Bathroom interior design 6 sq.m (50 photos): options for planning and finishing the room

Most of the bathrooms in our country, which are located in standard standard apartments, have a size of two to three, a maximum of four meters. Therefore, if you have a bathroom 6 sq.m. m is a great success. In this square, you can beat almost any design, implement a variety of ideas, even very extravagant, to implement any project, create the most unusual interior - to express your imagination to the fullest. In the article we will consider - how correctly and competently to realize the design of a bathroom in the size of 6 sq. M. m.

Bright bathroom design 6 sq. M
Mosaic in the design of the bathroom
White, black and brown in the interior of the bathroom

Bathroom features 6 square meters. m

What are the main distinguishing features we can distinguish from the bathrooms occupied in the apartment 6 square meters. m:

  • Combined version. If the bathroom includes a toilet, then in this case it especially needs ideas that expand the space. Carefully designed design, well-designed design will create a beautiful interior.
  • Separate bathroom. If you are lucky doubly and the bathroom is completely separate from the toilet, then 6 square. m can arrange plumbing and furniture, no longer particularly adhering to the strict rules of space saving - this layout is quite possible.
  • Bathroom in 6 sq. M. m can afford to use a fairly massive plumbing, not particularly embarrassed in its choice. Do not have to be content with a miniature shower tray or long to wonder where to put a laundry basket and a washing machine. The design and interior of such a bathroom provides space for every necessary thing. In addition, there are many options in choosing a finish.
Design in the bathroom in the Art Deco style
Beige and white bathroom
White and blue bathroom
Emerald-white bathroom with shower
Black and white bathroom design

Bright bathroom design 6 sq. M
Green accents in the white-gray bathroom
Mosaic in the design of the bathroom
Bathroom in pink-beige tones
Salad-white bathroom with shower
Brown-white bathroom design with shower
Design of a brown bathroom

What will fit on 6 square. m

What items of furniture and sanitary ware can be quite comfortable and free, without prejudice to the convenience of the owners, place on 6 square meters. m:

  • Bath - usual or angular, as an option - choose the right project with a Jacuzzi.
  • A shower cubicle - to be it or not - is the choice of each apartment owner. There are people who, having a bath, almost never use it. In this case, you can choose the design of a bathroom with one shower cubicle - the place and money will be saved. In addition, now on sale you can find shower cabins with a small pallet, in which it is possible to pour water to give splash to children. The design of the shower booth can be very stylish - the interior from its availability only wins.
  • In the combined version it is necessary to place on 6 sq. M. m is also a toilet. Such a project will be more complicated, but, nevertheless, the interior of a combined bathroom can be quite attractive.
Stylish brown-white bathroom
Mosaic in bathroom design 6 sq. M
Bathroom in a marine style
Black, white and brown in the interior of the bathroom
Blue and white bathroom
Bathroom design in brown tones
Black and white bathroom 6 sq. M
Black and white bathroom in Art Deco style
Beautiful bathroom design
Turquoise-white bathroom
Tile for brick in a bright bathroom
Black walls in the bathroom

Colors and decor

How best to decorate the bathroom 6 square. m:

  • Often now, to decorate a bathroom of a decent size, contrast design is used: when the top is up to the middle of the wall - light and the bottom - dark. In this case, the walls and floor are decorated with traditional tiles, and sometimes - with mosaics or tiles made of porcelain stoneware. Such a project is good because it visually expands the space, making the bathroom spacious.
  • If you decorate the bathroom in the traditional version - monophonic, then a good solution is to add a little boring design with bright or relief inserts. Such a project will make the premises more alive and modern.
  • The decoration of walls with tiles with an ornamental pattern or a border with an ornament is an excellent and often meeting technique that allows to impart a stylish and noble appearance to the bathroom.
  • Black and white bathroom - classic of the genre. Despite the strict monochromism here, too, there is where to "turn around" the design fantasy. Options for finishing: black and white tiles can be laid out in staggered order, you can make a black bottom and white top, a black bathroom with white details, etc. The main thing is not to make a bathroom striped - from the alternation of black and white stripes, In eyes.
Bright bathroom
Bathroom layout
Cozy lighting in the bathroom interior
Black and white bathroom 6 sq. M
Red and white bathroom
Blue decor in the bathroom
Black and white bathroom design
Contemporary brown-white bathroom
Violet-white cozy bathroom
Stone in the finish of the bathroom
White-blue bathroom in Greek style
Black, white and pink colors in the bathroom interior


A few useful nuances that will help in the best way to decorate the bathroom space:

  • Of course, a bathroom with a decent area is fine. But if you want to accommodate several massive objects in this area at once, then you need to take care of ergonomics so that there is room for free movement. Space hanging toilet bowls, a bath with a non-standard triangular shape, will help to save space - this design will perfectly fit into the far corner of the room - an ergonomic layout will save you a lot of space. Think about a sink a little smaller than usual. As shown by the experts' research, the size of the washbasin in the bathroom practically does not at all affect the "quality" of the services it provides, the exterior design and interior do not suffer either. By such a deliberate saving in the bathroom space of 6 sq. M. m perfectly fit and still a wash
    ing machine, and a locker for household chemicals and hygiene products, and even a laundry basket.
  • Excellent advice - before planning repairs, buying plumbing and furniture in the bathroom, pre-study all sorts of design projects that are now widely available on the Internet. Various options for the design of the bathroom area of ​​6 square meters. m can push you to interesting thoughts and give good ideas on how to decorate the interior.
  • The project of a bathroom for 6 sq.m. m allows you to make this room a real designer "masterpiece". You can even hang a real ceiling chandelier, decorate a mirror on the wall with exquisite candelabra, and decorate the room with other original methods. All these details, as well as suitable tiles and other finishing elements, will make the interior of a typical bathroom luxurious.
  • Think carefully - how everything will be located in the bathroom. Measure its parameters, accurately calculate - how you will navigate the bathroom, when all the furniture and plumbing will appear in their places. It is important that nothing interfered with free movement - so that there was no danger of bumping into sharp corners and bulging elements - such an interior would only cause inconvenience.
  • As for lighting, the designers recommend for a medium-sized bathroom to create multi-level lighting - at least to have 2 levels. For example - a central ceiling lamp and on the sides of the mirror there are still sconces. If you want to add soft scattered light to your bathroom design, place a spotlight near the floor along the perimeter of the bathroom.
  • If you want your bathroom to become visually larger, purchase a few hinged lockers with mirrored doors. They will play a functional role as a warehouse for important trifles, and a mirror design visually increases the bathroom by half.
  • The use of glass shelves, worktops of strong tempered transparent glass will give the room airiness and lightness, visually expand it, will do more. This design creates a "weightless" interior, which will turn the bathroom into a stylish and beautiful room.
  • As for the ceiling, the suspension options for designing such a bath are the optimal solution. They can be made in any design, look great, make the room complete, expensive and noble.
  • Do not use too much decorative finishes while decorating the bathroom. Otherwise there will be a feeling of congestion, and the room will visually become smaller. In addition, all the decorative elements should not be massive and cumbersome. Better - small or medium-sized - so your bathroom design will become truly thoughtful and stylish.
  • The design with a diagonal pattern on the walls will visually make the bathroom wider, and the horizontal will lengthen the room, but it will make it more squat.
Beautiful design of a bright bathroom
Tile under the stone and wood in the bathroom design
Gray-white bathroom
Beige tiles in the bathroom with a shower
Wooden panels in the bathroom interior
Stylish Art Deco bathroom
Cream white bathroom
Beige and white bathroom
Beige, black and wenge in the bathroom interior
White and blue bathroom
Brown-white bathroom

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