Bathroom decoration in a private house: layout features (23 photos)

It's a long time ago when the bathroom in a private house seemed like a pipe dream. Today, residents of the private sector are burdened with much less restrictions in the implementation of desires for the arrangement of premises than the owners of urban apartments. Not to mention the new houses, the size and layout of which has the possibility of incorporating any innovations, the owners of long-built buildings can make the necessary adjustments to the project. It concerns also sanitary premises: a toilet and bathrooms.

Bathroom in a country house

Difficulties that can arise, in fact, are easily overcome simply if an objective and consistent action plan is drawn up. There is no difference - in a wooden, brick or monolithic house it is planned to make a bathroom arrangement, you should do only 5 steps so that a comfortable comfortable bathroom opens the door to its users:

  1. Prepare a project for the public supply of sanitary rooms.
  2. Develop a project for the placement of bathrooms and toilet facilities in the house.
  3. Identify the materials that will remove the ceiling, walls and floor.
  4. Make a choice in favor of certain types of sanitary appliances and furniture.
  5. Calculate the draft budget for the arrangement.

The concept of communal supply

A competently made plan and completed communal provision of rooms is the main prerequisite for reliable and comfortable operation. Utilities include: cold water supply, hot water supply, sewerage and water disposal, power supply, which includes systems for supplying electricity and heat, a system through which ventilation is provided.


Cold water supply in a private house in the absence of available centralized engineering and utility networks is provided by autonomous pumping stations from wells or wells. The bathroom in a wooden house can be supplied with hot water either from an individual electric or gas water heater or from a common system designed to provide the whole building with heat and hot water.

The project of laying pipes to provide sanitary facilities with hot and cold water should be integrated into the overall design of the water supply system at home. It is necessary to provide for the inclusion of shut-off valves in the pipelines for emergency shutdown in case of emergency situations.


Wastewater and sanitation in a wooden house is increasingly less dependent on centralized systems due to the constant increase in tariffs. The market offers many effective autonomous systems for any number of planned sewage sinks.

The ventilation of the bathroom plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the room. In a well ventilated room, there is less likelihood of the emergence and development of pathogenic microflora, mold and fungal infections.

Bathroom Lighting

The electrical design should be carried out in accordance with safety regulations. All electrical appliances must be properly grounded, and protective short circuits must be included in the circuit.

Accommodation of sanitary rooms in the room

It is recommended to place the bathrooms in the vicinity of the toilet. In multi-storey buildings sanitary-hygienic rooms are placed to be placed one above the other. This layout allows saving on laying pipelines for drainage and channeling devices, through which ventilation will be provided.


Ventilation in the bathroom

The walls of the bathroom should be insulated when outward. Cold walls will not only create thermal discomfort, but also condense on their surface water, which is already abundant in rooms with high humidity. Observance of the same conditions requires a ceiling. It is unacceptable that cold condensation drips onto the floor and all surrounding during water procedures. In a wooden house, condensate can cause premature putrefaction in the structure.

Bathroom in a wooden house

A private house allows you to provide windows in the bathroom. This is not a tribute to fashion and not excess. Windows serve as an additional source of light and at the same time natural ventilation.

It is clear that the windows made in the room must have sufficient thermal insulation properties.

Bathroom in a wooden house
Bathroom with window

Bathroom with window

Design and finish of the bathroom

Finishing the bathroom does not begin with design. First of all, waterproofing measures should be carried out. The walls, floor and ceiling of the bathroom should not allow moisture to pass into the rooms adjacent to them. Yes, and the load-bearing structures of the house (especially this is actual in the wooden structure) should be reliably protected from the harmful effects of excess water.

Next, you should pay attention to the ceiling. Materials with which the ceiling can be inscribed into the overall design of the sanitary room, you can list a lot. Among the most common:

  • polymer panels;
  • MDF panels;
  • tension options;
  • suspended structures;
  • panels in wooden design.

The big role of the ceiling is in how the overall interior of the room will look. In case the bathroom and toilet are combined, the ceiling can zonate the space. With the proper design of the ceiling, space visually expands or, conversely, reduces the perception of the height of the room.

ceiling in the bathroom

ceiling in the bathroom

ceiling in the bathroom

ceiling in the bathroom

The floor in the bathroom can be equipped with ceramic or polymer tiles. Has the right to life interior with the use of moisture-resistant laminate. Often there is a floor in wooden execution. It is clear that in this version, preliminarily treatment with antiseptic compounds is necessary.

floor in bathroom

Wooden floor in the bathroom
Fantasy floor made of ceramic tiles

Finishing, with which the walls will acquire a beautiful texture, should be made of materials that can withstand a prolonged exposure to moisture and direct exposure to significant amounts of water. Walls made in a reflective overall design of the room style can be arranged by applying a polymer or MDF panel, a ceramic tile. When using wooden elements, you get a warm and cozy interior.

bathroom in the house

bathroom in the house

bathroom in the house

"Фактурные" стены в ванной комнате

The options for finishing the toilet and bathroom can be varied. The importance is the size of the room, an individual layout, finally - the size of the budget.

Sanitary appliances and furniture

The choice of the model of plumbing fixtures and furniture should fit into the plan on the basis of which the interior of the room is created. Sanitary rooms, equipped with a window, can be completed with objects of dark tones. The layout of the bathroom and toilet in case of their combination should provide for beautiful, not necessarily cold or white colors of appliances and furniture.



bathroom furniture

Calculation of the budget for the arrangement

The main expenditure part of the budget should be recognized as the cost of utilities: ventilation and the purchase of sanitary equipment. Although each specific project dictates its spending conditions, beautiful, comfortable bathrooms are not uncommon in private homes. Each homeowner is able to afford such a small, but such a necessary luxury.


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