Open shelves with bright dishes will lift the mood for the whole day
The open shelf for bottles and a hanging closet will greatly facilitate the meeting of the guests
Hinged cases and open shelves in the bright kitchen
In the open shelves you can put a microwave or a basket for storage
Convenient storage system for the kitchen
Wardrobes in beige kitchen
Wardrobes in a classic kitchen

Compact storage of containers in the kitchen

Compact storage of cereals

Compact storage in the kitchen in the loft style

Kitchen furniture

Unused places

The kitchen has many empty seats that can be used wisely:

  • The ends of cabinets will help organize a system for storing sanitary devices: a broom, mops, detergents. Especially good for this idea are high end cabinets, often located next to the refrigerator. In the upper part we put shelves for detergents, at the bottom - hooks for a mop and other. Also on the ends you can hang pockets for storage, which you can sew from a soft mesh with your own hands. In them you can keep towels and paper bags.
  • The walls are an excellent place to store pots and pans that do not fit in cabinets and drawers. An interesting idea is a metal panel with holes, into which hooks for dishes are inserted, here you can store knives. The panel can be painted to the color of your kitchen and used as a modern art object. Remember that the dishes placed in this way should always be in perfect condition and look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lower drawers can be installed under the kitchen modules. Usually there is a decorative lath behind which the furniture legs are hidden. But this space can also be used. In such boxes it is convenient to store flat objects, for example, pans, packages with towels, sponges, etc.
Place at the window easily turns into a working surface with the help of small shelves, where you can store spices, a knife stand or a coffee grinder. In order not to block the access of daylight through a small window, you can use glass shelves.
Kitchen window can be decorated with flowers
Plants on the kitchen window
Storage system in the kitchen box
Retractable storage systems in the kitchen
Inner sides of the doors of the kitchen set are easily equipped with hooks, on which you can hang brushes, gloves, rags for cleaning.

Metal shelving in the kitchen

Open storage in the kitchen

Kitchen Towel Rack

Additional modules

  • Movable worktop can be your work area in the kitchen. On its lower shelves it is convenient to store plates, cutlery, knives and other utensils. In addition, it easily turns into a simple dining or serving table. You can store such a tabletop in a corner where it will not disturb anyone.
  • If your kitchen is made in a classical style, then it, for sure, is decorated with columns or porticos. These seemingly immobile systems can be equipped with built-in shelves and store there seasonings, spoons, forks, cereals, bottles and products in vertical containers.
  • The table top can also be slightly transformed. Firstly, with its help you can conveniently and safely store the knives - make a slot in it where you will insert them. If the material of the countertop can not be sawed, then use a wooden insert. Secondly, on the countertop, you can put a box, leaning his bottom against the wall. This box turns into an additional corner for storage: vessels with cereals, plates, forks, spoons and other utensils. You can attach hooks to it and hang something on them. Third, in the countertop you can mount additional cabinets for household appliances.
  • The cabinet for growing seasonings can be hung on the wall. Normally, spices are grown on a window, but by moving them to a cabinet with open shelves (which you can make with your own hands), you will free up the valuable space of the window sill, where in the proper order place other things.
Railings - an indispensable thing in the modern kitchen. Their multifunctionality is impressive. Classically, they put on hooks and hang pots, pans, mugs, containers with cutlery. Some have places for roll towels, etc. On magnetic rails it is very convenient to store knives and attach paper recipes.
Convenient storage in the kitchen cupboard

Suspended storage in the kitchen

Compact storage on kitchen shelves

Compact storage of dishes in the kitchen

Compact storage in the kitchen cupboard

Storage of vegetables and other products

For fresh bread, a breadbasket is needed, but it clutters our valuable space. There are several ideas for storing bread, which you will carry out with your own hands. You can mount an additional wooden box in the table with a convenient lid and store it there - always at hand. A drawer can also be used to store bread, it is convenient to insert a glass board half the width into it and cut bread on it.

Remember that not all vegetables tolerate heat well, do not try to take large cupboards under them to store kilograms. An interesting idea is to decorate the vegetable corner directly on the kitchen wall. You can sew cotton or linen sacks for vegetables and hang them by hooks. On the wall you can hang beautiful baskets.

It is convenient to store vegetables in drawers next to the cutting area, that is, near the sink. You can make such a box yourself or order in advance the headset.

Storage of vegetables in the kitchen
Storage of food and bread in the kitchen
Vegetables should be stored in wicker baskets, wooden boxes or ventilated boxes.

Movable table with shelves in the kitchen

Compact storage of plates in the kitchen

Compact storage of appliances in the kitchen

Compact storage in a corner kitchen cupboard

We put things in order in the closet

Often the lack of space is a banal mess and the wrong organization of space in your closets and kitchen corners. Use the following tips to put everything in order.

  • All bulk products: cereals, sugar, condiments, salt and other must be placed in glass or plastic containers and sign. By inscriptions on the banks you will easily find the right product and maintain order.
  • Get rid of excess unused dishes, throw away the broken plates and cups.
  • High shelves take items that are used less often than others. There you can arrange everything that is stored in bottles.
  • It is rational to put high vessels closer to the wall, then medium ones, and the smallest ones near the door.

Proper storage and placement of dishes in the cabinets will save a lot of space and keep order - put pans, pans and plates in each other, depending on their size.

Compact ware storage
Compact storage of products
Compact storage of dishes in a drawer

Compact storage in a narrow drawer

Built-in closet in the kitchen

Drawers in the kitchen

Compact storage in the instrument box

Closed storage in the kitchen


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