Armchair-bed for children: comfortable security (20 photos)

Over time, when a child grows out of a cradle, adults need to decide what to buy in return. If space permits, buy a bed. For small apartments or a children's room, a reasonable solution will be a folding baby chair-bed.

Design Advantages

Optimum option for small or removable rooms. In addition, the chair-bed has many advantages:

  • safety - armchairs for the youngest with side edges on the sides give the child a sense of peace, while retaining the "cradle effect";
  • compactness - it will fit even into a small children's room;
  • two in one - in the afternoon it is a comfortable place to sit, and at night a place to sleep;
  • functionality - armchair-beds, as a rule, are equipped with boxes for storing bedding, toys. This allows you to significantly increase the usable space;
  • simplicity of the unfolding mechanisms - in modern designs, the folding mechanisms are so simple that the child can easily turn his personal chair into a bed without difficulty;
  • convenience in transportation - important for families living in rented apartments and often changing their place of residence.

The compact child seat-bed will be a good solution also for parents whose child is sleeping in their bedroom. This happens for several reasons: the bedroom is only one, the apartment is one-room, the child is afraid to stay alone in the room or become ill.

Armchair bed with squirrels
Armchair-bed with flowers

What to consider when choosing?

If financial opportunities permit, you should not save by choosing children's chairs. It is better to prefer models with a strong frame, so that it will withstand the hyperactivity of the small host. The sleeping place needs a reliable mechanism of transformation, because it is assumed that the chair will be folded and folded daily. And of course, furniture must have security certificates, which in low-cost options is not provided.

Orthopedic mattress

It should be at least the width of the palm with a smooth, smooth and bend-free surface of medium hardness. A mattress is necessary if the chair consists of segments between which in the unfolded position there are crevices or irregularities. If there are any doubts, the orthopedic properties can be checked. It is comfortable enough to lie down on the mattress and relax.

It's not just about making healthy sound sleep. The child grows constantly, especially intensively in a dream. To the skeleton was formed correctly, the posture was beautiful, you need to spend money on a very high quality performance. Then you do not have to spend much more money on treatment.

Child's chair-bed for a girl

Children's sofa


Qualitative children's armchairs-beds are equipped with two kinds of mechanisms of transformation: accordion and roll-out (or canapes). They are the most reliable, easy to use, even for children.


It is named so by the similarity of the action of the mechanism, which folds the sleeping place from the three sections of the accordion. Facilities add springs to the bed. The transformation of the chair into a bed-accordion takes place by moving ahead. This should be taken into account when choosing the location of the chair in the room: there must be enough space in front.


Appreciated for strength and reliability. Armchair beds with castors easily withstand heavy use. To bounce out, it's enough to pull a loop. The seat is in the middle, the head is formed from the back.

Other modifications are also available, with dimensions for two children.


The stability of the mechanism to wear, ease of management increases the service life of furniture. Quality folding chairs always transform into a bed easily inaudible.

Baby chair-bed in the form of a cat
Child's armchair-bed with leather armrests


For baby beds it is made of wood, aluminum or steel. Choosing a model with a wooden structure, you need to keep in mind that it is quite massive, and if the material used low-grade, then eventually it will dry up, and the chair will begin to squeak.

Upholstery, covers

Must be from health-safe tissues, so that the child does not suffer from allergies. At purchase it is necessary to make sure of it under corresponding certificates.

If the child seat is located in a one-room apartment, the design and coloring should, if possible, be in harmony with the overall interior.

Accordion armchair
Armchair-bed with wooden armrests

Almost always quality bed-chairs are equipped with removable covers. They are useful in many cases. Without problems they are removed, erased, facilitating the care of the chair. Easily replaced, if the child accidentally damaged them, or they lost sight, or just tired of the baby. Well, if made of strong, hygroscopic, combined fabric (natural in combination with synthetics).

Folding models of any type complement orthopedic mattresses: they provide a beautiful posture of the child.

Armchair with roll-out mechanism
Gray chair-bed

Armchair beds for boys and girls

Personal chair of the child should be interesting in design, in bright colors. Of course, for boys and girls they will be different.

The child's chair-bed for the boy should have an upholstery of "men's" subjects:
auto, equipment, space. Adolescents, imitating adults, choose, as a rule, monochrome, that is, in one color option.

Armchair-beds for the girl are presented so widely that they allow to realize the most incredible fantasies. It can be a raspberry or pink chair-throne or a four-poster bed. Children like chairs of other interesting forms with the image of cartoon characters, fairy-tale characters, animals. The color palette is bright and saturated.

Cot with linen box


Are bought if the child's room is large enough or the apartment has a place in another room to deliver a large-sized model. Ideally, they should be from a real tree, but not everyone is available, MDF can be a good substitute. In any case, it should be a bed with an orthopedic mattress.

Types of structures

Based on the dimensions and design features distinguish several types.

  • Classical. The most popular option for parents, whose children are already on the threshold of school. These beds can be supplemented with removable fences: they will insure the child from a possible fall during sleep, and parents will be given peace of mind. Over time, the sides can be removed, and the bed will become quite "adult".
  • Two-tiered. Suitable for a family with two children about the same age. In a small room, thus saving space. However, the upper tier is necessarily equipped with a high protective edge, and the staircase to the second floor must be non-slip with wide even steps.
  • Transformers. The most practical option. You can choose a modification and increase the dimensions, up to two meters in length. There are several ways: tilting, lifting or rolling out. Retractable beds remove the issue of lack of space: one bed easily turns into a full two.
  • "Attic". Non-standard solution. Able to teach the child to support the children's room in order. The lower tier is a "business" zone with a table, a cabinet, other necessary things. Once upstairs, the child can immediately go to bed. However, safety first of all, so the "attic" necessarily has high side edges, and the staircase is equipped with non-slip comfortable steps and handrails.
Baby chair-bed"Маша и Медведь"
Baby chair-bed in the form of a car

For children from three years old

As a child's bed of 3 years, the two-tier model is clearly contra-indicated. No matter how much the child asks, parents should not go on the occasion, because even high sides do not guarantee complete safety. This is an excellent solution for families with grown-up children.

All furniture for children should have soft armrests and rounded corners, so that the child does not get injured or fell in a dream.

Baby chair-bed in the form of bears
Child seat with animalistic upholstery

For children from the age of five

This age is transitional between the need for parental care and the desire for independence. And children's beds from 5 years can also be considered an intermediate modification: it's not a cradle, but not a full-fledged adult bed.

Child folding armchair-bed
Child bed-pillow"сова"

The market offers two versions of different lengths:

  • up to one and a half meters, narrower than standard ones;
  • up to two meters of standard width.
Child corner armchair-bed

Each species has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of a smaller bed:

  • Compact, able to fit in a small children's room;
  • cozy;
  • leaves more space for games;
  • performed in a bright interesting design;
  • cheaper than standard analogues.

Less is the limited duration of use. The child grows quickly, and even a strong bed will be small for him, so if there is no desire to pay twice, it is better to immediately buy a full-fledged model up to two meters long.

Child's armchair-bed of yellow color

When choosing a bed or a chair-bed for a child, remember that regardless of size, design, design, they should have a strong frame, an orthopedic mattress and be made of environmentally friendly materials. Always check the certificates that are included with the selected model. The health and safety of the child depends on this. When buying an armchair, if possible, take into account the wishes of the children, at least according to the external design.


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