Bathroom in loft style (20 photos): industrial chic

Every lucky owner of his own bathroom wants to see the interior of this room stylish, beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, starting the repair, the owner of the bathroom sorts out all possible options for her style solution. There are a lot of options - from the classical style to the ultra-trendy high-tech. But if a person prefers a functional, modern interior, then it's worth to take a closer look at the solution, like a bathroom in loft style. In the article, we will examine the features of such a bathroom and find out what requirements this room should meet.

Black-gray loft-style bathroom

Features of a bathroom in loft style

Style loft in the interior reflects the desire of urban residents to nature and greater freedom. In addition, the loft-style finish expresses a kind of person's protest against the excessive decorativeness of the living space.

Loft means a spacious room. If you leave unplastered brick walls in a small bathroom, you may get the impression that the repair is not finished. Yes, and the room will resemble, rather, a closet, rather than a luxurious bathroom. While in spacious interiors such walls will fit organically. But the tile or stone for the decoration of the walls, too, will do.

White and brown loft style bathroom

Bathroom in loft style must necessarily have several functional areas, separated by different finishing materials or their colors. Fixtures, furniture and accessories can also help zonate space.

Excellent bathroom loft style people who do not hesitate to express their thoughts, used to think creatively, appreciate originality and freedom of expression.

Bright bathroom in loft style

The loft style in the bathroom welcomes sophisticated modern materials. This glass of various types and varieties, and artificial decorative stone, and high-quality durable plastic, and translucent polycarbonate. Of these materials can be made and furniture, and lamps, and decorative tiles.

Rough surfaces and deliberate incompleteness are hallmarks of loft style. Typically used relief texture tiles and a kind of rough functional furniture. Accessories and fixtures are also chosen to match the surfaces.

Loft style bathroom with brick wall

Industrial motives are what the loft-style principle is based on. As the direction of the loft "grew" from the peculiar stylistics of the empty abandoned industrial premises of factories and factories that were designed for residential purposes, it is very close to it an industrial theme. Decorating the bathroom with pictures and details in an industrial style, shiny surfaces, stylized with brass or steel, you will master the original area of ​​the room. Properly selected fixtures and furniture will complement the interior.

Unusual accessories will be the highlight of the interior. No excessive decorativeness is not used. It is important that all elements of decor, furniture and fixtures have a rough and concise surface reminiscent of the functional design of machines or appliances.

Cozy loft style bathroom with brick walls

The entire bathroom should be "as in the palm of your hand," especially if it is small. Space in the loft style is always open: remember how the production halls look like - the grandparents of style. Furniture is therefore used at a minimum, and fixtures should brightly illuminate the room.

Plumbing can be as up-to-date, emphatically expensive and functional, and stylized as a vintage. In the latter case, brass washbasins, painted in a steel color toilet and bathroom are welcome in the interior. Tile, too, should be suitable for the rest of the interior.

Cozy bathroom in loft style

Pipes in the bathroom loft remain in sight and also play a role in the interior. They can be dyed in a color appropriate to the overall design or be made of an emphatically modern plastic.


Choosing furniture in the style of the loft, keep in mind that it, too, must correspond to the general style. Even if it is wooden, it should have metal, plastic and other elements reminiscent of its functional purpose. Of course, in the decor of the furniture there should not be any patterns, cute decor and such details. Tiles and lamps also should not have excessive decor.

Modern black and white loft style bathroom

Bathroom in loft style looks great if it has a window. This design direction welcomes a lot of light, so the presence of natural light will be superfluous. It is worth thinking about artificial lighting. All lamps and lamps must be made of metal or plastic. Dot lighting will complement the interior. Use not one, but several lamps, large and small - with their help you can easily zonirovat bathroom interior.

Black brick wall in the bathroom in loft style

White-brown bathroom in loft style
Bathroom in loft style with wood trim


Consider what materials best emphasize the design of the bathroom in loft style.

  • Relief stucco. Textured surfaces are a distinctive feature of the style. Therefore, as best as possible for finishing the walls is suitable plaster, creating a relief, uneven surface. For example, it could be the famous "bark beetle". Textured decorative tiles are also widely used.
  • Naked concrete - deliberately, stylistically aged. Such a surface would be appropriate to look in the bathroom in loft style. However, be careful - too much concrete can make the area of ​​the room uncomfortable, give an uninhabited appearance. To brighten the interior bright spots of warm shades "scatter
    ed" around the room will help. It can be a bright curtain or towels, other details.
  • Brickwork, unplastered. Such a stylized, rough red brick wall is a common welcome when decorating rooms in loft style. On sale there is even a special decorative tile, which simulates such a wall. Be sure to select the appropriate fixtures and furniture to complement the industrial interior.
Small bathroom in loft style
Bathroom with shower in loft style
Bathroom with white tiles in the loft style
Bathroom in loft style with silver accessories
Bathroom in loft style with black walls and ceiling


We'll figure out what furniture should be used for a bathroom in loft style.

  • This unusual style welcomes and equally unusual furniture. It can even be authored, single copies. Maybe furniture in an abstract performance, a bit incomprehensible and futuristic.
  • Material for manufacturing: metal, plastic and glass - the most common combination. Modern designers create real works of art from these simple materials, so the choice of furniture will not be very difficult.
  • A simple rough bench made of wood is perfect for the interior of such a bathroom. And it will be supplemented by the same shelves or cupboard and suitable tiles. Of course, the size of the bathroom should be appropriate to accommodate all these interior items.
  • Chromed elements are suitable for furnishing furniture in loft style. It can be metal handles, lining-corners, and other details. They will complement the interior and give a special atmosphere to the room.
Bathroom in loft style with wooden top
Fashionable bathroom in loft style
Beautiful bathroom in loft style
Bathroom in loft style with wooden ceiling
Brown, gray and white in bathroom design in loft style

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