Bar stools for the kitchen (49 photos): how to choose the right shape for the color

Modern kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also a recreation area. In it, everything should be perfect, starting with the interior and ending with the accessories that adorn the kitchen. New high technologies gave impetus to decorating kitchens unusual for post-Soviet people with furniture and appliances. To this element can be attributed wooden bar counters. More or less well-off citizens have long equipped the kitchen facilities with this decor element.

Dark wooden bar stools for the kitchen

Features of chairs for a bar rack

The height of any bar is greater than that of a simple table. This means that the bar stools for the kitchen, located near it, must meet certain criteria. This is necessary for comfortable landing and the ability to reach out to any point of the rack. Chairs for a bar rack, not meeting these criteria, are unsuitable for use.

Bright yellow bar kitchen chairs with wooden seat
  • The height of the chair should correspond to the height of the rack. Too high or low chairs, will not allow to sit for a long time without feeling tired.
  • The chair should have a footrest. This is also necessary for the convenience of landing, if it is not provided for in the design of the chair, then the seated person will constantly slide down.
  • It is desirable that the high chairs have a swivel mechanism. This is an optional requirement, but it will not be superfluous in any case.
  • Adjustable height. A useful function, the role and importance of which does not need comments.

Bar stools for the kitchen, meeting these criteria, will surely please all guests visiting the house.

White bar stools for kitchen
Classic bar stools for kitchen from leather and wood
High wooden bar stools

Materials for chairs

There are many options and each of them is magnificent in its own way. High chairs are usually made of wood. Such wooden seats, the height of which is finely adjusted, look solid and prestigious. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, because all the substances by which the wooden parts are processed, meet strict safety standards.

Beautiful wooden bar stools

The second most common material is metal. Such chairs fit well in many kitchen designs, the most preferred of which are:

  • High tech;
  • Techno;
  • Cosmo.

Such chairs are much stronger than those that are made of wood. It must be said that high chairs made of wood are not very reliable in themselves and easily scratched, and also get chipped even from weak strokes.

Original bar stools made of metal

Plastic - the material that accompanies kitchen interiors right from the Soviet era. Even today, it has not lost its relevance. I'm glad that today plastic products are much better than even ten years ago. Such bar stools for the kitchen are in perfect harmony with modern design solutions, especially those made using wood.

Red bar chairs made of plastic and metal

These design options, of course, are not the only ones that are used in the production of bar stools. Some exotic models are made from Plexiglas or pressed paper. But such products are very expensive and look no better than wooden ones.

First of all, those materials, from which classical chairs for bar runoff are produced, should be:

  1. Environmentally friendly.
  2. Resistant to water and direct sunlight.
  3. Durable.
  4. Durable.
  5. Have a nice appearance.

Also, you need to consider the design features of the interior.

Bar stools for kitchen with wicker seats

Bar stools for kitchen with wicker seats
Such a black chair is perfect for neoclassical or even rustic kitchen style
White bar stools in the interior of the kitchen

Varieties of chairs for a bar rack

Planting places for bar counters are conventionally divided into stools and chairs. The difference is that the first does not have a back. This is an unfortunate decision, since it is impossible to sit on such a stool for a long time, the back is numb, although the height is the same, the dimensions too.

Another criterion that separates the bar stools for the kitchen is the opportunity to add them. This is important for those rooms in which there is a deficit of free space. This solution does not allow to turn the kitchen into a furniture warehouse.

Green bar stools in the interior of a light kitchen

Seat form

There are a lot of options, beginning with the classic ones, finishing with very exquisite ones: an asterisk or a tiger stencil. Needless to say, such chairs are not very comfortable, it is better to stop at the classics.

Round chairs are convenient for planting and do not cause fatigue of the back with prolonged use. Objects of furniture of this form look modern and well in harmony with any interior. They express ease and mobility

Square seats are no less common, but have a slightly different concept. Chairs of this form look solid, they are suitable for leisurely people who prefer vintage interiors. These chairs are considered the most comfortable, the main thing is that the height is correctly chosen.

Black bar stools with a square seat

Number of legs

The classical version is a chair with four legs. It is securely fixed on the floor and does not swing with inaccurate movements of the person sitting on it. Such chairs are large, and therefore do not have high mobility.

Trenogie chairs are lighter and more mobile than those that have four legs. They also have a more dynamic appearance. This option is more like for light and living interiors.

There are high chairs that do not have legs, and are located on the plate, less often - on some mini-composition of wire plexus or plastic. This is a rather interesting option, well combined with different interiors. However, the mobility of such chairs leaves much to be desired, it is frankly inconvenient to move them.

Regardless of the shape of the seat, the chair can be soft and stiff. It all depends on the design style of the room and the desire of the buyer. It is worth noting that those chairs that have soft upholstery, with prolonged sitting cause a feeling of fatigue in the back. This is easily avoided if the height of the chair is correctly selected.

Four-legged bar chairs with soft seats
A beautiful chair with four legs and a red seat

Choice of chairs with an interior

It would be foolish to put a metal chair "high-tech" in the kitchen, made in the style of English vintage. Harmony - that's what matters when choosing any piece of furniture, including chairs for a bar.

  • For a kitchen with bright lighting and white tones, high chairs made of white metal are best. They complement the overall interior and add additional bright notes to it. Chairs made of light wood are also suitable here.
  • Wooden chairs are perfect for those kitchens that are tempered in moderate tones and carry silence with muted light.
  • Non-standard kitchens require non-standard bar stools. If the room is made in the style of a starship, which is not such an exotic solution in our time, we need to find the appropriate models of bar furniture. You can order from the manufacturer an individual design, taking into account the necessary dimensions.

Bar stools for the kitchen must be comfortable and stylish, compact and mobile. Not superfluous will be the design concepts that give a unique look to both the room itself and the furniture in it. The choice of a chair for a bar counter is an important decision, to which it is necessary to approach responsibly and prudently!

Photo selection

White bar stools made of plastic and metal in a light kitchen
White bar stools made of plastic and wood
Light kitchen bar stools
Bar stools with bows
Original white bar stools
Blue bar chairs in the bright kitchen
Transparent bar stools for the modern kitchen
Classic bar stools in the kitchen
Wicker chairs for home bar
Wooden bar stools
Kitchen interior in minimalist style with bar stools
Plastic transparent chairs
Black classic bar stools
Bar stools of unusual shape
Comfortable wooden bar stools
Bar stools in the interior of modern kitchen
White bar stools with soft corners
Bar stools
Bar stools in the classic kitchen interior
Chairs for a bar with a back
Classic bar stools in the kitchen interior
Low bar stools
Simple bar stools with a soft seat
Bar stools in Art Nouveau style
Minimalistic kitchen interior with bar stools
Bar chairs without backrest
Modern kitchen with a bar and chairs
Original bar stools in the interior of modern kitchen
Bar stools in the interior of the kitchen-living room
Soft bar stools
Bar stools with a semicircular back
Light bar stools
Unusual transparent chairs for a bar

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