Choosing a chandelier for the bathroom (20 photos): beautiful examples

The general rule how to light a bathroom, perhaps, does not exist. Everything depends on the tastes and preferences of the owners, the size and style of the decoration of the room. One of the options - a chandelier for the bathroom. If the design style in the bathroom allows you to equip the ceiling with a chandelier, you can install it as a single light source, or combine with a set of point lights or with other light sources. You can choose the classical options for chandeliers, or decorate the interior in a different style. Chandelier in the bathroom can be not only a beautiful element of decor, but also perform its direct function - fill the space with light.

Chandeliers in the style of art deco in the interior of the bathroom

How to make a choice of chandelier

In the bathroom very often there is a high moisture content in the air, which is a very weighty argument when choosing a chandelier for the bathroom. First, water and electric current - a dangerous company, so you need to know about some of the parameters of lamps when they are purchased:

  • Each ceiling lamp has a moisture-proof performance, which is always indicated on its packaging.
  • 12 volts - this is the least dangerous voltage for human tension.
Golden chandelier in the bathroom

About the fact that the chandelier has moisture-proof details and coatings, it is worthwhile to think also from another point of view. If there are no moisture protection factors, the chandelier will quickly become unusable. It can porzhavet, darken, the paint can begin to peel off and so on.

Metal chandelier and wall lamp in the style of Provence in the bathroom

In addition to the above mentioned waterproof technical aspects, the ceiling chandelier purchased should be ideal in terms of style of the room. Organic addition of the interior design of the bathroom, taking into account the size of the room - an important aesthetic function of chandeliers. You also need to know exactly how the chandelier will look on the ceiling. When choosing a chandelier for power, please note:

  1. On the size of the lamp. They should depend on the height of the ceiling and the size of the bathroom.
  2. Ceiling chandelier should be of such power to supplement and complete the picture of the light along with other sources: natural light from windows, wall sconces.
  3. What is the color spectrum of the bathroom, are there mirrors, many white reflective surfaces, and also transparent coatings.
  4. The play of shadows and glare of light in the room will create a lot of pendant ornaments on the chandelier. In the classical style - it's crystal or glass pendants.
Modern chandelier in a bright bathroom
Beautiful chandelier and wall lamp in Provence style in the bathroom
Silver chandelier in neoclassic style in the bathroom
Round modern chandelier in the bathroom

Where should be located ceiling chandelier

Any suspended ceiling structure must be a harmony of space. As a rule, in the classical version, the fixtures are hung in the center of the ceiling. If the chandelier is small, then wall and suspended lights will help supplement the picture of light.

Chandelier in the bathroom

A small chandelier will harmoniously make up the company for other similar small lamps. Arrange two, three in a row, or four small chandeliers on the ceiling in the bathroom, if the area of ​​the room allows it.

Round chandelier in a bright bathroom

One of the main tasks of lighting the bathroom is to give enough light in the mirror area. Acquire the ceiling lamps of directional light. In such chandeliers, it is possible to direct the light of the lamps in the necessary direction.

Lamps in a black and white bathroom

But to have in the bathroom models of illuminators, made in the style of stained glass - is not a profitable idea. In the bathroom, makeup and hairstyles are often done, and the stained-glass window will distort the colors.

Stylish wall sconces in the bathroom
Black chandelier in a modern black and white bathroom
Spotlights in the bathroom
Built-in lighting in the bathroom

Styles of ceiling chandeliers for the bathroom

To quickly find a solution to the issue of decorating the ceiling in the bathroom with light fixtures, it is first of all to study their styles. You will shorten the time to choose a suitable illuminator knowing what is right for you.

  • Chandelier in the style of a classic. In the classical style of chandeliers, you will find symmetrical shapes, some antique beau
    ty, precision shapes and reliability. Typically, the classic style implies expensive lamp materials: crystal, porcelain, leather, thin silk fabrics, semi-precious or ornamental stones. Most often when using the term "classical chandelier" is meant a chandelier made of crystal. That is important: at an abundance of expensive materials, all of them are used moderately. Silhouettes are elegant and simple, the details do not clog the big picture. Classic is a stylish product with no frills.
  • Style hi-tech (in translation - high technology) is due to manufacturability, simplicity and ideal functionality. As materials in hi-tech style there are plastic, metal and glass. Direct lines and shapes, the absence of any kind of ornaments, constructivism of forms - these are characteristic of the style of high-tech features. Within the framework of this style, it will be justified to use LED lighting. In contrast to how the ceiling chandeliers look, the tonality of the bathroom interior will change. LED suspended lights in the style of the production department give a cleaner light. LED lamps are much more economical. By size and shape, they can be as diverse as classical.
  • Chandeliers in the art-deco style - this is real art. A bathroom and a chandelier made in this style add spectacular and luxurious style. Stylized images take precedence over natural motifs. Art deco is a constant holiday, refinement and prosperity.
  • The Art Nouveau style is the symbolism of images, unexpected materials are combined here, the emphasis is on geometry and the interweaving of forms. In the modern style, lamps and chandeliers look like works of art. Modernism is designed to convey the mood of our century.

Chandeliers are also divided into ceiling and suspended. Obviously, ceiling light should be used where the ceiling height is small. In a plafond, as in a suspended ceiling, there may be several lamps.

Chandelier in classic style for bathroom
Chandelier in a cozy classic bathroom
Chandelier and sconce in the style of high-tech in the bathroom
Chandelier and sconces in the style of art deco in the bathroom
Spot lights and sconces in the art deco style in the bathroom
Pendant lamps in the bathroom in the Art Nouveau style

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