Bathroom wall design (19 photos): beautiful examples

Bathroom repair is a responsible and rather tedious task. It is necessary to purchase materials, conduct work, make sure that everything has been done qualitatively and correctly. But before the work must necessarily do the main thing - choose the design in which the bathroom will be decorated. Without this solution, even the best quality work will not bring the desired result.

Wooden wall and white mosaic in bathroom wall design

In this article we will consider such an important question - what are the features of the design of walls in the bathroom and how to choose the right variant of design correctly.

Features of the choice of design

Bathroom - a room with high humidity. Therefore, it is necessary that all materials used for wall finishing have a waterproof coating. You can use tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics and other materials. If you want a bathroom in loft style, you can make a design in the form of a brick wall.

Brown and beige tiles with patterns in the design of the walls of the bathroom

In the bathroom there may be temperature differences. Do not forget that some of the finishing materials on the walls can be sensitive to such differences. For example, a decorative stone.

It is better if the design of the bathroom was made in accordance with the design of all the other rooms in the apartment. If the apartment is designed, for example, in the style of high-tech, it will be inappropriate to design the walls of the bathroom in a classic or Baroque style.

Stone and Paint in Bathroom Wall Design

Requirements for wall coverings

Hygienic and easy to care for. It is necessary that the wall covering can be easily washed and cleaned without difficulty. Therefore, it is preferable to choose a smooth material with a minimum of seams, where dirt can get stuck. Coverings in the form of a brick wall or small tiles can cause difficulties in this respect.

Safety and environmental friendliness. Use for decoration of walls only the checked up materials having certificates of quality.

The wall covering must necessarily have resistance to various household chemicals and cleaning products, including aggressive ones.

A presentable appearance is a prerequisite. The bathroom should deliver, including, and aesthetic pleasure, therefore its design should be carefully thought through.

Painted walls in the bathroom
Bathroom finishing with stone

Material variants

Ceramic tile

This material is inexpensive and practical. In addition, the options for colors and textures of ceramic tiles are so many that it is not difficult to choose a stylish option for any bathroom.

  • Tiles - small and large - quite well cleaned, hygienic and waterproof.
  • Ceramic design does not "survive" too strong mechanical shocks. But even if the corner falls off the tile or it breaks, there is nothing to worry about - it can be replaced with another one without sacrificing the view of the wall.
  • As for prices, you can find ceramic tiles as inexpensive value, and use tiles from the latest designer limited collections, which already cost a decent price. Choose a wall covering, focusing on your purse size.
  • The installation of ceramic tiles, though causing some inconvenience with its durability, but also the result will last on the walls long enough.
Ceramic tiles in the design of the bathroom
Ceramic tiles with patterns in the design of the bathroom


  • Panels made of plastic are the most inexpensive option to make the design of the bathroom walls beautiful and stylish.
  • The colors of such panels can be a huge amount - choose to your taste, taking into account the style of the bathroom.
  • Panels are simply mounted, long serve, do not pass water and are very easy to clean. To remove dirt and spray from the surface, no abrasive agents will be needed - with the plastic, dirt can easily be "drained off" with a conventional wet sponge.
Beige plastic panels in the design of the bathroom

Beige plastic panels in the design of the bathroom

Of the minuses, it can be called that the plastic is flammable and too "keenly" reacts to mechanical damage. However, these shortcomings are so insignificant, they just fade in front of merit. Another drawback is that plastic panels are now widely used in the design of office buildings, offices, hospitals and other public institutions, so there may be a direct association that you are not in your own bathroom, but in the office of, say, a dentist. But if you paint the panels with interesting paint, then with such walls the room will become more cozy.

White plastic panels in the design of the bathroom


As this material now began to be produced with water-repellent characteristics, it is quite possible to trim them and the bathroom. Keep in mind that the waterproof gypsum board is different from the ordinary one in that it has a green color - buy it for a bathroom just like that.

  • Drywall is good because its properties allow you to decorate the bathroom in any, the most fantastic design - tiles and sheets of material are easily cut, cut, can be round and triangular, light and comfortable to work with.
  • This material has excellent sound and heat insulating properties. It can also be applied to the surface of a brick wall to hide it from view.
  • As the plasterboard itself is a rather unattractive material, it must necessarily be painted with paint or overlaid with tiles from the tile. Thus, the design of the walls becomes more interesting.
Plasterboard in the design of the bathroom

Decorative rock

Such material is able to make from the bathroom a luxurious chic room, directly hinting at the financial state of its owner.

  • If a natural stone - marble or granite - is quite expensive, then its synthetic counterparts will cost much less and at the same time they will also look quite presentable, beautifully decorating the walls.
  • A stone can be laid out, except the walls, and a bath.
  • Decorative stone - an eco-friendly and safe material, perfectly repels water. In addition, it does not form fungus and mold, so you will be reliably protected from this scourge affecting wet rooms.
  • A small bathroom can become even smaller, if you overlay it with a stone - keep this in mind.
  • This material is quite fastidious during installation. Therefore, it is better to entrust the work to professionals.
  • When caring for a wall lined with decorative stone, especially if it is of natural origin, it is strictly recommended not to use products containing any acids. Otherwise, the design and appearance can be messed up.
Gray decorative stone in bathroom design

Gray decorative stone in bathroom design
Brown decorative stone in bathroom design

Self-adhesive film

This variant of a wall covering - from those methods which are called "cheaply and angrily". Due to the variety of assortment, ease of use and low cost, this finishing material, along with tile and painted walls, has received universal recognition and enviable popularity. Features:

  • Self-adhesive is produced in such a wide range of colors that you can decorate the bathroom in any, even the most incredible color. However, stylists recommend to stay on natural, natural scale. Such a film will make the design of the room calm, cozy, conducive to relaxation and relaxation. A painting can add originality to the film.
  • The film is easily glued to any smooth surface. But it will not stick to the plaster. For a brick unprocessed wall, too, will not work. Walls should be at least painted or from large tiles.
  • For the film simply to look after - it is enough to wipe the surface of the walls with a damp sponge to bring cleanliness. It's much easier than taking care of a brick wall in loft style.
  • Of the minuses can be called insufficiently long service life - the film can only be used as a temporary cover to make an unusual design in the "gray days."
  • You will not call it a durable material. In addition, the film "cheapens" the type of premises - therefore, if you want to create a respectable image, then it definitely will not do. Even dyed with the usual paint of the wall are more "expensive" look.
Self-adhesive film in bathroom design
Self-adhesive film in the design of the bathroom


  • This wall covering is one of the most popular due to the variety of colors, cheap cost and quite a beautiful and stylish look that gives.
  • Apply the paint only to carefully leveled walls - otherwise the paint will accurately convey all their irregularities, bumps and flaws. The surface of the brick wall must be plastered beforehand.
  • Paint can last a long time, especially if you choose its version on a latex basis.
  • The bath, painted with special acrylic paint, will also acquire a second life.
  • Simple painting allows you to create a diverse design, for any style. With the help of paint, you can decorate the walls of the bathroom with various paintings, ornaments, patterns, elegant paintings. Even a bath can be painted.
  • The walls, painted in different colors, you can make a pleasant variety in the interior of the home.
Orange paint in bathroom wall design
Brown paint in bathroom wall design

Unusual coatings

Modern designers are not too shy in choosing the means for finishing the room. Therefore, for the bathroom you can come up with quite interesting original design options.

So, you can make one of the walls, for example, completely mirror. In addition to its obvious aesthetics, such a reception will also visually expand the room. But careful maintenance of the mirror surface will be necessary. Because of the stains and splashes on it, the entire bathroom will lose its appearance. As an option - you can decorate the walls with a mirror tile.

Paint and tiles in the bathroom decoration

Mosaic is also suitable as a variant of the original design of the bathroom. Small elegant pieces of multi-colored smalt make from a usual bathroom a magnificent premise. However, such work is very laborious and will cost a very large sum.

Gray and blue-white tiles in the design of the walls of the bathroom
Beige and white bathroom wall designs

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