Bedroom in Provence style (21 photos): beautiful interiors and modern decor ideas

Provence - gentle and romantic, cozy and practical, refined and fascinating. Just a few words can describe the interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence and immediately move to the azure shores of France of the Middle Ages. And if you add a touch of intimacy to this homely atmosphere, then the place where our day begins and ends, becomes a charming paradise.

Cozy and spacious bedroom in the style of Provence

French charm and exquisite rustic style

Provence in the interior of the bedroom is considered a rustic style. But there is no rudeness and deliberate primitiveness here. Only an elegant chandelier, only harmonious with each other cabinets and chest of drawers. The room does not have heavy furniture, which the French monarchs liked so much, but the form, color and texture are successfully intertwined and combined without pretentiousness and theatricality.

Beautiful Provence style bedroom with floral wallpaper

The true masters of the style wear the design ideas for a long time, think through the design to trifles and necessarily take into account the main characteristics of the provence:

  • all materials are only natural;
  • the floors are wooden;
  • chandelier under the ceiling;
  • furniture carved from wood or forged;
  • on the walls plaster or simple paper wallpaper in a small flower;
  • handmade embroidery everywhere;
  • the most common drop-down curtains.

In everything, even in furniture, grace and extraordinary ease should be guessed. Having put a pair of bedside tables near the bed, the designers underlined these elements with the functionality and practicality of the style.

Beige and white Provence style bedroom

10 tips: we return to the past to grandmother's buffets

A modern city, a high floor, outside the window the city vanity and ever-hurrying people. And so you want to decorate your bedroom with the breath of old traditions, with scuffs and barely noticeable signs of withering.

Luxury Provencal bedroom

On a note! To give the interior of antiquity, it is better to turn to specialists: they know exactly how to translate the design you invented and your ideas into reality.

Selecting furniture for the room, in no case can not rush to the cabinet, bed, curbstone, chest of drawers, chairs and tables were successfully fitted into a thoughtful interior and brought positive emotions to the room. Thinking over the design, you need to take into account 10 tips of stylists and professionals.

  1. If the bedroom is small, it is more difficult to make out, but more economically, putting only a large bed, two bedside tables and an antique chest of drawers.
  2. Be sure to add one more idea to your ideas - to find grandmother's buffet from the last century.
  3. The bedroom in the style of Provence must necessarily remind the ancient France: shabby, the effect of peeling paint and faded stains.
  4. Furniture is desirable to choose in natural colors - walnut, maple, oak, chestnut.
  5. A white bed with carving will perfectly fit into the decor, but will bring a lot of problems with its impracticality.
  6. Knowing what kind of furniture will be, you can determine with the color and select the decor. Welcome green, beige, blue, shades of purple and yellow.
  7. White bedroom is more suitable for a girl.
  8. Women and even small girls love wild flowers. The design of a bedroom for a girl is better coordinated with her: she always wants to arrange bouquets of dried flowers and herbs everywhere.
  9. If it is a children's room for a very young girl, the decor should be thought of in pastel light colors with a pink tinge.
  10. Often the design is planned using stone. In this case, there are no wallpapers, stone walls on the walls. Chandelier and curtains, wardrobe and chest of drawers are selected to match the color of the stone.
White-lilac bedroom in Provence style
Flower prints in the bedroom in the style of Provence

More about furniture for the fans of Provence

If the room is large or even huge, its design will give the master of this business great pleasure. In a small bedroom, too, you can put furniture in sufficient quantities and still have to think about an excellent decor.

Beautiful decor for a bedroom in the style of Provence

Beautiful decor for a bedroom in the style of Provence

To a bedroom in the style of Provence was as close to the old times, the furniture is made only of natural wood, if desired, it can be white. The design of this sophisticated style involves placing a wooden bed in the center of the entire composition. You can hang a green transparent canopy over the bed to emphasize the romantic artistic image. The design allows a bed forged or iron, but with smooth lines very beautifully curved.

Advice! The decor perfectly complements the chest of natural wood dark cherry color. In his drawers the mistress will lay out twigs of lavender and wormwood leaves.

In the interior perfectly fit a rocking chair, on which, perhaps, your grandfather swung. You can put a stool or a pair of wooden stools.

Bedroom in Provence style with beams

Beautiful mansard bedroom in Provence style

The bedroom window is a whole art and a little magic

Design in the style of country is always interesting: it is constantly coming to mind all the new and new ideas, thoughts about where to order textiles, get the
right closet, which is suitable chandelier, whether you need wallpaper and curtains.

Combination of curtains in the bedroom in the style of Provence

Combination of curtains in the bedroom in the style of Provence

In the design of a bedroom in the French style a big role is played by a window and curtains, which should harmonize with the space and be practically invisible. It is necessary to pay attention to such tricks:

  • large window for daylight;
  • not curtains, but transparent curtains of coffee color with a strip of narrow lace;
  • inside you can put shutters that complement the decor;
  • the cabinet and chest of drawers should be placed away from the window;
  • if it's a child, you can put a large window sill on the window;
  • white curtains for country not suitable;
  • The chandelier is not necessarily massive, but transparent-gentle.

If the room has two windows located close to each other, in no case can be put between them cabinets or chest of drawers. It is better to look for other ideas and put the closet in a corner opposite the bed.

Large window in the bedroom in Provence style
Small windows in the bedroom in the style of Provence

Romance is something that girls always dream of

Children's bedroom - which can be more charming for a little princess, if the space around is airy and light. The decor resembles an endless lavender field, a chandelier with a gentle turquoise light illuminates the ceiling, cabinets and a small pink chest of drawers.

Provencal children's room

Important! Any children's room is made according to the age and interests of the baby. Only in this case the child will be comfortable in it.

The joy of the girl will not be the limit if her children's bedroom becomes like azure coast, and transparent curtains with barely noticeable flowers will develop on a large window. Curtains in the bedroom can be selected under the wallpaper, and the ceiling is decorated with a gentle stucco.

Large Provencal children's room
Teenage room in Provence style
Beige-green children's in the style of Provence

How to choose wallpapers and textiles for tender antiquity

Wallpaper in the bedroom is better to use textured. They miraculously imitate the classic finish. If you decorate wallpaper in loose colors, then the same textiles should be on windows and beds. If the design is already thought out by someone, you can bring it closer to the French style, slightly adjusting the decor.

Wallpaper calm tones in a small bedroom in the style of Provence

Textiles should be selected carefully, so that the curtains and curtains are weightless, slightly transparent. If the bed is white, you can throw a lilac veil over it and add some lilac flowers to the wallpaper and curtains. When ideas slip for the design of a country house, you need to choose textiles that are pleasant to the touch. It can be chintz or linen, cotton or muslin.

Important! Rough materials do not fit into the decor, if you want to recreate the Provence. Velvet, drape, heavy silk - inappropriate textiles.

An interesting solution for a gentle space will be a set of blankets with clasps. On the chest of drawers, you can throw a few lacy napkins, choose a small cabinet, especially if it's a nursery. If the chandelier does not quite fit into the design, it can be replaced with a coffee shade. A white pillow on a low puff and a pillowcase with ruffles also well complement the decor.

Beautiful bed with a frame in the bedroom in the style of Provence
Beautiful textiles in the bedroom in the style of Provence

A few interesting details for the realization of your idea

Bedroom in the old French style - it's not just bought up from grandparents cabinets, chandelier, beds and chest of drawers. There are invisible little things that work miracles and put ideas into practice:

  • a chandelier can be from a regular store;
  • different figurines and a vase of flowers can be put on a chest of drawers or a low cabinet;
  • children's bedroom - a colored chandelier, floral wallpaper and a variety of lightweight textiles;
  • Emerald chandelier on a blue ceiling - an excellent find.

Everything must be combined with one another in order to raise one's eyes to the ceiling, to look around the entire room and decide that the curtains, the closet, the wallpaper and the children's horse suddenly moved from Provence and froze in the bedroom for centuries.

Beautiful details in the bedroom in the style of Provence
Bright bedroom in Provence style

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